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11-27-2020 Sports
Photos: Remembering Maradona, Latin America's Patron Saint Of The Pitch

I first came to know Diego Armando Maradona in September 1993, when I was watching the qualifying match between Argentina and my country of Colombia for the 1994 FIFA World Cup. Even though I was just a young kid at the time, I knew that Maradona, Argentina's star player, was something special. His vision, the way he dribbled past his opponents — he was respected and adored not just in his country, but across Latin America and the world. Maradona, who rose from the slums of Buenos Aires to lead Argentina's national team to victory in the 1986 World Cup, died Wednesday at the age of 60, according to media reports. He reportedly suffered a heart attack at his home in a suburb of Buenos Aires. As I found out about the news of his death, I asked a few Latinos at NPR to share their memories of Maradona. For us, in our region, we take soccer as seriously as religion — and as such, we all got to experience Maradona from our countries in our own way. Here is a selection of tributes from NPR staff members. These have been edited for length and clarity. 'Santa Maradona' Since I was born in the U.S., my first intimate exposure to the passion around fútbol was through my friend, colleague and former Alt.Latino co-host Jasmine Garsd. In fact, the very first episode of Alt.Latino 10 years ago was a collection of songs about soccer from Latin America and around the world. But the one that made her eyes both sparkle with excitement and reflect more than a bit of nostalgia was "Santa Maradona" by the rock en Español pioneers Mano Negra. The recording includes the sonic excitement that she said she could hear every weekend living near a soccer stadium in Buenos Aires. Playing this on repeat to remember Maradona is just a good as watching his playing on YouTube on repeat. - Felix Contreras, co-creator and host of Alt.Latino

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11-27-2020 Science&Technology
The chances that the Utah monolith was created by aliens just plummeted

So, remember that big weird chunk of metal that was discovered by Utah’s Department of Public Safety? Nobody seemed to know what it was, and close examination of the object revealed that it had no markings or anything that would indicate its origins. Some silly folks (me) hoped that it was a sign that aliens have visited Earth and left us a weird memento, but it looks like that’s (probably) not what happened. As Gizmodo reports, some dedicated Reddit users managed to dive deep enough into the internet to find the flight logs for the helicopters used by the Utah DPS. With that information, they managed to locate the exact spot where the strange object resides — something officials were keeping a secret because they didn’t want people to flock to the area. Then, using Google Earth, they went back in time and discovered that the object popped up between late 2015 and late 2016. The area is indeed remote, but it’s apparently very popular with filmmakers and TV production. A number of movies and TV shows have used the location, including “Westworld,” HBO’s sci-fi juggernaut. Perhaps most relevant is the fact that “Westworld” began shooting in the location right around the same time that monolith appeared. If you’ve ever seen “Westworld” you know that there’s a lot of weird futuristic elements to the show, and a big beam of shiny metal stuck into the red rock is a perfect analog for the highly artificial Wild West theme park perched on a natural landscape. Now, I’ve never seen such an object in the show itself, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a prop that was abandoned or even a prank pulled by some of the crew. In any case, this object is sitting in what is apparently a somewhat well-trafficked area, despite its remote location. The likelihood that this was a prank, an artist’s idea of something meaningful, or leftovers from one of any number of TV shows or movies has skyrocketed. Because of that, the likelihood that it was a big weird present from aliens has plummeted, which is a bummer. Whatever the case, as of yesterday the Utah Department of Public Safety hadn’t yet decided what they were going to do with the strange monument. It’s not supposed to be there, and however it ended up there, its placement was likely illegal due to the laws that protect the area from human interference. It will most likely be removed, especially now that everyone knows where it is.

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11-27-2020 Science&Technology
Google wants you to complete simple tasks for hard cash in its new app

If you’ve ever wanted to work for Google, now’s your best chance. The company has a new app called Task Mate that lets you earn money by completing tasks such as taking pictures of storefronts or recording short voice clips. At the moment, the app is live only for users in India. Plus, you’ll need an invitation code to sign up and start working on these tasks — it appears there aren’t many codes around yet. [Read: Here’s how to make your website more accessible] The firm already has an app called Google Opinion Rewards that asks you questions about its own products or places you visited in exchange for Play Store credit.But this new app goes beyond merely quizzing you on your shopping habits and whereabouts — and you get paid in real money. Task Mate divides tasks into two categories: sitting tasks such as recording sentences, and field tasks such as taking photographs. You’ll be paid in your local currency once reviewers approve your completed task. There are no details on how these inputs might be used, but Google will expectedly use them to improve its search, dictation, and image recognition processes. Once you complete your tasks, you’ll have to link your account to a third-party payment partner to receive money in your bank account or mobile wallet. If you’re in India, you can download the app from here. Did you know we have a newsletter all about consumer tech? It’s called Plugged In – and you can subscribe to it right here.

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11-27-2020 Science&Technology
WhatsApp Scam is Back, And it Can Expose Your Private Chats and Lock You Out of Your Account

WhatsApp Scam Comeback According to a report by the Daily Express, the prominent WhatsApp scam uses an old technique that seems to be highly successful, which then allows the hackers to gain access to the victim's private chats and the people on their contact list. So, how does the scam work? Based on the report, the victim will receive a message from a friend or contact on their WhatsApp, and typically, this friend has already fallen victim to the scam, and if you reply, this will give the hackers the idea that you're willing to communicate and will target your phone. The hackers will then try to gain access to your device, and they will do this through a WhatsApp security PIN. Basically, WhatsApp would typically ask you your six-digit pin to identify yourself once your device has been upgraded or you've logged out and trying to log in on your account once again to access your messages. Nevertheless, the code is sent to your number. How Hackers Get Your PIN So, this is how the hackers will try to get those six numbers from you: they will send their targets a message on the platform, making an excuse to get the code, and once you give it to them, the hackers will be able to access your account and lock you out. Once they get your account, they will then look through your contact list and then repeat the same process with a different target in mind. According to the report, the scam has been spotted earlier this year on the same platform, but it's back again, and apparently, hackers are targeting WhatsApp users from India, but just to be safe, make sure that you and your contacts are aware of such modus operandi from hackers. Always be Alert "WhatsApp users need to be on the lookout for a worrying new scam that is allowing cybercriminals to hack into people's WhatsApp accounts," said Ray Walsh, a digital privacy expert from ProPrivacy. "Anybody who receives a message out of the blue with a one-time PIN code should be extremely wary because this is how the attack starts." Furthermore, Walsh said that WhatsApp users, or anyone in general, should never take screenshots of one-time PIN or OTP codes and send them to anyone, regardless of how genuine they sound. If you have unfortunately been a victim of the scam, alert people on your contacts list that your account has been taken from you, and they should never entertain any messages coming from your now-defunct account. According to Forbes, WhatsApp currently has two billion active users worldwide, and recently, Facebook Messenger has bested it on the security front as the latter has launched a better update in terms of security and privacy. Such scams are common and can take place on any platform, so always be wary of messages you send and receive and links you click. ...

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11-27-2020 Cars
Tesla increases prices on next EU batch of Model S and Model X —sparking refresh rumors

Tesla has increased prices significantly for the next European batch of Model S and Model X vehicles. It is sparking rumors of a refresh. Tesla owners across Europe are reporting that the automaker updated its online configurator with an important price increase across the board. Model 3 is seeing a smaller price increase between €500 to €1,000, but Model S and Model X are seeing much larger price increases. Prices vary in different markets, but the price of both vehicles is roughly €5,000 ($6,000 USD) more expensive after the update. In Germany, the Model S now starts about €82,000 or the equivalent of $98,000 USD: This price increase follows significant price drops for those vehicle programs in the US. Model S is now about $30,000 more expensive in Germany than in the US. The former includes taxes in the price, but taxes in Germany are currently down to 16% and going back up to 19% in 2021 — technically making the increase even more significant. The increase in Europe is for the next batch of Model S and Model X vehicles that Tesla plans to produce, and they won’t be delivered until March 2021. In the US, prices are staying at the same all-time low, but Tesla is listing a three- to five-week lead time on new orders. Electrek’s Take This is bringing back rumors of a refresh for the Model S and Model X programs. With the Model S Plaid coming late next year with the new structural battery pack design, Tesla is believed to have a wider update to accommodate to a completely different platform. We previously reported on Tesla’s secret project “Palladium,”‘ which involves some of those updates. Recently, we mentioned that we are hearing rumbles of an interior refresh of the Model S/X in early 2021. An interior refresh that was supposed to come last year but has been delayed could finally be coming. ...

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11-27-2020 Politics
Trump announces pardon for Michael Flynn in tweet

(CNN)President Donald Trump announced in a tweet Wednesday that he has granted his first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, a "full pardon," wiping away the guilty plea of the intelligence official, lobbyist and conservative fringe darling for lying to the FBI. The pardon, coming as Trump enters his last days as President, bookends his four years in office and his supporters' revisionist take on the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Since January 2017, the Flynn case has been among the defining scandals and sagas of Trump's presidency and Attorney General William Barr's leadership of the Justice Department. Flynn's criminal charge had hung over the Trump presidency and shaded nearly every major scandal Trump faced, because Flynn's lies to the FBI had occurred days into the new administration and were about his transition-time contacts with Russia, which opened the door for warmer relations with a country that had just meddled in the US presidential election. The pardon also ends a three-year legal saga where, most recently, Flynn's charge hung in an appeals court in a fight over separation of powers, while the Justice Department was trying to drop the case. The trial-court judge overseeing the case had not taken action since the appeals fight, and was considering whether to dismiss the case or to sentence Flynn. The Justice Department has said Flynn never should have been investigated by the FBI and that his lies to them in January 2017 were immaterial, while Flynn recanted his admissions of guilt. The White House, in a statement following the President's announcement, insisted on Flynn's innocence, with press secretary Kayleigh McEnany saying in part: "The President has pardoned General Flynn because he should never have been prosecuted." The pardon brings "to an end the relentless, partisan pursuit of an innocent man," McEnany wrote. The White House did not provide any evidence of Flynn's innocence in the statement. Trump said in March that he was "strongly considering" pardoning Flynn and had told aides in recent days that he planned to pardon him before leaving office. A Justice Department official said on Wednesday that they were not consulted about a pardon and instead were notified in advance of the President exercising his pardon power for Flynn. The Department would have preferred to have seen the case resolved with a dismissal in court, the official added. The judge in Flynn's case, Emmet Sullivan of the US District Court in DC, may also have questions left in the case, as could the next Justice Department in the Biden administration. In addition to pleading guilty to one charge, Flynn admitted to lying about his lobbying for Turkey but was not charged with that crime. During the legal proceedings, Sullivan has also asked probing questions about the lawyering around the case, and it is unclear if the judge will attempt to continue his inquiries. ...

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11-27-2020 Science&Technology
Dino-era bird had the head of a Velociraptor and beak of a toucan

In what may be one of the weirdest animal mash-ups, scientists have found the 68 million-year-old fossilized skull of an early bird with a Velociraptor-like face and a toucan-like beak, a new study finds. This crow-size bird lived in northwestern Madagascar during the late Cretaceous, when dinosaurs walked the Earth. And its bizarre beaky face made it one of a kind. "Birds from the Mesozoic [the dinosaur era], or any time for that matter, do not have faces built like this," study co-researcher Patrick O'Connor, professor of anatomy at Ohio University, told Live Science in an email. Researchers found the bird's partial but "exquisitely preserved" skull in 2010 in a block of muddy sandstone. They didn't CT scan it until 2017, O'Connor said. In that moment, they realized this 3-inch-long (8.5 centimeters) skull — so small it could fit in the palm of your hand — had "a beak never before seen in the Mesozoic," study co-researcher Alan Turner, associate professor of anatomy at Stony Brook University in New York, told Live Science in an email. Here's why: In modern birds, the skeleton underneath the beak is largely formed by a single bone. "You can sort of think of this as a set of rules that all living birds follow," from skinny beaked hummingbirds to fat-beaked shoebills, Turner said. But in this newfound bird — dubbed Falcatakely forsterae, a combination of Latin and Malagasy words describing the fearsome beast's small size and scythe-like beak — this beak-building "rule" wasn't yet established. Instead, most Mesozoic birds, including Archaeopteryx, had snouts more like their dinosaur ancestors, with both a bone underneath the beak and a large upper jawbone. "Falcatakely made up its face with the same bones and in a similar way as an animal like Velociraptor did," Turner said. "What is remarkable is that with this ancestral arrangement of bones, Falcatakely evolved a beak shape strongly reminiscent of modern birds with high, long upper bills." Put another way, this toucan-like beak is an example of convergent evolution, when a similar feature evolves independently in separate groups. But Falcatakely evolved its long upper bill tens of millions of years before modern birds such as toucans and hornbills did, Turner said. "So, it is actually the toucans and the hornbills that have the convergent morphology. Falcatakely beat them to it," he said. ...

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11-25-2020 Science&Technology
[Look] Apple M1X Chip Allegedly Surface After M1 Processor Release:New Era of Gaming Laptop?

Apple M1X Chip? Apple's very own silicon design team has just recently launched its supposed "fastest" CPU core to ever be found in the company's units. The M1 processor was designed specifically for both laptops and mini-PCs and is now Apple's pride and joy as it steps away from Intel. Apple M1X chip processor leak The new Apple M1X processor is said to be designed for powerful high-end laptops and also the most demanding workloads. The brand new processor aims to create a much higher performance level compared to what its users have currently been used to. The Apple M1X is said to feature a massive 12-core CPU that will be equipped with four smaller cores. The M1X chip is said to deliver a much better performance in comparison to the current Apple M1 processor. Both the graphics as well as the memory configuration are now unknown and fans will still have to wait in order for them to see what this looks like. The M1X, according to the leak, is said to arrive some time during the 1st quarter of next year. Apple M1 processors The Apple M1 processor is said to be an eight-core processor wherein four of the cores are all represented by certain low power small configurations as well as four big, high-performance design cores. The Apple M1 processor has been able to prove itself to be extremely fast. However, the Apple Silicon processor still does not seem to be able to cover anything that is higher than the known 13-inch MacBook Pro. The whole schematics when it comes to Apple's computers is said to all change with the new Apple M1 processors. Apple M1 chip: better than before? When it comes to more high-end models just like the 16-inch MacBook Pro, which actually provides even more cooling area, it is still pretty logical that the known processor for the said designs will be a much higher performance design. What about the Apple M1X processor? Despite the recent release of the Apple M1 processor, there was actually a leak presented to Tech Power Up with regards to a possible upcoming Apple M1X chip, which would also be a logical next processor for Apple's M1 series. This leak, although unconfirmed and with very little detail, talks about a more powerful processor to top the known Apple M1. Will the Apple M1X Chip be Apple's way into the gaming industry? The source has not yet revealed much details with regards to the confirmation of the upcoming M1X processor. Another article by Digit notes the possibility of an upcoming M1X chip. This is still to be seen by fans of Apple and fans of high-performance units. Although the details regarding the upcoming chip are still scarce, fans will have to wait for confirmation as to whether the details given ...

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11-16-2020 Society
Washington, DC, rally brings together Trump voters and far-right leaders

Washington, DC (CNN)Thousands of President Donald Trump's supporters of all stripes, including right-wing and far-right groups, rallied in Washington, DC, on Saturday to protest the election results. Smaller groups of counter demonstrators gathered downtown and near the Supreme Court in support of President-elect Joe Biden's electoral victory -- which the President has falsely described as fraudulent. Anti-Trump protesters clashed with law enforcement Saturday evening in downtown DC as they tried to make their way to a hotel where Trump supporters are staying. Police pushed them back about a block, and the crowd has now dwindled. Many groups that attended the rally have distinct core beliefs, but on Saturday were united in their unwavering support for the President. They included anti-government groups such as the Oath Keepers, far-right groups such as the Proud Boys and the Three Percenters, conspiracy theorists such as Alex Jones and Republican members of Congress. Word of at least three different pro-Trump events circulated on social media in recent days -- "Stop the Steal," "March for Trump" and "Million MAGA March." Throngs began pouring into Freedom Plaza, just east of The White House, hours before the noontime events. Organizers for the "March for Trump" event -- which obtained the permit for the rally -- did not respond to CNN's requests for comment. Trump took notice of the gatherings and tweeted on Friday that he might make an appearance. Before Saturday's rallies, the President's motorcade passed cheering and waving supporters on his way to a golf outing. Mainstream conservative voices and elected officials such as Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona and Rep. Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania were advertised as speakers for the "March for Trump" event. The "Million MAGA March" announced its notable attendees would include conspiracy theorists and others like podcaster Nick Fuentes, who participated in the deadly 2017 Charlottesville "Unite the Right" rally, and Mike Cernovich, who pushed the "pizza gate" conspiracy theory. Leadership and members of the Proud Boys, a far-right group that Trump asked to "stand back and stand by" during the first of two 2020 Presidential debates, were in attendance. Ben Hovland, a senior federal election security official appointed by Trump, has called the President's accusations of a rigged election "insulting" and "laughable." While there had been warnings of potential violence, the day was peaceful without any major incidents. Washington, DC police told CNN they made some arrests, but didn't say how many. To those who have been tracking far right and extremist groups for years, Saturday's rally illustrates the thinning of a line between the mainstream right and far-right extremists. ...

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11-16-2020 Games
Warning: It may be a good idea not to use the PS5 rest mode for the moment

With the PlayStation 5 now officially out in North America and other territories gamers have been getting their hands on the new console and unfortunately there seems to be a an issue with the PlayStation 5 rest mode. The mode allows you to put the console to sleep and instantly pick up where you left off, the same as it does on the PS4. Insomniac have confirmed that there is definitely an issue if you put the PS5 in to rest mode when playing Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and the remastered original Spider-Man game. There are also multiple reports of Godfall also suffering the same problem. Users who have been hit by the problem have to rebuild their PS5 database and most find that has worked. However, a small number of gamers have found that the rebuild fails and bricks their console. To stop your PS5 going in to rest mode go to the Settings menu on the console, the navigate to Power Saving and then Set Time Until PS5 Enters Rest Mode. From here select “Don’t Put in Rest Mode”. Just as an aside: Sony, what’s with capitalising everything but ‘in’ on that menu option? Weird. It appears the delayed release of the PlayStation 5 might just be to the advantage of us here in the U.K. as Sony have five more days to get to the bottom of the problems and get a firmware update out, no doubt the developers of the games are also looking at the problem. There are also reports of PS5’s crashing at various points and throwing up the error code CE-108255-1, a rather generic “Something went wrong with this game or app.” Sony have yet to make any official comment on this but @AskPlayStation on Twitter is DM’ing individuals with some sort of help so best to try there if you have the problem.

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11-16-2020 Science&Technology
Here’s everything Apple didn’t announce at its November Mac event

Apple launched its first Apple Silicon M1-powered Macs at its November “One more thing” event. The new MacBooks and Mac mini look quite impressive and the major macOS Big Sur update also debuted this week. However, there are a number of compelling Apple products still in the wings. Here’s everything Apple didn’t announce at its November Apple Silicon Mac event. The “One more thing” thing event was Apple’s third since September. And after a number of anticipated accessories and other products didn’t launch during the Apple Watch/iPad event or at the iPhone 12 event, there was hope we might see some of them land alongside the new Macs on November 10. As it turns out, the Apple Silicon event was kept brief at 45 minutes and didn’t include any announcements or unveilings beyond the new M1-powered Macs and the November 12 launch of macOS Big Sur. Back in April of 2019, 9to5Mac exclusively reported that Apple was working on a Tile-like tracking device. We later uncovered that it was using the AirTag name for the product. In April this year, Apple accidentally revealed the AirTags name itself in a support video on YouTube before quickly pulling it. It’s been a long road to see AirTags arrive and the November event came and went without a launch. This may be a case of Apple seeing unexpected delays. Earlier in the year, Ming-Chi Kuo pegged a Q3 release for this new product. Then in early October, we saw Jon Prosser predict the AirTags release was pushed to March 2021, but he then said just before the iPhone 12 event that they were on schedule to launch with iOS 14.3 in November. Highly accurate leaker L0vetodream also predicted on October 20 that they were “coming soon” in two sizes. Lining up with Prosser and L0vetodream, we just found more evidence of AirTags being ready to go with iOS 14.3, which Apple just released as a beta. We were able to uncover more details about the setup process. iOS 14.3 beta includes support for rumored AirTags and third-party tracking accessories Here’s some of what we discovered: Users can reproduce sound alerts and also link an AirTag to an Apple ID, so it won’t work with another ID if someone else finds it. “Removing this item will allow it to be set up and used by another person and it will no longer be linked to your Apple ID,” says the code. Apple will also provide an easy way for others to scan AirTags and find out who owns that lost item. Time will tell but we could see this brand new Apple product launch before long. ...

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11-14-2020 Health
Pfizer’s announcement shows the promise of gene-based vaccines

Pfizer and BioNTech announced this week that their vaccine was 90 percent effective at preventing symptomatic COVID-19 in clinical trials. The data is still preliminary and hasn’t been examined by independent researchers, but it’s good news for both this specific vaccine and for the other coronavirus vaccines in the pipeline — especially the ones that are based on the same genetic technology. “It’s extremely encouraging, in my view, not only for the Pfizer vaccine, but broadly speaking for the platform,” says Ross Kedl, an immunologist at the University of Colorado. Pfizer and BioNTech’s vaccine is made from genetic material called mRNA. mRNA carries instructions inside of cells and tells them to build proteins. The vaccine includes a specific piece of mRNA that contains instructions for how to make the spike protein of the coronavirus, which is the tiny bit that lets it bind to human cells. The vaccine spurs the human body to make copies of that protein. When the immune system encounters those spikes, it learns to recognize and block them. Gene-based vaccines are relatively simple to develop and manufacture. For years, they’ve been heralded as the future of vaccine development. However, until now, they’ve been largely experimental. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has never approved one for use in humans. Rosemary Rochford, also an immunologist at the University of Colorado, says she was initially skeptical they’d work as well as some other types of vaccines, like ones made from inactivated viruses. But the Pfizer data — assuming it holds up on further evaluation from outside experts and the FDA — is a strong proof of concept. “This mRNA platform seems to be very promising,” she says. The Moderna vaccine candidate, which should release initial data soon, is also based on mRNA. “I would assume their efficacy is probably going to be similar,” says Drew Weissman, the University of Pennsylvania immunologist who conducted the research behind mRNA vaccines. He’s also an advisor for BioNTech, the company that partnered with Pfizer on this vaccine. Moderna and Pfizer / BioNTech also had equivalent results in their phase 1 and phase 2 clinical trials, which are smaller scale, Kedl says. “You could almost superimpose the two, or switch the names and you would fool everybody. They really both are really strongly supportive of each other in terms of the strength of the immunity.” Before the COVID-19 pandemic, there wasn’t much research done on gene-based vaccines for infectious diseases — a lot of the work focused on treating cancers, not viruses, Rochford says. Clearance of the first gene-based vaccine for something like COVID-19 would open a new world of options for vaccine developers. Pfizer’s vaccine hasn’t been authorized or approved by the FDA yet, and there are still a few steps before it reaches that point. The data released this week, though, points in that direction. ...

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11-14-2020 Science&Technology
Apple’s HomePod mini won’t leave marks on your fancy wood furniture

Between its diminutive size and more affordable price tag, Apple’s new HomePod mini has a lot going for it over its $300 predecessor. But its greatest strength might be what it won’t do to your expensive furniture. That is, it won’t leave unsightly white rings on wood surfaces finished with oil or wax. In a video spotted by MacRumors, former iMore editor Rene Ritchie says Apple addressed that shortcoming of the original HomePod’s design with its new smart speaker (jump ahead to the 3:28 mark to hear the relevant comment). There goes the cottage industry for HomePod coasters. The HomePod’s propensity for defacing wooden furniture famously came into the spotlight shortly after its launch in 2018 when both consumers and review publications discovered the issue by accident. Apple was quick to acknowledge the design quirk. Thankfully, it was also easy to fix either with a soft damp cloth or by refinishing the surface.

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11-12-2020 Science&Technology
Google tests ‘Driving Mode’ that lets you add Street View images without 360-degree camera

As the COVID-19 pandemic has sort of forced many people into staying home, it looks as though Google is leveraging people power to help populate Google Maps’ awesome Street View feature with a new “Driving Mode.” AD The Google Street View cars are pretty iconic and are emblazoned with livery that makes them a really awesome standout when you’re just out and about. Obviously, with travel restrictions and issues with access in certain regions, this “Driving Mode” can help allow people to contribute without the need for a 360-degree camera — which can often be expensive. This new feature was spotted by a user over on Reddit, and it looks as though “Driving Mode” lets you mount your phone to your in-car dashboard, your journey will then be recorded and uploaded to the Street View online database without you needing a fancy roof-rack 360-degree camera. Any faces or people captured during journeys will have their identities blurred. External contributions to Google Maps and Street View are nothing new, but removing the 360-degree camera barrier would be a really smart decision.

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11-10-2020 Cars
Tesla Teases New Feature: Ticket Avoidance Mode

"No more parking tickets for Model S owners. Today we’re introducing: ticket-avoidance-mode. Watch how it works." In a short video, the company demonstrated how it works. The policeman, who saw that the Model S was parked in a prohibited place, issued a fine, but when he tried to put it under the wiper, the car sprayed it with a washer and then began to slowly drive away. Of course, it was an April Fool's joke—forecasting a sense of humor we have since come to expect in the company and CEO Elon Musk. Despite the fact that it was a joke, today we are once again discussing Ticket Avoidance Mode. What gives? In a recent video, which Tesla presented on its YouTube channel, the first seconds of the video have a text hidden from the eyes of inattentive people. Among the list of inscriptions that change at a very fast speed, you can see the very words that hint at Tesla's new Easter egg: Ticket Avoidance Mode. Sentry Mode I'm feeling hungry Remote Air Conditioning Cabin Overheat Protection Bioweapon defense mode Ticket Avoidance Mode Pin To drive Tesla arcade Trip Planner Sketchpad Valet mode Drivers Profile Charging On The Road ...

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11-06-2020 Science&Technology
SpaceX seeks to fly unproven rocket, put engine issue to rest

SpaceX has not launched a brand-new rocket since June, when it boosted a GPS III satellite for the US Space Force on a Falcon 9 rocket. Since that time the company has launched several commercial missions and its own Starlink satellites on a variety of previously flown rockets, and they were all successful. However, when the company tried to launch a new Falcon 9 first stage on October 2—this was for yet another GPS satellite, named GPS III-04—the attempt was scrubbed at T-2 seconds. Later, SpaceX's Hans Koenigsmann explained that two of the rocket's nine first-stage engines ignited early during the early October launch attempt, and this triggered an automatic abort of the engines. This problem was eventually traced to a tiny bit of lacquer used during a metal-treatment process that was supposed to be removed before flight but was not. Now the company believes it has addressed the problem, which is a good thing because the company has three important missions coming up for the US government, all slated to fly on new rockets. First up is a second attempt to launch the GPS III-04 satellite, and this comes on Thursday evening. A Falcon 9 rocket, with two of its Merlin engines replaced, is due to lift off at 6:24pm EST (23:24 UTC) from Space Launch Complex-40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The nearly four-ton satellite will be deployed into a transfer orbit with an apogee of about 20,000km. Provided this mission is a success and resolves the lacquer issue, SpaceX will then proceed with its second crewed launch, that of a Dragon spacecraft carrying NASA astronauts Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover, and Shannon Walker, along with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency mission specialist Sôichi Noguchi, to the International Space Station. That mission is presently scheduled for November 14. And finally, SpaceX has another mission for NASA scheduled for no earlier than November 21, the launch of the Earth-observing Sentinel-6 spacecraft from Vandenberg Air Force Base. Even as it has investigated the lacquer issue, SpaceX has been able to fly its flight-proven rockets because those first stages had already been shown to be not affected by the manufacturing issue. It is also worth noting that both the Space Force and NASA have come to agreements with SpaceX to fly their missions on used first stages for future missions. Provided this evening's GPS III mission lifts off—the current weather forecast supports a 60 percent chance of favorable conditions—SpaceX will attempt to land the first stage on its Of Course I Still Love You droneship. The company's launch webcast below should begin about 15 minutes before the launch window opens.

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