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02-20-2017 Politics
‘Life is a campaign': After a difficult first month, Trump returns to his comfort zone

MELBOURNE, Fla. — As President Trump descended the stairs from Air Force One on Saturday evening, with a patriotic country song playing and thousands cheering, the 2020 election season officially began.

Although the past several presidents have waited more than two years before jumping back onto the campaign trail, Trump's first four weeks in office have shown that he jus


TOP  Source: The Washington Post

02-20-2017 General
Cleanup begins after powerful storm slams Southern California

Cleanup was beginning across Southern California on Saturday after a storm that forecasters billed as the most powerful in years caused flooding on multiple freeways, triggered dramatic mudslides and downed hundreds of trees and power lines.

The storm was moving out Saturday after dumping record rain in some areas and leaving havoc in its wake. Preliminary 48-hour rainfall totals through 5 a.m. Saturday include 2.05 inches in downtown Los Angeles, 2.17 in Long Beach, 4.19 in Woodland Hills an


TOP  Source: Los Angeles Times

02-20-2017 Science&Technology
Good News For Youtubers; Google Will Remove Youtube 30-Seconds Unskippable Ads

Google is finally responding to Youtubers' frustrations and making huge changes starting in 2018. The search giant will be removing the Youtube 30-seconds ad that cannot be skipped including TrueView. This move will not please advertisers, but given the rising popularity of video services, it desperately needs to keep their users engaged.

Youtube depends heavily on the rev


TOP  Source: University Herald

02-20-2017 Science&Technology
Scientists Say They’ve Discovered a Hidden Continent Under New Zealand

Scientists say they have identified an underwater continent two-thirds the size of Australia — and they are calling it Zealandia.

This newly proposed continent is about 1.74 million square miles in size and 94 percent submerged. But at its highest points, it protrudes above the ocean surface in the form of New Zealand and New Caledonia, according to a paper published in G


TOP  Source: NBC News

02-20-2017 Science&Technology
NASA shifts plan for Jupiter probe

The team behind NASA's Juno spacecraft has made a key change to its operating plan. For the rest of its primary planned mission, the satellite will continue to circle Jupiter in its long 53-day orbits instead of transitioning to shorter 14-day cycles.

The decision, made in response to technical difficulties with the plumbing for the spacecraft's main engine, cuts down the number of science orbits Juno can make from about 32 to 12. But in many ways the change might allow for better science, mis


TOP  Source: Boston Herald

02-20-2017 Cars

As emissions restrictions get tighter, automakers are always looking to harness more power for less fuel use while producing lower CO2 emissions. As a response, Jaguar is offering a new range of engines in its 2018 model range.

According to Roadshow, the biggest introduction is the 247-horsepower, 2.0-liter turbocharged I4 engine. The engine features direct injection, varia


TOP  Source: Auto World News

02-20-2017 Science&Technology
Here's Why Apple Isn't Building an Amazon Echo Rival

In terms of sales, the iPhone is clearly Apple's most important product. But a relatively unsung hero for the company is Siri, its voice-activated digital assistant. While Siri is primarily available on iPhones, it has also made its way to Macs, the Apple TV and automobiles via Apple's CarPlay platform. Even Apple's new AirPods wireless earbuds have Siri capability. Taken together, these steps all mean that if you're a heavy Apple user, Siri is probably always at your beck and call. That's imp


TOP  Source: Time

02-20-2017 General
China says understands South Korean need for security, still opposes missiles

China understands South Korea's need to protect its security but Seoul still needs to respect Beijing's concerns about the deployment of an advanced U.S. anti-missile system, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told his South Korean counterpart.

China has repeatedly expressed opposition to South Korea's planned deployment later this year of the U.S. Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) system, which Seoul and Washington say is needed to defend against North Korea.

China worries the syste


TOP  Source: Reuters

02-18-2017 Politics
Harward turns down Trump's national security adviser offer

Retired Vice Admiral Robert Harward has turned down an offer from President Donald Trump to be national security adviser — saying he couldn't give the commitment necessary for the job — raising new questions whether a White House in turmoil can find a permanent replacement for Michael Flynn.

Harward, a former deputy to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, was seen by many as a s


TOP   Source: Politico

02-18-2017 Science&Technology
Project Loon, Alphabet's Wi-Fi-beaming moon shot, still flying

Along the fringes of Google's Silicon Valley headquarters, in a nondescript, beige-bricked building named "The Rails," a few guys wearing shark slippers stand in a dark room on a long table that looks like a glowing runway.

They are meticulously examining what look like long, clear trash bags. They're actually pieces of large balloons, and the workers are scrutinizing them


TOP   Source: CNet

02-18-2017 Science&Technology
Asus’s new hero laptop is the convertible ASUS ZenFlip UX370

Images have leaked revealing Asus’s new hero laptop for Q2 2017.

The Asus ZenFlip UX370 is a Lenovo Yoga competitor and successor to the ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360, a mid-range laptop with a Core M3-6Y30 dual-core processor and 1080P screen, and the ZenFlip will presumably better this spec slightly.

No specs are available, but given that even the ZenBook Flip UX360 had a USB-C port and 512 GB SSD we assume those features will be expanded on in the next version.

Described as a “hero” device, w


TOP   Source: MS Power User

02-18-2017 Science&Technology
iPhone 8 Expected to Have 3D Facial Recognition Instead of Touch ID

Apple's widely expected 5.8-inch iPhone with an edge-to-edge OLED display will feature a front-facing 3D laser scanner for facial recognition, corroborating previous rumors, according to JPMorgan analyst Rod Hall. Hall said the scanner will replace Touch ID on the so-called iPhone 8, as Apple plans to remove the Home button to allow for the edge-to-edge display. His research note claims the so-called iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus could also have a 3D laser scanner based on increased volume


TOP   Source: Mac Rumors

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02-20-2017 |

China Suspends All Coal Imports From North Korea

Five Key Moments From Snap’s I.P.O. Roadshow Video

Hunched Over a Microscope, He Sketched the Secrets of How the Brain Works

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02-20-2017 |

Trump attacks 'dishonest media' while making false claims at Florida rally

Australia’s new normal … as city temperatures hit 47C people shelter from the deadly heat

EU citizens living in the UK could face legal limbo after Brexit

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02-20-2017 |

Miles de personas se manifiestan en Los Ángeles en defensa de los inmigrantes

Personajes históricos que no murieron de lo que se creía

El ‘clásico’ del fútbol mexicano: Chivas (1) vs América (0)

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02-20-2017 |

La lesión de Lisandro López que preocupa a todo Racing

Berlocq batalló, pero no pudo ante Nishikori y se quedó sin la final

Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet: lujo extremo para cualquier camino

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02-20-2017 |

La minoranza Pd: «Pronti alla scissione» Renzi non tratta: «Hanno già deciso» E Berlusconi...

Lazio sotto con l’Empoli poi risale e grazie a Keita Atalanta sola al 4° posto

Trump, narcisista e bipolare: giusto studiare la sua mente? Costi e sicurezza

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02-20-2017 |

STF pede que Temer explique reforma da previdência

Malásia prende suspeito de morte de Kim Jong-nam

Gabriel Jesus opera o pé e City posta foto em homenagem

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02-20-2017 |

Facebook wants to help you find a job

Eight questions: Porsche 911 Targa 4S

The 'luxury' Bondi Airbnb that really was too good to be true

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02-20-2017 |


Cupid gets new skis

Hot wheels at CIAS 2017

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