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01-22-2020 Business
Google takes on AWS and Azure in India with Airtel cloud deal

Google has inked a deal with India’s third-largest telecom operator as the American giant looks to grow its cloud customer base in the key overseas market that is increasingly emerging as a new cloud battleground for AWS and Microsoft . Google Cloud announced on Monday that the new partnership, effective starting today, enables Airtel to offer G Suite to small and medium-sized businesses as part of the telco’s ICT portfolio. Airtel, which has amassed over 325 million subscribers in India, sa


TOP  Source: Tech Crunch

01-22-2020 Security

The Rundown Windows-Based Banking Machines Pose Risks for Attack Microsoft Windows 7 Holds Biggest Risk of Mining Malware Monero Mining Loses Profitability The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has recently issued a warning to financial institutions after 4 high-risk bugs were found in Microsoft’s Windows system. WINDOWS-BASED BANKING MACHINES POSE RISKS FOR ATTACK The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has warned of critical risks to legacy financial systems after Microsoft announced a


TOP  Source: Bitcoinist

01-22-2020 Science&Technology
Google's Pixelbook Go now comes in a more expensive 'Not Pink' color

oogle's Pixel phones often come in the standard black/white, and another more interesting color. Last year it was Purplish and Oh So Orange for the Pixel 3a and Pixel 4 respectively. For the Pixel line of computers, the firm had typically stuck to a single professional looking color, till last year at least. The new Pixelbook Go debuted with both Just Black and Not Pink shades, albeit the latter was pending sale for quite a while. What color Pixelbook Go should you buy? Now, Google has finally


TOP  Source: Android Central

01-22-2020 Science&Technology
Good news about the Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung fans

With the next Galaxy UNPACKED event just a few weeks away, information about Samsung's Galaxy 10 successors is shaping up. One of the more divisive elements of the S20 series so far arguably has been its rear camera housing, not least because of its disorganised design. Thankfully, the reality may be slightly better thought out. The Galaxy S20 series is rumoured to have some seriously impressive camera tech, regardless of which version of you buy. All will come with a host of camera sensors, but


TOP  Source: Notebook Check

01-22-2020 Cars
Tesla Cybertruck is ‘incredibly cheap’ to bring to production, says manufacturing expert

Tesla Cybertruck could be “incredibly cheap” to bring to production, thanks to its novel body technology, according to a manufacturing expert. Sandy Munro is a manufacturing expert who rose to fame in the Tesla community after his breakdown of an early Model 3. At first, he made many unfavorable comments about Tesla before changing his tune and recognizing the automaker’s lead in electric vehicle manufacturing. Now Munro is turning his attention to the Tesla Cybertruck, even though the engineer


TOP  Source: Electrek

01-22-2020 Science&Technology
Rumor: 6.7-inch iPhone 12 to be thinner than iPhone 11 Pro Max, more sizing details

A new supply chain report from Macotakara today sheds new light on the sizing details of the 2020 iPhone lineup. The report also includes one notable caveat compared to what other reports have widely claimed we can expect from the iPhone 12 lineup in terms of design. According to today’s report from Macotakara, it’s possible that the iPhone 12 lineup could have the “same housing design” as the iPhone 11, with the only differentiator being the camera technology. This contradicts previous reportin


TOP  Source: 9to5Mac

01-21-2020 Games
Top 6 Family Friendly VR Games in 2019

Considered part of the top family-friendly VR games in 2019 are games which are friendly to all ages and at the same time inclusive and entertaining to other members of the family. The world of videogames has many different selections but mostly cater to adults. Although VR was just recently released, there have been such an amazing selection of games which makes the VR a fun platform to use. Here are the Top Family Friendly Games on VR 2019: 1. Acron: Attack of the Squirrels A great way


TOP  Source: Techtimes

01-21-2020 Science&Technology
T-Mobile Alerts Users Who Plans to Unlock the Bootloader of their OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren

T-Mobile's OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren owners should be more cautious of unlocking their device through unlocking its bootloaders because other people are capable of boot loading their mobile devices for ROM and rooting. According to the latest news, unlocking the bootloader of the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G from T-Mobile prohibits it from attaining future system updates from T-Mobile. Root of the problem with unlocking the bootloader of the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G The problem starts when the phone's bootloader


TOP  Source: Techtimes

01-20-2020 Politics
Prince Harry expresses 'great sadness' following news he and Meghan are no longer working...

...members of royal family (CNN)Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, expressed "great sadness" Sunday evening in his first public statement since Buckingham Palace announced he and his wife, Meghan, would give up their royal titles and would not represent the Queen as working members of the royal family. "The UK is my home and a place that I love," Harry said in a speech at a charity event in London. "That will never change." "The decision that I have made for my wife and I to step back is not on


TOP   Source: CNN

01-20-2020 Science&Technology
I tried Microsoft's new browser on my MacBook and got a peculiar surprise

Please lay down on my newly-upholstered purple chaise-longue, clutch at this small glass of Moscatel and answer me this: How did you decide which browser to use? I'm not sure too many people would have an instant response. Nor to this one: Do you remember the moment when you switched from Safari to Firefox? Or Firefox to Chrome? Or from Internet Explorer to Dear-God-anything-else. I can remember using Internet Explorer in long-gone times. Soon, it just felt dreary, which is quite an achievement


TOP   Source: ZdNet

01-20-2020 Science&Technology
Samsung’s Galaxy Flip Beats Motorola’s Razr With Two Features

In December last year I wrote about how Samsung has to solve the Motorola Razr’s biggest potential problem: battery size. It looks like the Korean company may have done just that if the latest leaks are accurate. The very nature of clamshell-style - flip up - foldable phones dramatically limits the size of the battery they can house. They’re small, compact devices that extend into bigger ones. And, since lithium-ion batteries aren’t (yet) flexible, manufacturers will have to find a compromise b


TOP   Source: Forbes

01-20-2020 Science&Technology
Huawei will use TomTom for maps now that it's cut off from Google

Now that Huawei is effectively cut off from Google, how is going to provide navigation on its phones? By finding a non-American partner, of course. TomTom has revealed that it struck a deal with Huawei to provide maps, navigation and traffic data for the Chinese manufacturer's apps. The arrangement had been struck a while back, according to TomTom's Remco Meerstra, but hadn't been revealed until now. The company declined to share more details. It's not shocking that Huawei would forge a partners


TOP   Source: Engadget

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01-22-2020 |

McConnell Unveils Impeachment Trial Rules as Trump Requests Swift Acquittal

Amid Tight Security, Virginia Gun Rally Draws Thousands of Supporters

The Davos Plutocrats Warm Up to Trump

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01-22-2020 |

Trump impeachment Mitch McConnell outlines rules for a fast-track trial

Iraq Three rockets fall near US embassy

Virginia Thousands of armed protesters rally against gun control bills

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01-22-2020 |

Sánchez se cita con Torra en Barcelona en febrero y prevé tener en verano los Presupuestos

Puigdemont: “El realismo político obliga a que no me ignoren en la mesa de diálogo”

Vox recurre a bulos para incendiar el debate educativo

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01-22-2020 |

Villa Gesell. Emotiva marcha con velas para reclamar por el joven asesinado

Nisman. Cristina Kirchner se refirió por primera vez al documental de Netflix

Uno por uno. Quiénes son los 11 detenidos por el crimen en Villa Gesell

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01-22-2020 |

Proposed rules for Trump's impeachment trial will set up heated debate

Thousands of pro-gun protesters, many heavily armed, rally peacefully in Richmond

China virus outbreak: Human-to-human transmission confirmed; 200 cases reported

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01-22-2020 |


Añez acusa Argentina de violação por não limitar ações de Evo

Flamengo e Real Madrid oficializam transferência de Reinier para a Espanha

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01-22-2020 |

BUSHFIRES As fire raged around the zoo, 'not a single fire truck' came

Millionaire son of cult world leader rejects assault claims

New deal restores dignity: ‘Grave robbers’, weddings over Titanic causing damage

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01-22-2020 |

Parents take centre stage as teachers, government continue on collision course

Doug Ford government waiting for mediator to restart talks, says Education Minister Stephen Lecce

Scenes from the front lines of Monday’s teachers strike

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