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08-21-2017 Science&Technology
Can’t Find The Right Video? Google Will Now Autoplay 6-Second Previews Via Mobile Search

If you're looking for a video using Google's mobile search app, thumbnails will most likely come up, but you can't be sure which among them is the correct one, so you either select them one by one until you get to the right one or choose a random video and hope you get lucky. Google has now changed that.

Google Rolls Out Video Previews For Android

Google has begun slowly rolling out a new mobile search feature called "video previews," which sounds self-explanatory. How does it work? W


TOP  Source: Tech Times

08-21-2017 General
Researchers find wreckage of famed Navy cruiser Indianapolis, sunk in 1945

A research team led by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has found the wreckage of the Indianapolis, a Navy cruiser that was torpedoed 72 years ago during the final days of World War II in one of the worst disasters in U.S. naval history.

The ship’s remains were found Saturday on the floor of the Pacific Ocean nearly 3.5 miles below the surface, the Navy said in a


TOP  Source: Los Angeles Times

08-21-2017 Cars
The Volkswagen bus is coming back, with modern twists

Volkswagen is officially bringing back the microbus, a hippie favorite first released in the 1950s.

Set to hit America in 2022, the I.D. Buzz will be electric and could have self-driving elements, according to USA Today.

The car will have 369 horsepower, compared to the 25 of the original microbus, according to CNET’s Tim Stevens, who test drove a concept


TOP  Source: Sacbee

08-21-2017 Science&Technology
How to buy the right Amazon Echo

Alexa seems to be everywhere. Since Amazon’s voice assistant was introduced three years ago, it’s grown and grown in size and scope. Alexa is now on dozens of devices, has over 15,000 “skills,” and is quite possibly the name you think of when a digital assistant comes to mind — which is some really bad news for Siri.

If you haven’t tried Alexa yet, all this attention may have you interested in picking up one Amazon’s many Echo devices. But at this point, there are a whole lot of options t


TOP  Source: The Verge

08-21-2017 Science&Technology
Report: Xiaomi Working on Android One Device, Based on the Mi 5X

It appears that Xiaomi may be working with Google on a brand new Android One smartphone, at least according to a leaked picture describing the device – which is said to be named the Xiaomi A1 internally right now. It notes that this device is an Android One device and the software is designed by Google. It does also tout that it has dual-cameras as well as unlimited storage on Google Photos and it also has a 5.5-inch full HD display. Which is a bit of an interesting spec for an Android One smart


TOP  Source: Android Headlines

08-21-2017 Games
BioWare is dropping support for Mass Effect: Andromeda's single-player

In a statement from the Mass Effect: Andromeda team, it's been confirmed that the single-player portion of the game will no longer receive ongoing support. The final update was 1.10, which included a small list of tweaks and bug fixes. Shortly after Andromeda's launch, BioWare released patch 1.06, known for fixing problems with the cinematics, squashing a host of bugs, and improving the less-than-perfect animations.

Here's the statement in full:

"With each patch, you let us know


TOP  Source: PC Gamer

08-21-2017 Health
Harvard study strengthens link between breast cancer risk and light exposure at night

(The Conversation is an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts.)

Richard G. “Bugs” Stevens, University of Connecticut

(THE CONVERSATION) A new study from Harvard has found greater risk of breast cancer in women who live in neighborhoods that have higher levels of outdoor light during the night.

The findings are based on the Nurses’ Health Study (NHS), which has for decades been advancing our understanding of risks to women’s h


TOP  Source: Wtop

08-21-2017 Science&Technology
Solar eclipse 2017: Make your own solar eclipse viewer

Can't find solar eclipse glasses or don't want to risk staying outside on Aug. 21? Don't worry - there are several other safe alternatives that will allow you to enjoy the Great American Eclipse without risking damaging your vision and, best of all, all you will need are some common household items.

Cereal box viewer

Looking directly at the sun (during th


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08-19-2017 Science&Technology
An iOS 11 feature could let you quickly disable TouchID and keep cops out

TouchID has always been a legal grey area when it came to cops and border patrol asking you to fork over your phone. But, with the new update in iOS 11, that no longer seems to be a problem.

The new feature is being referred to in some circles as a “cop button” because it allows the iPhone owner to set up a provision in the update allowing you to choose whether


TOP   Source: Tech Crunch

08-19-2017 Terrorism
Deadly Barcelona attack is worst in a day of violence in Spain

(CNN)Spain saw one of its most violent days in recent memory as a spate of incidents throughout the country appeared to be connected to a terror attack Thursday in Barcelona that left 13 people dead and more than 100 injured.

Authorities said they are working under the assumption that two other deadly events, a terrorist incident in the seaside city of Cambril


TOP   Source: CNN

08-19-2017 General
Why The Sensitive Intersection of Race, Hate Speech And Algorithms Is Heating Up

In an era increasingly heated about race and society, the delicate intersection of this cultural phenomenon with that of the tech arena is one that is not only deepening but also causing rising distress and concern. In fact a recent story in The Washington Post. reported that “minority” groups feel unfairly censored by social media behemoth Facebook, for example, when using the platform for discussions about racial bias. At the same time, groups and individuals on the other end of the race spec


TOP   Source: Forbes

08-19-2017 Entertainment
'Star Wars': What to Expect From an Obi-Wan Kenobi Movie

Books and comics have already explored this territory.

If there's one thing that experience can demonstrate, it's that there's a high probability that the stand-alone Obi-Wan Kenobi movie currently in development will feature the Jedi Knight taking on Tusken Raiders.

While it's currently unclear just when the Kenobi movie will be set, there are only


TOP   Source: Hollywood Reporter

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08-21-2017 |

For Uber, a Quiet Investor Becomes a Sudden Thorn

The Illuminating Power of Eclipses

After Charlottesville Violence, Colleges Brace for More Clashes

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08-21-2017 |

Trump attacks Boston counter-protesters as 'anti-police agitators'

Indian opposition calls for investigation into Adani over financial fraud allegations

Barcelona mourns as police step up hunt for driver of van

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08-21-2017 |

Así era la vida de la célula en Alcanar, el lugar donde empezó todo

La policía encuentra restos biológicos de tres personas en Alcanar

Radiografía del ataque en Cambrils | El segundo contratiempo de los terroristas

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08-21-2017 |

Encontraron el avión que había desaparecido el mes pasado tras despegar desde San Fernando

Finlandia, donde las cárceles también son modelo

Boca-Cerro Porteño: el xeneize ganó el último amistoso antes de su debut en la Superliga

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08-21-2017 |

Charlottesville tragedy sparks civil rights memories

Bill Gates' prediction will give you goosebumps

Trumps pull out of Kennedy Center Honors show

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08-21-2017 |

Finlândia confirma terrorismo em ação com 2 mortes

Democrata propõe exame psiquiátrico para tirar Trump

Uso excessivo de celular e tablet pode gerar problemas posturais

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08-21-2017 |

Facebook closed 'anon' conservative group

Volkswagen Tiguan gets tough

Aussie smart homes choking on slow speeds

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08-21-2017 |

‘We’re a polite nation, but we’re not a stupid nation,’ says Canadian union leader of NAFTA talks

Millions expected to watch solar eclipse

Thousands drown out ‘free speech’ rally in Boston with anti-Nazi slogans

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