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04-23-2019 Games
Google’s Stadia is the future of gaming, and that’s bad news for our planet

You’d have trouble finding Google’s data center in The Dalles, Oregon if someone didn’t point it out to you. The complex isn’t small – it takes up about 800,000 square feet, just slightly less than 14 football fields — but the unassuming silver-and-beige building doesn’t scream “high tech” unless you already know what to look for. The biggest giveaway is not what you see, but what you don’t. The undecorated data centers don’t easily give away their owner, and you won’t see loaded trucks passing through the facility’s gates. Columbia Road, a two-lane slice of pavement the heads into the heart of the complex, is among the precious few streets you can’t visit through Google Street View. Anonymous data centers like this will power Google Stadia, the company’s bold expansion into gaming. The company spoke proudly of the platform’s many benefits to gamers and game developers at its GDC 2019 announcement. If it catches on, it will effectively kill off the home console and physical games, replacing them with the cloud. Every game you own will live in the cloud, accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, playable on any device. The goal is nothing less than a reinvention of the entire video game industry. Stadia could be great for gamers that can’t afford the latest hardware. Yet changing the way we play will have unintended consequences. Google’s Stadia – and services like it – might be bad news for anyone hoping to reverse course on global warming. LEADING BY EXAMPLE To Google’s credit, its data centers in The Dalles are arguably the model of what a modern data center should look like. Even their location is part of the company’s strategy. The Dalles is a city of less than 16,000 people, located an hour and a half east of Portland, Oregon. It doesn’t scream high-tech, but it does have excellent access to renewable energy. Gary Cook, Senior IT Sector Analyst for Greenpeace, says Google is more responsible than many of its peers. “They [Google] are one of the few companies that, as they are working to expand their infrastructure, they are trying to line up access to renewable energy where they build these data centers,” Cook says. The Dalles’ data centers are a perfect example. They’re located just a mile away from The Dalles Dam, one of several hydroelectric plants that can be found along the Columbia River. Oregon is among the nation’s renewable energy leaders, with over three-quarters of electricity generation coming from renewable sources. ...

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04-23-2019 Politics
Here's why impeachment talk is dangerous for Democrats

With the release of the Mueller report, 2020 Democrats have come to a fork in the road on the question of whether or not the House should initiate impeachment proceedings against President Trump. In light of this, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., became the first presidential candidate to call for his removal. During a campaign event in New Hampshire over the weekend, Warren told a crowd of supporters: "We cannot be an America that says it is OK for a president of the United States to try and block an investigation into a foreign attack on our country or an investigation into that president’s own misbehavior — so I have called on the House to initiate impeachment proceedings." Warren argues that impeaching the president is not a political decision. But not only is the impeachment process entirely political, it’s also self-serving. With the 2020 presidential election a year and a half away, Democrats actually see a window in which they can oust Trump from office without congressional intervention. Warren, on the other hand, is hovering in single digits in the polls in a crowded presidential primary field. With the move, she’s grabbing headlines and hauling in campaign donations like her political life depends on it. It might be smart politics for Warren, but is it smart politically for the Democratic Party? According to a CNN poll, support for impeachment dropped seven percentage points from December 2018 to March 2019, where 43% favored it compared to 36%. In December, 80% of self-identified Democrats said they supported impeaching Trump, but that number dropped to 68% in March. Most Democratic presidential candidates are taking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s words of wisdom when she said, “he’s just not worth it," opting to talk about kitchen table issues that get voters enthusiastic about their campaign. But for some, the elephant in the room is almost too big to ignore. Democratic responses have been tenuous at best. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who has been cautious about impeachment talk, said that "Congress must continue its investigation into Trump's conduct and any foreign attempts to influence our election.” Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., said she believes "there's room for that [impeachment] conversation.” Meanwhile, South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg told NBC News that there’s "evidence that this president deserves to be impeached” but deferred to Congress in making that call. Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-Texas, said he "wouldn’t blame any member of the House for voting for this.” Others like Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, told Fox News, "I don't think that we should defeat Donald Trump through impeachment.” ...

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04-23-2019 Science&Technology
Security Researcher Marcus Hutchins, Who Stopped WannaCry Cyberattack, Pleads Guilty...

...To Malware Charges Marcus Hutchins, the computer security researcher who helped stopped a cyberattack in 2017, has pleaded guilty to writing malware years before he became a hacking hero. WannaCry Ransomware Hutchins, who is best known by his MalwareTech alias, held a pivotal role in stopping the global spread of the WannaCry ransomware, which rapidly spread and infected computers in May 2017. Once the malicious worm infects a Windows computer, it encrypts files on the hard drive, making it impossible for uses to access. It then demands a ransom payment to be paid in bitcoin to decrypt the files. The worm spread from computer to computer sans any interaction from users. As WannaCry shutdown computers worldwide, Hutchins found the domain that triggered a developed-created kill switch that prevented the worm from spreading. He ensured the kill switch remains activated to prevent the malware from spreading again. Arrested For Creating And Selling Malwares Hutchins' heroic acts were tarnished when he was arrested by FBI agents in August 2017 at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. He was heading back home to the UK at the time after attending the Def Con, one of the world's biggest hacking and security gatherings. He has been held in the United States since his arrest. The 24-year-old was charged for creating Kronos, a banking trojan that stole online bank account passwords from computers. More charges were later filed over claims that Hutchins created another malware called UPAS Kit, and that he worked with a co-conspirator to advertise and sell the two malware strains online. These activities happened years while Hutchins was still a minor and were not related to WannaCry. Faces Up To 10 Years In Prison In a plea agreement filed with the Eastern District of Wisconsin. Hutchins agreed to plead guilty to two of the 10 counts. The rest of the charges were dropped. The security researcher may face up to 10 years in prison for the two charges, and fined up $250,000. In a statement posted on his website, Hutchins said he regrets his actions and takes full responsibility for his mistakes. "I've pleaded guilty to two charges related to writing malware in the years prior to my career in security," Hutchins wrote. "Having grown up, I've since been using the same skills that I misused several years ago for constructive purposes. I will continue to devote my time to keeping people safe from malware attacks."

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04-23-2019 General
After Sri Lanka Attacks, Islamist Group Blamed And Victims Named

The Sri Lankan government has blamed the National Thowfeek Jamaath, a little known Muslim militant group, for the coordinated attacks on churches and hotels that rocked the island nation on Easter Sunday. Sri Lanka Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne says the small group was aided by an international network. "We do not believe these attacks were carried out by a group of people who were confined to this country," Senaratne said. "There was an international network without which these attacks could not have succeeded." The radical Islamist group has been linked to the vandalism in recent years of Buddhist statues, and has earned a reputation for being against Buddhism, the country's main religion. At least one suicide bomber involved in the explosions had been previously arrested for defacing Buddhist statues and then released "on orders from higher authorities," according to Highways Minister Kabir Hashim, as reported in a local outlet. No one claimed responsibility for Sunday's violence but by Monday, police had arrested 24 suspects linked to the blasts, which took place at three prominent churches and three luxury hotels. They also said they found 87 bomb detonators at a bus station in Colombo, the nation's capital, according to media reports. Another explosion occurred Monday near the bombed-out St. Anthony's Shrine in Colombo, after bomb disposal experts tried to neutralize explosives inside a parked van. No injuries were reported. The day was filled with funerals — accompanied by military and police protection — after a night lit by candles for victims. Residents hung flags outside St. Anthony's Shrine to mourn the dead. Flags of mourning were also strung outside the Negombo Grand Mosque, in a fishing town where a second church, St. Sebastian's, was targeted. Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena, who was not in the country during the attacks, declared April 23 as a Day of National Mourning. The government also said that it would compensate victims and support church reconstruction efforts, according to local media. Victims of the attacks Nearly 300 people were killed and more than 500 injured in the coordinated attacks. Janaka Shaktivel, 28, went to a government morgue to identify his wife. "I recognised her body from the wedding ring that she always wore," he told Agence France-Presse. "I have no words to explain my feelings." Celebrity chef Shantha Mayadunne, and her daughter, were killed in the blast at the Shangri-La hotel, according to Sri Lanka's Hiru News. Her daughter, Nisanga Mayadunne, had posted a photo on social media of the smiling family, writing, "Easter breakfast with the family." Among the hundreds killed were 31 foreigners, Sri Lanka's ministry of foreign affairs said, with 14 people unaccounted for. They may be among the unidentified victims at the Colombo Judicial Medical Officer's mortuary, the ministry said in a statement. ...

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04-23-2019 Science&Technology
Microsoft quietly axes Windows 10's long-promised Sets feature

Windows 10 was supposed to receive a Sets feature that kept your app data, sites and other info in check through browser-like tabs, but you'll have to find another way to organize your digital life. ZDNet sources understand that Microsoft quietly killed Sets and has no plans to revive it. Reportedly, the feature just "wasn't well received or understood." The team still wants to introduce tabs into the Windows Console, according to the sources, but it can't use Sets as the groundwork. The decision to re-do Edge using Chromium helped Microsoft make the decision, the tipsters said. The amount of work needed to integrate the revamped browser into Sets would have either required that Microsoft delay Edge's release or else left it without Sets support for months. We've asked Microsoft for comment. Over the weekend, though, Senior Program Manager Rich Turner hinted at Sets' apparent death with a remark that the "Shell-provided tab experience is no more." It's not uncommon for software developers to cut or modify features after they don't work as promised. It's not often you'll see them announced so publicly and remain in limbo for so long, though. Microsoft was discussing Sets with the public in late 2017, and let Windows Insiders test it in mid-2018 -- that's a long time to leave people wondering about a feature's fate. While you probably won't find too many people shedding a tear over Sets, it's a rare gaffe for a modern Microsoft that has a good track record for delivering promised software updates.

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04-23-2019 Science&Technology
Galaxy Fold release postponed while Samsung investigates breaking screens

Samsung's beleaguered Galaxy Fold is no longer launching April 26. After several incidents with screens last week left early-production review units unusable, Samsung announced on Monday that it will delaying Friday's scheduled sale date of its foldable phone, saying it will announce a new released date "in the coming weeks." "Initial findings from the inspection of reported issues on the display showed that they could be associated with impact on the top and bottom exposed areas of the hinge. There was also an instance where substances found inside the device affected the display performance," Samsung said in a statement. "To fully evaluate this feedback and run further internal tests, we have decided to delay the release of the Galaxy Fold." The company also sent emails to users who pre-ordered the device -- including CNET reviewers -- saying that it will update them "with more specific shipping information in two weeks." Samsung isn't charging credit cards for the Fold until it ships, and the brand is also giving preorder buyers and out if they change their mind and want to cancel the order before it ships. News of the phone's delayed release was reported earlier Monday by The Wall Street Journal. That report follows a tweet from Engadget's Richard Lai on Sunday about the postponement of launch-related events in Hong Kong and Shanghai that were originally scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively. Frequent mobile tipster Ice Universe corroborated on Sunday the postponement of "two events" -- presumably the launch events -- and suggested that shipments of the phone itself could be pushed back. SamMobile reported Sunday that Samsung was attributing the Shanghai event delay to problems with the venue, citing "someone claiming to be familiar with the matter." The incidents with the Fold's plastic screen -- which include a screen bulge and flickering display -- have caused a kerfuffle among onlookers, casting doubt on the durability of Samsung's $2,000 foldable phone and on the concept of bendable devices in general. CNET's Galaxy Fold review unit has remained intact, and we've been in contact with Samsung about the reported screen issues. Samsung's Galaxy Fold woes began Wednesday, two days after it distributed a small number of review devices to reviewers, including CNET. ...

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04-23-2019 Politics
Russian officials welcome comedian's win in Ukraine

Russian leaders on Monday welcomed the election of Volodymyr Zelensky, the comedian who swept to victory in Ukraine’s presidential elections on Sunday, as thoughts turned to what the new president will mean for the region’s five-year conflict that remains a major flashpoint between Moscow and Western countries. In Sunday’s vote, Zelensky handily beat Ukraine’s incumbent president, Petro Poroshenko, taking 73 percent of the vote with the count almost complete on Monday evening. Zelensky, who has no political experience and plays a man who accidentally becomes president in a television show, tapped a huge reservoir of dissatisfaction among Ukrainians with their political establishment, promising to root out corruption and overhaul the country’s politics. On Monday, Russian officials expressed satisfaction at Poroshenko’s defeat and some optimism about Zelensky. In a sign that Moscow hopes he will be easier to handle than Poroshenko, Russia’s prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, congratulated Zelensky on his victory and said he believed his election offered a chance for Ukraine and Russia to improve relations. "Ukraine has voted, and the election results clearly show that voters are eager for new approaches to resolving Ukraine’s problems,” Medvedev wrote on his Facebook page. "I have no doubt that Ukraine’s new leader will stick to the rhetoric toward Russia he used during the campaign. At the same time, there is still a chance for Ukraine to improve its relations with Russia.” Russian officials have made no secret of their desire to see the back of Poroshenko, who built his presidency on blocking Russia’s encroachment in Ukraine’s east and pursued a radical break with Moscow. Some experts believe Russian hopes that Zelensky’s more moderate attitude and desire to put an end to the fighting might allow the Kremlin to move to a new cooler phase in the conflict, helping it get out from Western sanctions. ...

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04-23-2019 Science&Technology
Sony’s $70k Android TV is PS5’s secret weapon

So you’ve heard about the PlayStation 5 features confirmed by Sony this month – but one big piece of the puzzle remains missing. A video game console like a PlayStation is only half of the equation. You also need a television – or at least a monitor – to make use of the power of the console. For that, Sony’s got a WHOLE BUNCH of new pieces of equipment, including one MASSIVE TV – the most beastly television we’ve ever seen put on sale to the public. Introduced this week was a Sony MASTER Series Z9G 8K HDR TV, 98¿ Class (97.5¿ diagonal), smart TV (Android TV), available in June. This is one of two sets in the category – the other is an 85¿ Class (84.6¿ diagonal). The smaller of the two sets is approximately $13k USD, while the larger is approximately $70k USD. 8K: 7,680 x 4,320 pixels. Inside both of the MASTER Series Z9G sets is a Sony X1 Ultimate processor, “optimized to handle the 33 million pixels of 8K”. This chip includes technology Sony suggests is able to “analyze each object in the picture” in 8K resolution. These sets also feature 8K X-tended Dynamic Range PRO and Backlight Master Drive “with full-array local dimming”. Below you’ll find a collection of specifications for this product – if you want to go into some extra deep detail. What better way to use your brand new 8k content-capable PlayStation 5 than with a mega-massive 8k television that costs as much as a house? Who needs a house, after all? ...

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04-22-2019 Terrorism
More than 200 killed in Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka

A series of nine bombings in Sri Lanka targeting Christian churches and hotels in three cities killed at least 207 people and wounded up to 450 others on Easter Sunday. Defense Minister Ruwan Wijewardene described the coordinated blasts as a terrorist attack by religious extremists. Here is what we know: At 8:45 a.m. Sunday, bombs tore apart three churches, one in the capital of Colombo, and two others in the cities of Negombo and Batticaloa. Four hotels in Colombo were also attacked: the Shangri-La, the Cinnamon Grand, the Tropical Inn and the Kingsbury. There was another explosion at a housing complex in Dematagoda. Those targeted were members of Sri Lanka's Christian population and guests at the island nation's luxury hotels. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said "several U.S. citizens" were among those killed. The government of Sri Lanka has temporarily blocked social media services like Facebook and WhatsApp to prevent the spread of misinformation. Sri Lanka's state minister for defense said 13 suspects have been apprehended and the attacks appear to have been carried out by suicide bombers. Sri Lanka experienced a vicious 26-year long civil war between its Sinhala Buddhist majority and minority Tamil Tiger ethnic group that ended in 2009. Japan confirms 1 fatality in Sri Lanka blasts Japan is confirming one of its citizens was killed in the Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka and at least four were wounded. Foreign Minister Taro Kono offered his condolences to all the victims of the attacks and expressed Japan's commitment in "combating terrorism" and solidarity with Sri Lanka. Japan also issued a safety warning, telling Japanese people in Sri Lanka to avoid churches, mosques, public places like malls and nightclubs, and government offices related to public security. -The Associated Press Eiffel Tower to pay tribute to Sri Lanka victims The Eiffel Tower's Twitter page announced it would turn off its lights "to pay tribute to the victims of the Sri Lanka attacks." ...

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04-22-2019 Cars
Tesla Model S caught on video bursting into flames seemingly on its own when parked

Another Tesla vehicle has caught on fire without being involved in a crash. A Tesla Model S parked in a garage was filmed bursting into flames seemingly on its own. There’s no statistical evidence that shows electric cars catch on fire at a higher rate than gasoline vehicles, but fires involving batteries can be more difficult to extinguish. Furthermore, the causes of fire can be fairly different. After a severe crash, there’s a higher chance of fire for any car regardless of the type of powertrain, but when a vehicle catches on fire seemingly on its own without being involved in a crash, it’s important to determine the cause. Last week, we reported on a Tesla car catching on fire while being investigated for potentially being the cause of another fire in a garage. Now we learn that earlier today in Shanghai, a Tesla Model S vehicle parked in an underground grarage has caught on fire. The incident was caught on a security camera: It doesn’t look like the vehicle was charging at the time and the fire appears to have started around the battery pack, which is located at the bottom of the vehicle. ...

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04-22-2019 Science&Technology
Google Lens may add translation and restaurant 'filters'

As clever as Google Lens can be, it's still quite limited in what it can do before it points you to another app. You might not have to lean on those other apps quite so often n the near future. In the wake of an initial discovery earlier in April, the 9to5Google team has spotted evidence that Lens could soon include a host of "filters" aimed at fulfilling specific augmented reality tasks. A "translate" filter, for instance, might auto-detect one language and offer to convert it to another instead of simply copying text and asking to launch Google Translate. There are also references to a "dining" filter that would search nearby restaurants, including popular dishes. A "shopping" filter appears to focus on more generic goods. Combined with the translation feature, it appears as if Google wants to offer a range of specialized searches instead of a one-size-fits-all function. It's not certain when the upgraded Lens might arrive, assuming it does at all. With I/O starting on May 7th, though, it wouldn't be surprising if Google revealed or even releaseed the feature as its developer conference got underway.

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04-22-2019 Science&Technology
Picking the best security camera for your needs

By Rachel Cericola This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter's independently chosen editorial picks, Wirecutter and Engadget may earn affiliate commission. Read the full blog on picking the best security camera for your needs here. Despite what I tell my son, I really don't have eyes in the back of my head. But I do have Wi-Fi security cameras with smartphone apps, which allow me to keep tabs on him, as well as my dog, my car, the front door, and the yard. And like me, cameras aren't perfect at all tasks. Picking the right one (or two, or three) depends on what you want to do with it. Outdoor cameras can withstand the elements but may need an electrical outlet or periodic battery recharges. Indoor cameras can keep an eye on things in your home but are limited when it comes to catching package thieves. And doorbell cameras let you pretend to be home when you're not. Here are some of our favorite ways we use security cameras, and how to pick the best camera for your needs. (Note that a few states restrict the use of biometric technology such as facial recognition, a feature in some cameras, so be sure to confirm your local laws before making a purchase.) Deterring crime If you're worried about what's going on in your neighborhood and around your property, get an outdoor camera. Look for a camera that can capture lengthy recordings and doesn't leave gaps in between clips—a common pitfall. Clear night vision is also a must, and adjustable motion sensitivity will cut down nuisance smartphone alerts triggered by every passing car. If you don't have an outdoor outlet or a large yard, look for a camera with a rechargeable battery, which makes placement easy—just know that if there's a lot of activity, you will be charging the camera often. Keeping a watch on pets Some pets have separation anxiety when their owners are away, and some just like to eat socks, trash, and anything else that isn't encased in concrete. An indoor security camera with a wide viewing angle allows you to watch what Fido and Fluffy are doing while you're away. Most cameras also have two-way audio, which is useful for yelling at them to get off the sofa. Tracking the kids Although it may sound Orwellian, indoor cameras can help you monitor your kids by notifying you (via smartphone alerts) whenever the cameras detect motion, such as when the kids are coming and going. Just aim the camera at the door. Cameras with two-way audio allow you to greet them (and remind them about homework and other chores), while cameras with facial recognition can distinguish between family members and the dog walker. Also, consider some type of video-clip storage, unless you plan on watching for alerts 24/7. ...

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04-19-2019 Science&Technology
New Microsoft Surface Hub 2S finally replaces original model

Microsoft's update to the original Surface Hub is finally coming. The tech giant announced the new Surface Hub 2S in New York City today with a launch date that will be a little more than a year after the company first teased the Surface Hub 2. The Surface Hub 2S will arrive in the US this June, with more markets to follow thereafter. Those additional markets will be ones where the original Hub was sold. The starting price in the US will be $8,999 (about £6,900, AU$12,680). In addition to a new form factor and updated specs and features, the Surface Hub 2S was announced alongside two mobility accessories that will be sold separately. The first is a rolling mount made in partnership with office furniture maker Steelcase, and the second is the APC Charge Mobile Battery that allows the Surface Hub 2S to be used without a connection to a wall outlet. Apple may support iPads as secondary Mac displays Here's what we expect from macOS 10.15 Check out our expectations for Computex 2019 What's new in the Surface Hub 2S The new Surface Hub 2S will have a 50-inch screen with a 3:2 aspect ratio and a 4K+ Pixel Sense display. The display will still be a touch panel with support for the Surface Hub 2 Pen, and it has an anti-glare coating. The display has narrow bezels, and has reduced its thickness by 60 percent compared to the original Surface Hub. It's also 40% lighter. Eight beam-forming microphones, dual speakers and a dedicated subwoofer are built into the Surface Hub 2S. The Surface Hub 2 Camera and Surface Hub 2 Pen are both included and attach to the device, with eight magnetic mounting points for the Pen. The camera has a 4K resolution and 90-degree FOV. The Surface Hub 2S is built around a computing core that includes an 8th-generation Intel Core i5 quad-core processor with integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620, 8GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. While the original Surface Hub models had display panels with 120Hz refresh rates and 100-point multi-touch, these details are currently missing from the Surface Hub 2S specs. Just a starting point The 50-inch Surface Hub 2S is just a starting point. A Surface Hub 2 Display is also coming that will not include it's own computing component. Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise configuration options are in the works as well. And, an 85-inch version of the Surface Hub 2S will go into testing in 2020. The computing component of the Surface Hub 2S is modular, making the device both serviceable and upgradeable. Eventually, the device can be updated to the forthcoming Surface Hub 2X by swapping the computing core, which will allow a multi-unit "tile" setup with multiple devices oriented vertically and placed side-by-side. A second set of dormant speakers and another array of microphones will be activated when switched into the new setup. ...

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04-19-2019 Science&Technology
Samsung shares tumble amid concerns its foldable phones are breaking

Shares of Samsung Electronics dropped more than 3 percent on Thursday after multiple accounts emerged of its cutting-edge folding phone breaking ahead of the device’s retail launch. The phone, named the Galaxy Fold and priced at $1,980, has only been given to gadget reviewers so far, but several people have reported that their screens appear to be disconnecting and permanently flashing on or off. Samsung started taking pre-orders for the Galaxy Fold last weekend, but quickly ran out of availability, suggesting supply is constrained at least until its retail launch. The wider technology sector in South Korea also saw declines on the day, with shares of SK Hynix and LG Electronics declining 1.25 percent and 2.5 percent, respectively. Samsung’s stock decline was related to the early reports of the Galaxy Fold breaking, said Daniel Yoo, head of global strategy and research at Kiwoom Securities. On top of that, investors were also responding to concerns about Samsung’s part in the roll out of the next generation 5G wireless standard, he added. “With Qualcomm and Apple deal, expectation for 5G was very high, ” Yoo said. Apple and Qualcomm settled a longstanding legal dispute over royalties earlier this week, with the settlement including a payment from Apple to Qualcomm as well as a chipset supply agreement, suggesting that the Cupertino-based tech giant will buy Qualcomm’s chips for future iPhones. Analysts had previously said that the dispute between Qualcomm and Apple could slow down Apple’s plans to support next-generation 5G networks, with the former being one of the top suppliers of chips that can connect to 5G networks. The agreement opens up the possibility that Apple could release a 5G iPhone sooner than expected with Qualcomm’s modem technology. At present, however, Samsung’s Galaxy S10 and Fold devices are “leading” the way among phones with 5G potential, according to Yoo. “If there is any chance of demand slowdown due to quality control, this will have quite significant negative impact on the IT sector as a whole,” Yoo said, noting that demand for chips in the first half of 2019 was already weak. For its part, Samsung said in a statement that it was looking into the reports of broken Galaxy Folds: ...

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04-16-2019 Politics
Trump blasts Pelosi, Omar after 9/11 video controversy

President Trump blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for defending Rep. Ilhan Omar and called the freshman Democrat “anti-Semitic” and “out of control.” “Before Nancy, who has lost all control of Congress and is getting nothing done, decides to defend her leader, Rep. Omar, she should look at the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and ungrateful U.S. HATE statements Omar has made. She is out of control, except for her control of Nancy!” Trump tweeted Monday. The president’s tweets come after Pelosi, D-Calif., announced Sunday that she’d taken steps to ensure the safety of Omar, D-Minn., after the president tweeted a video that combined images of the 9/11 terror attacks with remarks by Omar. The video showed the burning World Trade Center towers and Omar speaking last month at the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), where she said the organization was founded because “some people did something” and Muslims “were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.” “For far too long we have lived with the discomfort of being a second-class citizen and, frankly, I’m tired of it, and every single Muslim in this country should be tired of it,” she said in her March 23 speech, according to a video posted online. “CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.” CAIR was founded in 1994, but according to its website, its membership skyrocketed after Sept. 11, 2001. The video tweeted by Trump also included news footage of the terror attacks on the Twin Towers. Trump captioned his tweet with: “WE WILL NEVER FORGET!” Critics accused Omar of offering a flippant description of the attackers, who killed nearly 3,000 people. She later sought to defend herself by tweeting a quote from President George W. Bush. Days after 9/11, the Republican president referred to the attackers as “people.” ...

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04-16-2019 Entertainment
Game of Thrones season 8 premiere shatters ratings record

Game of Thrones set a massive ratings record for its final season premiere. The HBO hit delivered 17.4 million viewers on Sunday evening across multiple airings and including some streaming. That makes the GoT season 8 premiere the biggest telecast in HBO’s history and the most-watched scripted entertainment program of the year (the prior record holder was CBS’ The Big Bang Theory with 14.1 million viewers on Feb. 7) — despite HBO being available in far fewer homes than the broadcast network. The number surpasses the show’s previous overnight record of 16.9 million viewers for the season 7 finale two years ago. The show didn’t surge quite as much from the season 7 premiere (16.1 million) as one might have expected, however. But the record is despite HBO losing Dish subscribers in a contract dispute last December (which HBO believes impacted the numbers), and certain streaming partners (such as Amazon, Hulu, Roku) not being counted in this first-round number. By comparison, the finale of HBO’s The Sopranos in 2007 had 11.9 million viewers. The show also blew up Twitter, racking up 5 million tweets, a record for the show (Sam revealing the truth about Jon Snow’s parents was the most tweeted about moment). GoT is the extremely rare drama that has managed to grow its audience every single season (AMC’s Breaking Bad was another). AMC’s The Walking Dead used to top Game of Thrones in the ratings, but the zombie drama has recently fallen to around 5 million weekly viewers. Last week the U.K.’s Daily Mail wrote a story claiming the return of Game of Thrones could rack up a billion viewers worldwide, but the truth is even HBO doesn’t know how many viewers their show gets globally given all the various methods of distribution. The real global number will be far closer to 100 million. (NCIS was calculated in 2016 to be the “most watched drama in the world” with only 47 million viewers). Still, GoT is very likely the world’s biggest show at this point. GoT‘s seventh season grew to average about 32 million viewers per episode after months of streaming viewership was added. And if this kind of number is what the season premiere is doing … what’s the May 19th series finale going to get?

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04-24-2019 |

Sri Lanka Failed to Act on Warnings About Terrorist Group

THE MUELLER REPORT As Some Democrats Push for Impeachment, Pelosi Urges Caution

On YouTube, ‘Game of Thrones’ Superfans Prepare for the End

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04-24-2019 |

Live National day of mourning as more victims named

Myanmar Court rejects appeal by jailed Reuters journalists

Spain election Leaders clash on Catalonia during TV debate

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04-24-2019 |

Sánchez salva el primer debate y Rivera no logra imponer el tema catalán

Verificación | Mentiras y medias verdades

Zelenski, presidente de Ucrania en la pantalla y en la vida real

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04-24-2019 |

La muerte de Toresani. El mensaje de Diego Maradona en las redes

Carrió: : 'Si gana Cristina se van todos los dólares y un tercio del país'

Creatividad. El genio loco que inventó los cubitos de caldo y se hizo millonario

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04-24-2019 |

Pelosi: If facts back impeachment, 'that’s the place we have to go'

FOR THE WIN Duke having top hoops class means little

MONEY Wegmans eliminating plastic bags by end 2019

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04-24-2019 |

STJ julgará recurso de Lula no caso do tríplex

Bolsonaro diz estar confiante de que não haverá greve dos caminhoneiros

Governo anuncia novas regras para a Lei Rouanet

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04-24-2019 |

FILM Who are the Avengers and what is Endgame all about?

START-UPS $1b Silicon Valley company wants to end Australia's reliance on email

TESLA 'People will die': Sceptics doubt Elon Musk's Tesla's 2020 robo-taxi promise

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04-24-2019 |

Toronto Catholic school-board chair joins critics of Tories’ public-health cuts

Rise of ghost hotels casts pall over Toronto rental market

Martin Regg Cohn: Mike Schreiner emerges as a fresh voice at Queen’s Park

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Top 150 World Newspapers (*)

No. Newspaper / Country No. Newspaper / Country No. Newspaper / Country No. Newspaper / Country
1 The New York Times / United States 2 The Guardian / United Kingdom 3 The Daily Mail / United Kingdom 4 China Daily / China
5 The Washington Post / United States 6 The Telegraph / United Kingdom 7 The Wall Street Journal / United States 8 USA Today / United States
9 The Times of India / India 10 The Independent / United Kingdom 11 Los Angeles Times / United States 12 El País / Spain
13 Financial Times / United Kingdom 14 The People's Daily / China 15 United Daily News / China 16 The Economic Daily / China
17 Le Monde / France 18 Daily Mirror / United Kingdom 19 El Mundo / Spain 20 Daily News / United States
21 La Repubblica / Italy 22 Bild / Germany 23 Le Figaro / France 24 The Sydney Morning Herald / Australia
25 Houston Chronicle / United States 26 Hürriyet / Turkey 27 Chicago Tribune / United States 28 The Examiner / United States
29 New York Post / United States 30 Asahi Shimbun / Japan 31 Corriere della Sera / Italy 32 The Economic Times / India
33 Milliyet Gazetesi / Turkey 34 Marca / Spain 35 Liberty Times / Taiwan 36 Die Welt / Germany
37 The Globe and Mail / Canada 38 Nihon Keizai Shimbun / Japan 39 The Hollywood Reporter / United States 40 Sabah / Turkey
41 The Christian Science Monitor / United States 42 Daily Express / United Kingdom 43 Kompas / Indonesia 44 The Indian Express / India
45 Yomiuri Shimbun / Japan 46 Gazeta Wyborcza / Poland 47 The Hindu / India 48 The Toronto Star / Canada
49 The Sun / United Kingdom 50 The Age / Australia 51 The Boston Globe / United States 52 Philippine Daily Inquirer / Philippines
53 Süddeutsche Zeitung / Germany 54 The Washington Times / United States 55 Clarín / Argentina 56 Chosun Ilbo / Japan
57 Die Zeit / Germany 58 The Onion / United States 59 Metro / United Kingdom 60 ABC / Spain
61 The Seattle Times / United States 62 The Times / United Kingdom 63 La Gazzetta dello Sport / Italy 64 Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung / Germany
65 The Hill / United States 66 Dainik Bhaskar / India 67 The Philadelphia Inquirer / United States 68 The Oregonian / United States
69 The Dong-a Ilbo / Korea 70 La Nación / Argentina 71 The Hindustan Times / India 72 San Jose Mercury News / United States
73 The Dallas Morning News / United States 74 AS / Spain 75 The Australian / Australia 76 Star Tribune / United States
77 Qingdao News / China 78 The Jerusalem Post / Israel 79 The Plain Dealer / United States 80 L'Equipe / France
81 Komsomolskaya Pravda / Russia 82 The Denver Post / United States 83 Mladá fronta Dnes / Czech Republic 84 Libération / France
85 O Globo / Brazil 86 Aftonbladet / Sweden 87 The Japan Times / Japan 88 Business Standard / India
89 Le Nouvel Observateur / France 90 Kommersant / Russia 91 Le Parisien / France 92 The New Zealand Herald / New Zealand
93 Detroit Free Press / United States 94 Newsday / United States 95 The Baltimore Sun / United States 96 National Post / Canada
97 Il Sole 24 Ore / Italy 98 The Miami Herald / United States 99 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution / United States 100 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette / United States
101 The Irish Independent / Ireland 102 South China Morning Post / Hong Kong SAR 103 The Irish Times / Ireland 104 The Star Online / Malaysia
105 De Telegraaf / Netherlands 106 Dawn / Pakistan 107 Der Standaard / Austria 108 The Sacramento Bee / United States
109 20 Minutos / Spain 110 Mainichi Shimbun / Japan 111 Rossiyskaya Gazeta / Russia 112 Apple Daily / Taiwan
113 DNA - Daily News & Analysis / India 114 La Stampa / Italy 115 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / United States 116 20 Minutes / France
117 La Vanguardia / Spain 118 Evening Standard / United Kingdom 119 China Times / Taiwan 120 The Straits Times / Singapore
121 Orlando Sentinel / United States 122 Der Tagesspiegel / Germany 123 South Florida Sun-Sentinel / United States 124 Verdens Gang / Norway
125 Argumenti i Fakti / Russia 126 Boston Herald / United States 127 Infobae / Argentina 128 Dagbladet / Norway
129 Independent Online / South Africa 130 The New York Observer / United States 131 Yeni Safak / Turkey 132 Seattle Post-Intelligencer / United States
133 The Kansas City Star / United States 134 Al-Ahram / Egypt 135 The Scotsman / United Kingdom 136 Nikkan Sports / Japan
137 Deseret News / United States 138 Herald Sun / Australia 139 The Vancouver Sun / Canada 140 Yang Cheng Wan Bao / China
141 Les Échos / France 142 Gulf News / United Arab Emirates 143 Yedioth Aharonot / Israel 144 Sports Nippon / Japan
145 The Orange County Register / United States 146 Expressen / Sweden 147 St. Louis Post-Dispatch / United States 148 / Russia
149 Handelsblatt / Germany 150 The Daily Telegraph / Australia

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