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09-20-2014 Politics
Special Report: Scotland stays in UK, but Britain faces change

When 3.6 million Scots voted on Thursday on whether to leave or stay within the United Kingdom, they were answering one simple question: Should Scotland be an independent country?

But for a time some politicians on both sides of the debate wanted to include a third choice on the ballot: maximum devolution of powers to Scotland within Britain, or so-called devo-max. Even Alex Salmond, Scotland’s First Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), backed including such an alternative, arguing that he was “not for limiting the choices of the Scottish people.”

British Prime Minister David Cameron and many of Salmond’s SNP colleagues, though, were against the idea. Scots, Cameron said at the time, would be faced with “what I’ve always wanted, which is one single question. Not two questions, not devo-max, not different options; a very simple, single question.”

Scots answered that question decisively on Thursday, voting 55 percent to 45 percent to stay in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Cameron, who may well have faced calls to step down if the union had broken, said he was "delighted" with the referendum decision, and there should be "no disputes, no re-runs."

“We got a chance to vote. So that’s what I’m proud of, I’m proud that I voted yes,”? said Lindsay Burgar, a nurse from Oban.

However, what Scots also got – even though it wasn’t on the ballot paper - was the promise of greater autonomy, something approaching devo-max.

Unionists had always said they would offer Scots more autonomy if they voted to stay, but had not detailed what that would look like. That began to change as panic over a possible Yes vote took hold in the two weeks before the vote.

The leaders of the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats - who form the current national government - and the opposition Labour Party promised Scots a fast-track timetable for further devolution, including decisions on welfare, borrowing, and tax-raising powers. They also signed a pledge to maintain indefinitely the higher funding levels that Scotland receives compared with many other regions of the UK.

On Friday, Cameron also promised he would seek to shake up the constitutional arrangements for the rest of Britain. "It is absolutely right that a new and fair settlement for Scotland should be accompanied by a new and fair settlement that applies to all parts of the United Kingdom," he said.

Those promises open up a Pandora’s box of further problems. Many voters outside Scotland see Scotland's gains as a bribe and have grumbled that Scots are getting special treatment.

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Source: Reuters

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09-20-2014 Science&Technology
Alibaba surges on massive demand in trading debut

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd's (BABA.N) shares surged in their first day of trading on Friday as investors jumped at the chance to get in on what looks likely to be the largest IPO in history and profit from China's growing middle class.

It was an auspicious debut for the company, founded by Jack Ma in his apartment in 1999, which now accounts for 80 percent of online sales in China.

About a hundred people gathered outside the New York Stock Exchange at Wall and Broad Streets, many of them Chinese tourists with cameras, cheered when Ma exited the building.

The stock opened at $92.70 shortly before noon ET and quickly rose to a high of $99.70 in active trading. More than 100 million shares changed hands in composite trading in the first 10 minutes of trading. As of 12:50 pm ET, shares were up 33 percent to $90.50.

"This is the most anticipated event I’ve ever seen in my 20-year career on the floor of the NYSE. I think today’s move is sustainable: The company is profitable, unlike some of its competitors, and it is a way for traders to tap into the Chinese growth story," said Mark Otto, partner with J. Streicher & Co, who trades on the NYSE floor.

The pricing of the IPO on Thursday initially raised $21.8 billion for the Chinese e-commerce company. Scott Cutler, head of the New York Stock Exchange's global listing business, told CNBC that underwriters would exercise their option for an additional 48 million shares, to bring the IPO's size to about $25 billion, making it the largest initial public offering in history.

Alibaba is nearly unknown to most Americans but is ubiquitous in China, where it is responsible for 80 percent of online sales. The company earned $3.7 billion in the 12 months ended March 31, 2014, up about $2 billion from the prior 12-month period.

The sale values the company at about $168 billion, more than American icons such as Walt Disney Co (DIS.N) and Coca-Cola Co (KO.N). Should the stock close at $90 on its first day, it would be worth about $222 billion, nearly the value of Procter & Gamble Co (PG.N).

With the big first-day gain, investors hoping for more may be disappointed. At a price of about $90.50 a share, the stock is valued at 38 times its estimated earnings per share for its current fiscal year, which will end in March 2015. That is roughly in line with Facebook's (FB.O) valuation of 39 times forward earnings but nowhere near the lofty valuation of's (AMZN.O) multiple of 264, according to Thomson Reuters Starmine data.

"The question is if it becomes dead money for the next six months," said one fund manager. "Will it just trade at $93 and stay flat?"

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Source: Reuters

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09-20-2014 Science&Technology
Opportunists cash in on delayed iPhone launch in China

Lured by the promise of profit from smuggling the new iPhones into China, opportunists joined the thousands of Apple Inc fans lining up to buy the devices as they were launched on Friday across Asia.

Regulatory hurdles mean the iPhone 6 and the larger iPhone 6 Plus won't be available soon in China, the world's biggest smartphone market where Apple products are popular.

Benefiting from the delay were many people in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia, who said they were buying as many iPhones as they could specifically for resale in China.

Justin Leung, a 28-year-old financial planner from Hong Kong, said he paid his friends in Japan to buy iPhones, which he plans to sell in mainland China. Leung said he had set out to buy 35 iPhones from Tokyo, but he and his friends only managed to get a hold of 25 units.

At an Apple store in Tokyo's up-market Omotesando boulevard, another Chinese man said he had paid a group of Japanese to buy iPhones on his behalf. He declined to identify himself, but was one of several Chinese buyers queuing up at the store on Friday.

Apple representatives could not immediately be reached to comment on the practice.

China has granted the new iPhone approval for use on domestic frequencies, but the phone cannot be sold in China until a key network license is granted, the official Xinhua news agency said on Thursday. It did not say how long that would take.

The delay had given smugglers reason to cheer, with many Hong Kong residents racing to pre-order the phone online.

Such is the appeal of the iPhone in China that in Singapore, several people said they were getting paid to queue up to buy the devices with the intent of reselling them to dealers.

At a shopping mall in the Marina Bay financial center, Clarence Chen said he and 13 friends had been paid to camped out overnight in front of an Apple store to buy handsets.

"Our boss is paying us about $150 (US$120) per job," said the 18-year-old. "We are all buying two - one maybe for ourselves, the other to sell."

Chen declined to identify who had hired him and his friends but said the phones will probably be sold to a dealer.

Chinese national Shawn Shen, 32, said he was not an iPhone fan but took the day off work to queue to buy two units.

"If I can get money from selling it, the wait is worthwhile," he said, adding that he expected to make earn around $300 from selling the phone to dealers.

Source: Reuters

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09-20-2014 Health
Ebola lockdown brings Sierra Leone capital to a halt

Streets in the capital of Sierra Leone were deserted on Friday as the West African state began a contested, three-day lockdown in a bid to halt the worst Ebola outbreak on record.

President Ernest Bai Koroma urged people to heed the emergency measures, and only vehicles driven by police and health workers took to the normally bustling roads of Freetown.

Radio stations played Ebola awareness jingles on repeat and encouraged residents to stay indoors.

Nearly 30,000 health workers, volunteers and teachers aim to visit every household in the country of six million people by Sunday to educate them about the disease and isolate the sick.

Ebola has infected some 5,357 people in West Africa this year, mainly in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, killing 2,630 of them, in the most deadly epidemic of the virus since it was discovered in 1976 in the forests of central Africa.

Western nations, led by the United States, have pledged in recent days to ramp up their aid effort and the United Nations said on Thursday it would deploy a special mission, calling the outbreak a "threat to international peace and security".

In Sierra Leone, at least 562 people have died so far from the incurable disease.

"Today, the life of everyone is at stake, but we will get over this difficulty if all do what we have been asked to do," President Koroma said in a television address late on Thursday.

"These are extraordinary times and extraordinary times require extraordinary measures."

Some have questioned, however, whether the campaign will be effective. Sierra Leone newspaper Awareness Times in an editorial called the preparations for the lockdown "chaotic" and recommended its postponement.

In Freetown, teams got off to a slow start, waiting several hours to receive kits containing soap, stickers and flyers.

"This morning many families are calling on the radio crying because of lack of food in their homes," said Ahmed Nanoh, executive secretary of Sierra Leone's chamber of agriculture. "Food prices have gone up 30 percent. Many homes that cannot afford (food) are starving."

However, an official for the United Nations children's agency UNICEF, Roeland Monasch, said the "Ose to Ose" campaign, which means "house to house" in local Krio, would be helpful.

"If people don't have access to the right information, we need to bring life-saving messages to them, where they live, at their doorsteps," he said.

Investors are worried about the consequences of the lockdown on Sierra Leone's iron ore production. In a bid to reassure them, African Minerals Ltd. said it expected no material impact on its iron ore operations.

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Source: Reuters

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09-20-2014 Politics
Nicolas Sarkozy announces return to French politics

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has announced his return to politics.

On his Facebook page, he said he would seek the leadership of the opposition UMP party, widely seen as a first step towards a presidential bid in 2017.

"I am a candidate to be president of my political family," Mr Sarkozy wrote.

The statement ends months of speculation about the intentions of the 59-year-old conservative, who vowed to give up politics after he failed to be re-elected as president in 2012.

The UMP party elections are due to be held in November. 'A new political choice'

"After a lengthy period of reflection, I have decided to offer the French people a new political choice," he wrote.

He said he could not "remain a spectator given the situation in which France finds itself, given the destruction of political debate and the persistence of the derisory splits within the opposition".

The BBC's Hugh Schofield in Paris says that although Mr Sarkozy's announcement had been expected, it comes as a major event.

Mr Sarkozy has many supporters who believe his energy are essential to pull France out of its current difficulties, our correspondent adds. However, Nicolas Sarkozy remains a divisive figure. He was defeated by Francois Hollande in the 2012 election, becoming the first French president not to be re-elected for a second term since 1981.

But opinion polls suggest President Hollande has now become the most unpopular French president in modern times.

Although Mr Sarkozy has kept a low profile since leaving office, he has faced a series of legal investigations that involve him in some capacity.

In July, he was placed under formal investigation on suspicion of seeking to influence judges who were looking into his affairs.

Other inquiries include one into his links with former Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi and another into illegal campaign funding in 2012.

Mr Sarkozy denies wrongdoing.

Source: BBC

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09-20-2014 Business
China hands drugmaker GSK record $489 million fine for paying bribes

China fined GlaxoSmithKline Plc (GSK.L) a record 3 billion yuan ($489 million) on Friday for paying bribes to doctors to use its drugs, underlining the risks of doing business there while also ending a damaging chapter for the British drugmaker.

A court in the southern city of Changsha handed suspended jail sentences to Mark Reilly, the former head of GSK in China, and four other GSK executives of between two and four years, according to state news agency Xinhua.

Briton Reilly, shown on state television wearing a suit and looking tired during the trial, will be deported, a source with direct knowledge of the case said.

The verdict, handed out behind closed doors in a single-day trial, highlights how Chinese regulators are increasingly cracking down on corporate malpractice.

However, it also offers GSK a potential way forward in the fast-growing Chinese pharmaceutical market, a magnet for foreign firms who are attracted by a healthcare bill that McKinsey & Co estimates will hit $1 trillion by 2020.

"If GSK China can learn a profound lesson and carry out its business according to the rule of law, then it can once again win the trust of China's government and people," Xinhua said in a commentary. Xinhua closely reflects China's official government view.

The fine, equivalent to around 4 percent of GSK's 2013 operating profits, was less than some investors had feared. GSK will take a charge in the third quarter and pay the penalty from existing cash resources.


GSK said it remained committed to China and promised to become a "model for reform in China's healthcare industry".

"GSK Plc has reflected deeply and learned from its mistakes, has taken steps to comprehensively rectify the issues identified at the operations of GSKCI, and must work hard to regain the trust of the Chinese people," GSK said in a written apology.

Future commitments include investment in Chinese science and improved access to medicines across the country through greater expansion of production and flexible pricing, it said.

Roche Chief Executive Severin Schwan told Reuters in an interview this week: "I remain very bullish about China, even though currently the market has slowed down and pricing pressure has increased."

GSK also faces investigations into its overseas practices by U.S. and British authorities. Those investigations continue and could result in further penalties for the group.

"The SFO criminal investigation into the commercial practices of GlaxoSmithKline Plc and its subsidiaries continues," a spokeswoman at Britain's Serious Fraud Office said in an email.

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Source: Reuters

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09-20-2014 Science&Technology
'Artificial retina' could detect sub-atomic particles

The human eye has inspired physicists to create a processor that can analyse sub-atomic particle collisions 400 times faster than currently possible.

In these collisions, protons - ordinary matter - are smashed together at close to light speeds.

These powerful smash-ups could yield new particles and help scientists understand matter's mirror, antimatter.

The experimental processor could speed up the analysis of data from the collisions.

Published in the pre-print arXiv server, the algorithm has been proposed for possible use in Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiments at Cern in 2020. It could also be useful in any field where fast, efficient pattern recognition capabilities are needed.

The processor works in a similar way to the retina's incredible ability to recognise patterns extremely quickly. Snapshots in time

That is, individual neurons in our retinas are specialised to respond to particular shapes or orientations, which they do automatically before our brain is even consciously aware of what we are processing. Cern physicist Diego Tonelli, one of a team of collaborators of the work, explained that the "artificial retina" detects a snapshot of the trajectory of each collision which is then immediately analysed.

These snapshots are then mapped into an algorithm that can run on a computer, automatically scanning and analysing the charged particle trajectories, or tracks. Exposing the detector to future collisions will then allow teams sift out the interesting events.

Data crunching

Speed is of the essence here. There are roughly 40 million collisions per second and each can result in hundreds of charged particles.

The scientists then have to plough through an incredible amount of data. It's spotting the deviations from the norm that may give hints of new physics. An algorithm like this could therefore provide a useful way of crunching through this vast amount of data, in real time.

"It's 400 times faster than anything existing or foreseen for high energy physics applications. If implemented in a real experiment it will allow us to collect more interesting data more quickly," Dr Tonelli told the BBC.

Flavour physics

The LHC has been switched off since February 2013 but is due to begin its hunt for new physics in 2015 when the giant machine will once again begin smashing together protons.

As this happens, they break down and free up a huge amounts of energy that forms many neutral and charged particles. It's the trajectories of the charged ones that can be observed. The new algorithm is not aimed at the type of physics used to find the famous Higgs boson, instead it's intended to be used for "flavour physics" which deals with the interaction of the basic components of matter, the quarks.

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Source: bbc

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09-20-2014 Politics
Syrian Kurds warn of mounting crisis as ISIS advances

The latest ISIS advance in Syria has brought a swath of the country's north-central Kurdish region under siege, with Kurdish leaders warning of another humanitarian crisis without international intervention.

The Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani (Ayn al-Arab in Arabic) is an island, surrounded by ISIS on three fronts and the Turkish border to the north.

The town was already mostly blockaded by ISIS, but this week, 21 nearby villages fell under ISIS control, according to a Kurdish activist inside the city. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or "Islamic State," as the group calls itself, took over three additional villages Friday, the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. Clashes are constant around Kobani as Kurdish fighters attempt to hold off ISIS, which is armed with heavy artillery and tanks, the activist, Mostafa Baly, told CNN.

"Mobilization of people in Kobani is not enough," said Redur Xelil, a spokesman for the Kurdish fighters. "The international community has to take action. If not, there will be a new (Sinjar) genocide, but this time in Kobani."

Sinjar is the Iraqi city that came under ISIS attack last month, causing thousands to flee onto adjacent Mount Sinjar, where refugees became stranded and were starving before U.S. airstrikes helped pave a way for them to flee.

The fighting around Kobani has been intense for four days, Xelil told CNN.

As ISIS encroached on the nearby villages, residents fled toward Kobani, said Baly, the Kurdish activist. There were reports that ISIS kidnapped some of those fleeing to Kobani, including women, children and the elderly, Baly said.

At least three rockets landed in Kobani, causing much panic, he said.

"There is a great deal of fear, but people are insisting on standing up to ISIS and remaining steadfast in the face of their attack," he said.

Turkey opens border

The fear of a humanitarian crisis in Kobani rose as displaced people sought refuge there but became trapped between the fighting and the Turkish border.

An estimated 3,000 to 4,000 Kurds fleeing the violence walked right up to the wire border fence with Turkey, where they initially were not allowed in. They just sat at the border as Turkish Kurds on the other side of the fence tried to persuade the Turkish guards to let them in.

The situation on the border could be observed on a live feed from the border and from video footage aired on Turkish news outlets.

The refugees also tried to force their way into Turkey, creating chaos as one woman stepped on a landmine.

Turkey finally opened the border, relieving some of the mounting pressure in Kobani and allowing refugees to enter Sanliurfa province.

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Source: CNN

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09-19-2014 Science&Technology
Amazon expands Kindle lineup, boosts price of basic e-reader Inc ramped up its push into hardware on Wednesday with the debut of six new or upgraded devices, including a high-end $199 e-reader called the Kindle Voyage and its cheapest-ever touch-screen tablet.

The No. 1 U.S. online retailer also revamped its basic Kindle e-reader to include a touch screen. It will cost $79, about 15 percent more than the current basic model.

Other new devices unveiled on Wednesday are a $99 Kindle Fire HD tablet, which includes a smaller, six-inch screen as well as a tablet designed for kids that starts at $149. Amazon also upgraded its 7-inch and 8.9 inch Fire tablets.

All the upgraded and new devices start shipping in October.

The expanding Kindle lineup underscores Chief Executive Jeff Bezos' commitment to developing devices as a way to retain users and bolster its core business of retail and shopping.

This year alone, Amazon has launched a set-top box, a grocery ordering wand and a Fire smart phone, which debuted in July to lackluster reviews.

Amazon, which entered the hardware sector with the 2007 launch of the Kindle, has adopted a strategy of selling the devices at cost, and it profits when users buy content or goods.

It has been investing heavily in content, inking a deal this year to stream some HBO shows including "The Sopranos" and "The Wire" to members of its Prime subscription program.

"The vast majority of people are still using the tablets," David Limp, vice president of devices for Amazon, said during a briefing with reporters in New York.

Executives touted the Kindle Voyage as the thinnest device Amazon has ever made. The company hopes heavy readers might adopt the device, which more closely mimic a paper book.

The $79 Kindle is crucial to attract new users, particularly in markets like China, Japan and Germany, where e-readers are starting to gain traction, executives said.

Source: Reuters

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09-19-2014 Politics
09-19-2014 Science&Technology
Users frustrated by Apple iOS update

Apple iPhone and iPad users have taken to social media to express their frustration over installing the company's latest software update.

Many have resorted to deleting photos, videos and other files in order to free up space for the new version of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS8, which requires up to 5.8GB of storage.

Apple has also removed apps for its new health software because of a bug.

One expert said Apple's updates were often prone to "teething problems".

Some vexed Apple users took to Twitter to express their annoyance, at one point causing the subject to be trending above the Scottish referendum.

David Roberts tweeted: "This update would be great... If you didn't have to delete half of the stuff on your phone just to install it."

Daniel Zennon took a more humorous approach, tweeting: "So Apple put the #U2 album on everybody's phone and then tell them they don't have enough space for the #iOS8 upgrade".

This is not the first time Apple users have had trouble with iOS updates.

In 2012, the iOS6 update caused some users to lose their apps, and others lost photos and messages when updating to iOS7 last year.

As well as requiring a lot of storage, the latest version, iOS8, does not include apps that run with Apple's new HealthKit service, which is designed to work with third-party wearable health devices.

The software was originally scheduled for release in iOS8, but has been pulled while Apple works on fixing a bug. David Price, online editor at Macworld UK, told the BBC the issues were not "really a surprise".

"There's always a rush on the servers on launch day, some delays, and usually some teething problems," he said.

"That's why we always recommend that people wait a day or two before updating."

Apple users can avoid the need to free up storage space for the latest update by upgrading their software via iTunes on a Mac or PC, instead of through the phone or tablet itself.

Additionally, much of the free space required by the update is made available again once the installation process has completed. Privacy pledge

In a separate development, Apple has taken steps to reassure users that it takes privacy seriously, by vowing that it would not hand over data to government authorities.

In an open letter, the firm's chief executive, Tim Cook, underlined that Apple's philosophy was "great customer experience shouldn't come at the expense of your privacy".

The message came as Apple's iCloud storage service continued to come under intense scrutiny following the leaks of private pictures belonging to celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence.

"I want to be absolutely clear that we have never worked with any government agency from any country to create a backdoor in any of our products or services," said Tim Cook.

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Source: BBC

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09-19-2014 Politics
Video of British hostage released

A new video has been released showing a British man believed to be held hostage by Islamic State (IS) militants.

IS has already killed three hostages and, in its video showing the death of UK aid worker David Haines, threatened to kill British man Alan Henning next.

The latest video, which does not feature a beheading, shows a third British man wearing orange clothing who says he is a prisoner.

He asks why he and others have been abandoned by the US and UK governments.

No IS militants are seen in the video, which is entitled "Lend Me Your Ears" and is addressed to the Western public.


BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner said the hostage was speaking to the camera

"under duress".

He said it was like a "kind of parody of a chat show" and "very much a propaganda video".

"It doesn't end with any overt threat... And he's reading from a script, there's no knife or gun being held to his head," our correspondent said. He added that previous IS videos were directed at US and UK leaders, but this was meant for the British public, particularly Muslims.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg described IS as a "murderous, medieval, terrorist outfit".

"We didn't need any reminding that what we're dealing with here in Isil is a movement of almost unprecedented barbarity and cynicism," said Mr Clegg, who has not yet seen the video.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said he would "look very closely" at any material released on the internet.

He said videos such as these could be "very distressing" to the families of the individuals involved.

In the video, the hostage says other European governments have negotiated for the release of their hostages but says the US and UK have done things differently.

The hostage also says this is the first of several of what he calls programmes in which he will explain the philosophy of IS.

From comments on the tape, it is clear it was made this year, but not precisely when.

The message of the video is that IS has been "misrepresented by the Western media", and the hostage says he is going to be revealing the truth about IS in "the coming programmes", our correspondent added.

The video has been released nearly a week after footage depicting the death of Mr Haines, the first British hostage to be killed.

It was in that video that the life of Mr Henning, 47, from Salford, was threatened. Mr Henning was a volunteer on an aid convoy in December 2013 when he was seized just after crossing into Syria.

Earlier, British Muslim leaders called for his immediate release, saying anyone undertaking a humanitarian act should be held in the highest esteem.

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Source: BBC

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09-20-2014 |

Sierra Leone Fights Ebola With 3-Day National Lockdown

Alibaba Shares Soar 36% After Chinese Online Giant’s I.P.O.

Putin’s Georgian Nemesis, Exiled in Hipster Brooklyn

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09-20-2014 |

Salmond to resign as first minister after Scotland rejects independence

Queen: UK will respect result

British Muslims say Isis acts 'go against Qur'an'

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09-20-2014 |

Salmond anuncia su intención de dimitir tras el no a la independencia

El Congreso de EE UU aprueba entrenar y armar a la oposición siria

Maduro denuncia una supuesta 'guerra bacteriológica'

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Cristina llegó a Roma para almorzar mañana en el Vaticano con el Papa

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Furor por los viajes de compras a Chile

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