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05-27-2015 General
Floods Bring Death and Destruction to Texas and Oklahoma

HOUSTON — Flooding brought Houston to a near-standstill Tuesday and killed as many as five people there, sending normally tame rivers and bayous surging past their banks, inundating streets and homes, and leaving roadways littered with thousands of abandoned, ruined cars.

Punishing thunderstorms had left at least five other people dead over the weekend in Texas and Oklahoma, and a dozen or more missing. Recovery teams resumed the search Tuesday for 12 people who are missing after a rain-swollen river carried a vacation home in Wimberley, Tex., off its foundation and slammed it into a bridge downstream.

Floodwaters from those storms flowed downstream from central Texas into the Houston area Monday night and Tuesday morning, bolstered by as much as 10 inches of rain that lashed the area overnight.

Sections of two major roadways, Memorial Drive and Allen Parkway,that run parallel to Buffalo Bayou were turned into a lake. On Tuesday morning, dozens of people gathered on an overpass to stare in awe at the sight: Water the color of chocolate milk filled up the low-lying thoroughfares and rose so high that it submerged all but the tops of some street signs.

Trent Stephens, 43, had no problems commuting to work Tuesday morning: He used his inflatable stand-up paddle board to paddle to his law office in the middle of flooded Memorial Drive. Mr. Stephens, a lawyer whose office is about 10 blocks from Buffalo Bayou, estimated that the water was eight to 10 feet deep on the roadway. Once a month, Mr. Stephens said he takes the paddle board to work using Buffalo Bayou. His trip on Memorial Drive on Tuesday was different.

“I just passed a couple of submerged cars and I had to kind of go around them so I didn’t go over the top of the vehicle,” Mr. Stephens said. “There was somebody in a canoe or kayak on the other side. Everybody’s pretty laid back in this town.”

Water could not quickly penetrate the clay soil across much of the region; instead it pooled and flowed along the surface, forcing waterways to rise from trickle to torrent faster than people could get out of the way.

Houston’s Metro mass transit system suspended all rail and bus service, and the Houston Independent School District, with more than 215,000 students, closed all of its schools and offices Tuesday. Even as officials asked people to avoid driving, and warned that emergency crews might not be able to rescue them, miles-long traffic jams formed where floods severed major roads and highways.

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Source: The New York Times

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05-27-2015 Politics
Cleveland Police Accept Use of Force Limits in Justice Dept. Deal

CLEVELAND — The Cleveland police department, which has become a flash point in the racially charged debate over police tactics, has agreed to follow some of the most exacting standards in the nation over how and when its officers can use force, and will accept close oversight to make sure those rules are not ignored, city and federal officials said Tuesday.

The agreement is part of a settlement with the Justice Department over what federal officials have called a pattern of unconstitutional policing and abuse. The Justice Department found that police officers in Cleveland used stun guns inappropriately, punched and kicked unarmed people, and shot at people who posed no threat. The incidents often went unreported and uninvestigated, investigators found.

At a time when the Obama administration has bemoaned the lack of data surrounding the use of force by police, Cleveland has agreed to document every time officers so much as unholster their guns. Police supervisors will investigate the uses of force in much the same way that officers investigate crimes.

“A fundamental goal of the revised use of force policy will be to account for, review, and investigate every reportable use of force,” the agreement says.

The rules prohibit officers from using force against people simply for talking back or as punishment for running away. Pistol whipping is prohibited, as is firing warning shots, the agreement says. The city has agreed to allow an independent monitor to track its progress. If the city does not put into effect the changes called for in the settlement, a federal judge has the authority to demand them.

The settlement was announced days after a judge found a Cleveland police officer not guilty of manslaughter in the 2012 shooting of two unarmed occupants of a car, both of them black. The verdict prompted protests and reignited discussions about how officers treat the city’s African-American residents. Under the new rules, shooting at moving cars is generally prohibited, a guideline that policing specialists have called for in cities around the country.

The New York Police Department, for example, banned shooting at moving cars in 1972 and saw the number of shootings plummet almost immediately. Chuck Wexler, the director of the Police Executive Research Forum, a Washington-based research group, called it “probably the single most significant policy decision” police departments can make regarding use of force.

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Source: The New York Times

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05-27-2015 Environment
India heatwave toll passes 1,000

The death toll in the heatwave sweeping India has passed 1,000, with temperatures nearing 50C (122F) in some areas.

Most deaths have taken place in the southern states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, where at least 1,118 people have died since last week.

Reports say at least 24 people have died from the heat in West Bengal and Orissa. Temperatures are likely to drop in some parts over the coming days. Hospitals are on alert to treat heatstroke patients and authorities have advised people to stay indoors.

Heatwave conditions have been prevailing in the two worst-affected southern Indian states since mid-April, but most of the deaths have happened in the past week. In the worst-hit state of Andhra Pradesh, where temperatures climbed to 47C on Monday, 852 people have died.

"The state government has taken up education programmes through television and other media to tell people not to venture into the outside without a cap, to drink water and other measures," news agency AFP quoted P Tulsi Rani, special commissioner for disaster management in the state, as saying.

"We have also requested NGOs and government organisations to open up drinking water camps so that water will be readily available for all the people in the towns," he added.

In neighbouring Telangana state, 266 people have died in the last week as temperatures hit 48C (118F) over the weekend. Alfred Innes lives in its capital Hyderabad and says members of the public have received little help so far.

"I have personally witnessed the death of a three-year-old very close to where I stay and that was because of severe heat. It's very sad. "The government isn't doing much, but as individuals we are trying our best," he added.

Temperatures fell slightly in Telangana on Tuesday, and are expected to start dropping in Andhra Pradesh by the end of the week. The weather is likely to cool further when the summer monsoon begins at the end of the month.

Heatwaves are defined as periods of abnormally high temperatures and usually occur between March and June in India

May is the country's hottest month, with thermometers reaching a maximum of 41C (104F) in New Delhi

Longer, more severe heatwaves are becomingly increasingly frequent globally

Intense heat can cause cramps, exhaustion and heat stroke

Thousands of people died across India during heatwaves in 2002 and 2003

In 2010 around 300 people were killed by intense temperatures, according to media reports from the time

Source: BBC

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05-27-2015 Science&Technology
Periscope arrives on Android

Twitter's live video streaming app Periscope is being launched on Google's Android platform, exactly two months after its debut in the Apple store in March. Rival streaming app Meerkat has been available for download on Google's Play store since the beginning of May.

Twitter acquired Periscope in January 2015. It claims there were more than a million downloads of the Apple version of the app during its first week.

Both apps offer a live broadcasting service via mobile phone. Those watching can show their appreciation and send messages which pop up on screen during the stream. However, such services are data-heavy, experts have warned.

"I was streaming for about 11 minutes on 4G and I used up in the blink of an eye 250MB [of data]," said reporter Kate Russell from BBC Click. "If you're watching random streams for about half an hour you're going to chew through about 400MB, so if you're on a low-data plan, be aware of exactly how much data you're consuming."

Periscope android engineer Sara Haider said in a blogpost that Android users of the app will be able to return to watch a broadcast where they left off if, for example, an incoming phone call or text message interrupts the feed. Those using it to broadcast will not have to upload a file in order to enable replays. Ms Haider described the app as "the closest thing to teleportation".

Source: BBC

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05-27-2015 Business
What Jony Ive's Promotion Means at Apple

Jony Ive was already the most prominent design visionary at Apple and now the London-born designer, who has the honor of having a sir before his name, is stepping into the newly created position of chief design officer.

The move will allow Ive to focus his energy on current design projects and future initiatives, according to a profile in The Telegraph.

Ive has made his mark at Apple as a design genius, who has created and executed the clean, sleek look and feel of Apple's products since he took on his design role in 1996.

"If you think about what distinguishes Apple it is design. Without argument, Jony Ive has made a big impression on Apple," Patrick Moorhead, an analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy told ABC News. "I think this move is to lets have Jony stay at Apple for the longer term [because] he could go on his own and create a billion dollar design company if he wanted to."

Two of Ive's deputies will step in beginning July 1 to take over some of his daily responsibilities, according to a memo obtained by 9to5Mac. Richard Howarth will serve as vice president of industrial design while Alan Dye will take on the role of vice president of user interface design

Ive told the newspaper the promotion "frees me up from some of the administrative and management work," adding that "those two are as good as it gets. Richard was lead on the iPhone from the start. He saw it all the way through from prototypes to the first model we released. Alan has a genius for human interface design. So much of the Apple Watch's operating system came from him."

Moorhead said the promotions are a huge win for Apple as the world's most valuable company continues to push forward with arguably the most talented design team in the world.

"Not only is Apple locking him in but giving people underneath him, who work for him, an opportunity to grow and take on more responsibility," Moorhead said. "That's a good thing."

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Source: ABC News

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05-27-2015 Entertainment
B.B. King's daughters say guitarist was poisoned; investigation under way

On May 14, the music world shook with news of the death of storied blues guitarist B.B. King. Now, two of his daughters are claiming the 89-year-old died as a result of poisoning.

In two separate affidavits filed in Clark County, Nevada, this weekend, Karen Williams and Patty King named King's longtime business manager, Laverne Toney, and his personal assistant, Myron Johnson, in allegations that medication was administered to King to induce diabetic shock. Using identical wording in documents provided to CNN by their legal representatives, the statements cite "the administration of foreign substances by unlicensed and unscrupulous characters" as the cause of the guitarist's death.

The Clark County coroner's office took to Twitter on Monday, writing: "Our coroner takes jurisdctn over #BBKing body, performs autopsy . . . Homicide investgtn w/ @LVMPD."

County coroner John Fudenberg told CNN that initial autopsy results found "no evidence to substantiate the allegations." King's body was moved from the mortuary to the coroner's office for examination on Sunday, and full results are expected in six to eight weeks.

Toney dismissed the claims by King's daughters, telling the Associated Press: "They've been making allegations all along. What's new?" In a statement, lawyers for King's estate also called the claims "ridiculous."

A 15-time Grammy Award winner, King died under hospice care in his Las Vegas home. A public viewing was held in Las Vegas on Saturday, and King's memorial service is scheduled for Friday in Mississippi.

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Source: Los Angeles Times

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05-27-2015 Business
BlackBerry blow-up: How a leadership rift ripped RIM apart

Once Canada’s greatest corporate success story, BlackBerry (formerly Research in Motion) today finds itself struggling to survive. In their book Losing the Signal: The Spectacular Rise and Fall of BlackBerry, authors Jacquie McNish and Sean Silcoff take readers behind the scenes of RIM’s dramatic decline through extensive interviews with the key players, including co-founders and former co-CEOs, Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie. In this excerpt, the crumbling relationship between the two men—and its corrosive effect on the company—finally comes to a head.

RIM was entering a nightmarish year. By the end of 2010, it would lose its crown as the leading smartphone platform to Google’s Android. But as Research In Motion struggled against external forces, some of the greatest battles would be fought within the company.

The two organizations reporting up to each CEO became increasingly dysfunctional silos and breeding grounds for distrust, politics and factionalism, as layers of ambiguity and uncertainty consumed the company’s top executives. Initiatives that required co-operation among groups in different units often stalled unless they had the attention of one of the top chiefs. “It turned into a goat rodeo,” says chief operating officer Don Morrison. “We became collectively ineffective at moving from the idea stage to the conversion of an idea into a commercial success for anything other than devices.”

Paradoxically, as the company’s pace of growth dwindled compared to both Apple and Android, it was still struggling with its own success, as ever-increasing sales strained the global manufacturing network. As 2010 unfolded, the greatest source of friction between the two sides of RIM was product quality. It had been a mounting problem since at least 2006, when RIM launched the Pearl. Dirt got trapped under the tiny rollerball used to navigate the screen, gumming up its performance.

The USB port on BlackBerrys often detached from the circuit board and the plastic lens covering screens on some models cracked easily, says David Van Tongerloo, who managed an independent BlackBerry repair service for corporate customers in Houston from 2006 to 2009. The BlackBerry operating system was nearly a decade old and laden with so many software patches it ran slowly and was overdue for a coding cleanup.

Product issues worsened with the Storm, and customer returns increased; a 2010 release called Torch—a hybrid touchscreen keyboard device using the Torch browser—drew complaints from customers that buttons fell off within days of purchase. “Storm impacted the quality of everything,” says chief technology officer David Yach. “All products took a dive because we were spread too thin.”

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Source: Maclean's

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05-27-2015 Environment
Koala cull in Australia prompts call for long-term solution

To many, they are the cuddly and cute symbols of Australia. But local authorities say an over-abundance of koalas at a popular tourist site in southern Victoria is leading to depleted habitats and animal starvation — and unhealthy koalas must be euthanized.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP) began a week-long “health assessment” of koalas at Cape Otway in Victoria on Monday. The state department checked 50 local koalas; of that number, 44 were released, while six were deemed “in very poor condition” and euthanized.

“Koala densities are still high and the department needs to maintain proactive management of the area just to protect the koala welfare and the habitat,” said Mandy Watson, a senior biodiversity officer.

In a video statement, Watson explained that the koalas were being checked by veterinarians, then ear-tagged upon release. Female koalas returned to the wild were also implanted with fertility controls.

The sample was chosen among koalas affected by what the department described as over-browsing in Manna Gums, an Australia eucalypt (gum tree) that is the animals’ preferred food source.

“Any unhealthy koalas that are deemed too sick to survive release will be euthanized humanely to prevent further suffering,” Watson said. “Koala welfare and habitat health continues to be our top priority.”

But the cull has been criticized by animal welfare groups, who say the government should focus on planting more trees to meet the koalas’ needs.

The government of Australia listed koalas as “vulnerable” in 2012. The animals live in four states across the country — Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia — and each state has its own legislation.

Koala habitats are not explicitly protected anywhere in the country, however, according to the Australian Koala Foundation (AKF). “I know they are not looking at planting trees, they are not looking at the long term,” said Deborah Tabart, AKF’s chief executive officer.

“You cannot have it both ways,” she told The Independent. “You either want to protect our national icon — and its habitat — and use them as ambassadors, or you ruin Australia’s reputation with this disgusting cruelty. “It is a complex problem and there are no easy fixes.” “I never see this as an overpopulation of koalas; I see it as (an) under-population of trees.”

Almost 700 koalas were killed in 2013 and 2014 in a secret cull in Cape Otway, near the Great Ocean Road, in response to over-population and starvation.

Source: The Star

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05-26-2015 Science&Technology
Ecocapsules Use Solar and Wind Power to Help People Live Off Grid

A Slovakian company has designed an egg-shaped and cozy micro-home that should work ideally for anybody who wants to “go off the grid” and “live off the land” – the Ecocapsule.

Nice Architects’ Ecocapsule’s features include 600-watt solar cells and a 750-watt wind turbine, allowing the tiny home to make use of the sun and the wind to provide alternate energy to inhabitants. Maybe we should actually say “inhabitant,” as the abode can only fit one person – it measures just 14.6 feet long by 7.4 feet wide by 8.4 feet tall, with a weight of 3,300 pounds, and may not be an ideal place to stay in for taller or larger people.

Aside from the small confines and solar/wind power setup, the Ecocapsule can also collect rainwater, as users can place containers around the home. A sample Ecocapsule comes with a folding bed, a tiny kitchen and dining area, a shower and flushable toilet, and some space for storage, emphasis on some.

No pricing has been announced for Ecocapsule, but Nice Architects will show off one of these homes at the Pioneers expo in Vienna this May. Pre-orders will kick off by the end of 2015, though if you live outside of Slovakia, you’ll have to prepare to pay a premium shipping fee for the home.

Source: Modern Readers

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05-26-2015 Science&Technology
What you should expect from Google’s annual I/O conference

New Delhi: Google Inc.’s annual two-day developer conference, the Google I/O, opens on 28 May. The event is organized for developers to spend time with Google’s latest software offerings. They also get to attend workshops and interact with Google engineers. Held annually in San Francisco, the event is immensely popular with tech fans keen to be up to scratch with everything new in the Android world. That’s unlikely to change this year, given that Google is rumoured to launch its latest Android OS version called Android M, and more.

Sundar Pichai, Google’s senior vice-president of products, will open the conference with his keynote address. Often called Google’s product king, Pichai packs his speech with a host of announcements, new launches, fascinating anecdotes and stories. Sometimes, there are surprise appearances by top Google executives.

Google has not yet announced a theme for this year’s conference. An official post on its social network, Google Plus, said the company was looking forward to sharing what they’re “working on next”.

Based on past I/Os and rumours from the several Android fan forums, here’s a sneak peak of all that’s expected ahead of the big day.

Launch of Android M or Android 6.0

Google is typically tight-lipped on upcoming Android versions, unveiling them only at the I/O. Last year, the Google I/O saw the public debut of Android L (now called Android Lollipop). This year, it could be Android M. That’s an easy guess, given Google’s penchant for naming its mobile operating systems after candies and confectionaries in alphabetical order. The buzzwords doing the rounds suggest that the latest version could be called Marshmallow or Milkshake, but we’ll just have to wait and watch.

What can be expected of Android M?

First, there’s voice access which, as the name implies, will be adding a voice component towards accessing apps and act as a likely support for Android M services, offering hands-free convenience. And then, there’s Nearby, a location-based service. The idea behind Nearby is that Android devices will be able to communicate with other devices, people and places that are, well, nearby. This functionality is already part of Chromecast’s guest mode and Nearby has been spotted a few times in Play Services. However, nothing concrete has been revealed about the feature.

The I/O schedule leads one to believe that the Nearby feature will be unveiled as the session on proximity-based communication features Andrew Bunner and Akshay Kannan, the engineering lead and product manager, respectively.

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Source: Live Mint

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05-26-2015 Science&Technology
NASA’s Hubble telescope discovered a massive ‘Nasty 1? star

Recently, Hubble Telescope discovered a massive, fast-aging star with strange behavior, and has been named ‘Nasty 1.’ The star was discovered years ago, which was identified as Wolf-Rayet star, a massive-evolving star, larger than the Sun.

Astronomers have named the star as NaSt1 with the nickname ‘Nasty 1.’ Astronomers believe that the star looses hydrogen layers rapidly, resulting in the exposure of super-bright and blinding bright helium-based core. However, after a decade, the Nasty 1 does not resemble the Wolf-Rayet star. Lead researcher from the University of California, Berkerley John Mauerhan stated that they were excited to see the disk-like structure because it might be the evidence for a Wolf-Rayet star forming a binary interaction.

There are very few examples in the galaxy of this process in action because this phase is short-lived,” said Mauerhan.

The team came up with several scenarios for the age and formation of the star. However, the best theory indicates that the star is evolving rapidly due to the loss of hydrogen layers, causing it to swell. The observation is noticed in some stars, but it’s a rare occurrence in usual ones. Researchers believe that there might be only a few stars like Nasty 1, and is believed to be a few thousand years old, located about 3,000 light years away.

The long-term study involved extensive research as the star is covered in gas and dust due to its evolving state. The star also had a limited view through the Hubble telescope. Mauerhan mentioned that the star is set to take on a certain evolutionary path though it will not the team to a boring study. The future is likely to be more exciting as there might be many possibilities based on whether it blows up or mass transfer occurs, and it life after the mass transfer ends.

Source: The Next Digit

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05-26-2015 Health
Drinking coffee may benefit men from erectile dysfunction problems along with other added benefits

18 million men over 20 years of age are affected by erectile dysfunction and this number grows with age, with about 44% of middle-aged men over 40 and 70% of men who are 70 or more suffering from it.

A new study has been conducted where authors examined data collected from 3,700 men via questionnaires concerning their diets, exercise habits, alcohol consumption, caffeine intake (from coffee, tea, soda, sports beverages) along with other lifestyles factors and also if they have suffered from ED.

The research team analyzed if there had been a correlations among these factors and found that men drinking 85mg to 170mg of caffeine per day had 42% less chances of facing ED and men drinking 171mg to 303mg of caffeine a day were 39% less likely to suffer from this disorder. These amounts are equivalent 2 to 3 cups of coffee per day.

The important question that arises here is why would caffeine prevent against ED? The authors have suggested that caffeine is known for affecting blood vessel function, which is the plausible way for its effects on ED.

The authors have written that “suggested biological mechanism is that caffeine triggers a series of pharmacological effects that lead to the relaxation of the penile helicine arteries, and the cavernous smooth muscle that lines cavernosal spaces, thus increasing penile blood flow.” This means that caffeine helps arteries and smooth muscle to relax which leads to enhanced blood flow and therefore the “cavernous” space in the penis that contributes to erection fills with blood with much more ease.

These results had also been true for men who suffered from high blood pressure, or had been overweight or obese. Men suffering from diabetes didn’t experience these same protective effects from caffeine, perhaps because diabetes brings its own set of vascular problems with it. Study author David S. Lopez said, “Diabetes is one of the strongest risk factors for ED, so this was not surprising.”

It is still not crystal clear if men should start drinking coffee for warding off Ed but it is sure that coffee has its own set of acknowledged health benefits for both brain and the body. Although experts do not recommend people picking up a new habit particularly when it an addictive substance. So, if an individual is starting the habit of drinking coffee then it is best to consult with a doctor before doing so. Individuals who are currently caffeine drinkers, well it is great that among various other health benefits, sexual benefits is another one added to their list.

Source: Benchmark Reporter

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05-22-2015 Entertainment
Review: David Letterman Says Goodbye, With Self-Mockery and a Little Mush

“You know what I’m going to devote the rest of my life to?” David Letterman said on his last night as the host of the “Late Show” on CBS. “Social media.”

Mr. Letterman ended his 33-year career in late-night on Wednesday as he had started it — with the irreverence, self-mockery and mischief that made him such an iconoclastic talk-show host.

His farewell was much better than the usual mawkish television send-off: He mixed favorite segments like his Top 10 list with clips of classic skits and a few restrained fillips of sincerity and humility. His final show was not at all like the Pharaonic and mushy last bow Johnny Carson took when he left “The Tonight Show” in 1992. As could be expected, it was a bracing antidote to the weepy extravaganza that ushered his rival Jay Leno into retirement last year.

Mr. Letterman’s retirement has gotten an extraordinary amount of focus — a frenzied outpouring of fan devotion, celebrity tributes and nonstop media attention — perhaps because he was so important to the last generation of viewers who grew up watching shows on a television set, and not on a smartphone.

Mr. Letterman’s crack about younger performers who use Twitter and Facebook was a shout-out to the talk-show host’s core audience, the late-night viewers who decades ago defined themselves as the insurgents who preferred Mr. Letterman to Mr. Leno.

All Mr. Letterman had to say was the date, June 17, 1996, and the studio audience began laughing appreciatively. He then showed a clip of one of his more famous pranks when he posed as a server at a drive-through Taco Bell and tormented customers with terrible service.

The clips of his absurdist gags, riffs on conventional television comedy, were fun, but they were also a reminder of how inventive and seditious Mr. Letterman was in his heyday, and how much his successors in today’s late-night constellation owe him. One acolyte, Jimmy Kimmel, the host of his own late-night talk show on ABC, was so worshipful he ran a rerun on Wednesday so as to not pull focus from Mr. Letterman.

On his show, Mr. Letterman demanded a lighter touch. In the Top 10 list, “Things I’ve Always Wanted to Say to Dave,” Julia Louis-Dreyfus, a “Seinfeld” alumna, said, “Thanks for letting me take part in another hugely disappointing series finale.”

Mr. Letterman joined CBS in 1993, a year after HBO introduced “The Larry Sanders Show,” a behind-the-scenes parody of “The Tonight Show” that starred Garry Shandling as an insecure, self-absorbed talk-show host.

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Source: The New York Times

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05-21-2015 General
Queensland Police to crack down on drivers using phones

Queensland drivers face a crackdown on using mobile phones while driving, with such offences to be added to the double demerits list from September.

If drivers are caught twice in 12 months using their phone while driving, it will cost them nine of their 12 licence points.

Learners and red P-plate drivers are banned from using hands-free phones as well.

Police will also increase sting operations, including the use of covert cars and motorbikes, to enforce the new penalties.

Phone use behind the wheel is regarded as the biggest cause of road accidents in Queensland.

“We make no apologies for being tough on people who are using mobile phones in their cars,” Road Safety Minister Mark Bailey said.


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05-19-2015 General
05-19-2015 Society
Nearly 200 people face charges after Texas shootout leaves nine bikers dead

Police in Waco, Tex., said 192 people were being arrested on Monday in connection with a biker gang shootout that left nine dead and 18 injured a day earlier.

Those under arrest will face charges of engaging in organized crime, police said in a statement following a deadly gun battle at a sports bar on Sunday when a simmering feud among rival biker gangs boiled over.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is closing Twin Peaks Sports Bar and Grill, located at a shopping mall in the central Texas city, for at least seven days “due to the ongoing danger it presents to our community,” police said.

The commission is conducting a parallel investigation and may take further action, according to the police statement.

Separately, Waco Police Sergeant Patrick Swanton on Monday said police officials have been threatened since the shooting.

Source: The Globe And Mail

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05-27-2015 |

Strict Rules Set on the Use of Force by Police in Cleveland

As Facebook Sweeps Across Europe, Regulators Gird for Battle

Obama Urges Senate to Renew Surveillance Programs

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05-27-2015 |

Islamist fighters drawn from half the world's countries, says UN

The Queen's speech: your bill-by-bill guide to the next parliament

Pope Francis hasn’t watched TV since 1990. Has he missed anything good?

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05-27-2015 |

ROUSSEFF VISITA MÉXICO Brasil y México acortan su distancia para abrir un nuevo eje americano

El clima extremo causa al menos 10 muertos en Estados Unidos

El Cártel Jalisco provoca una nueva escalada de violencia en México

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05-27-2015 |

Gallardo, lapidario: 'Boca nos pateó tres veces al arco'

El restaurante argentino de un 'MasterChef', entre los 100 mejores

Fascinante: un video muestra los primeros días de vida de las abejas

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05-27-2015 |

Nozze gay, il Vaticano attacca: è una sconfitta dell’umanità

Dopo Juventus e Milan, anche l’Inter presenta la nuova maglia

Non sono ritoccate con Photoshop: 70 foto incredibili

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05-27-2015 |

Reforma política: relator propõe fim da reeleição no Executivo

Mafioso italiano foragido há 31 anos é preso no Recife

Cristo será iluminado para celebrar o Dia Nacional de Combate ao Glaucoma

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05-27-2015 |

Family of notorious IS fighter tries to return

19 destinations that could change your life

Old iPhones to get a new lease on life

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05-27-2015 |

Keep your tires in terrific form every year

Noise pollution could be making you fatter

Wynne’s scrambling on teacher strikes

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29 The Age / Australia 30 Gazeta Wyborcza / Poland 31 The Philadelphia Inquirer / United States 32 The Washington Times / United States
33 Die Zeit / Germany 34 Yomiuri Shimbun / Japan 35 The New Zealand Herald / New Zealand 36 The Onion / United States
37 Milliyet Gazetesi / Turkey 38 Il Sole 24 Ore / Italy 39 The Chicago Sun-Times / United States 40 Al-Ahram / Egypt
41 Le Figaro / France 42 Süddeutsche Zeitung / Germany 43 The Hindu / India 44 Houston Chronicle / United States
45 The Seattle Times / United States 46 Libération / France 47 The Globe and Mail / Canada 48 De Standaard / Belgium
49 The Irish Times / Ireland 50 The Toronto Star / Canada 51 Le Nouvel Observateur / France 52 Mercury News / United States
53 The Australian / Australia 54 The Denver Post / United States 55 The Christian Science Monitor / United States 56 The Dong-a Ilbo / Korea
57 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution / United States 58 Aftonbladet / Sweden 59 Kommersant / Russia 60 Bangkok Post / Thailand
61 Star Tribune / United States 62 The Hollywood Reporter / United States 63 Daily Mirror / United Kingdom 64 Dawn / Pakistan
65 El Universal / Mexico 66 The Miami Herald / United States 67 Mladá fronta Dnes / Czech Republic 68 DNA - Daily News & Analysis / India
69 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette / United States 70 Sports Nippon / Japan 71 L'Equipe / France 72 Die Presse / Austria
73 Detroit Free Press / United States 74 Neue Zürcher Zeitung / Switzerland 75 Clarín / Argentina 76 Chosun Ilbo / Japan
77 The Sacramento Bee / United States 78 China Daily / China 79 Nihon Keizai Shimbun / Japan 80 AS / Spain
81 The Baltimore Sun / United States 82 Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung / Germany 83 La Gazzetta dello Sport / Italy 84 Mainichi Shimbun / Japan
85 Boston Herald / United States 86 The Dallas Morning News / United States 87 The Times / United Kingdom 88 Newsday / United States
89 Orlando Sentinel / United States 90 St. Louis Post-Dispatch / United States 91 Taipei Times / Taiwan 92 The Hindustan Times / India
93 The Economic Times / India 94 Kompas / Indonesia 95 The Observer / United Kingdom 96 Jornal de Notícias / Portugal
97 South Florida Sun-Sentinel / United States 98 ABC / Spain 99 Le Soir / Belgium 100 The Kansas City Star / United States

(*) Selected by 4International Media & Newspapers

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