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07-31-2015 General
US military's smart rifle can be HACKED

Last year the US army confirmed it was testing smart rifles with computer-guided scopes that can aim themselves. But now hacking researchers have revealed that they can take control of the weapons remotely, changing their target or disabling the weapon completely. The hack is based on the smart rifle's Wi-Fi connection, and has the potential to make the weapons - which were delivered to the US army last year - vulnerable to being hijacked.

TrackingPoint, the company that makes the smart rifles, uses cameras, sensors and Linux software to make its weapons that can turn even an inexperienced marksman into a deadly sniper. Last year it was reported that the US army had acquired six of the weapons for testing, but the company marketed them primarily to hunters. But researchers Runa Sandvik and Michael Auger have revealed a way to hijack the guns, and they plan to present their research at the Black Hat hacker conference in two weeks, according to Wired.

Source: Mail Online

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07-31-2015 General
The Latest: French Helicopter Joins Search Over Reunion

3:45 p.m.

A French law enforcement helicopter is scouring the waters around Reunion in hopes of spotting more debris like the piece of aircraft wing found on the island in the western Indian Ocean.

A police official who was not authorized to speak about the search on the record said the goal is to "check if there are other pieces of the plane that would have been stranded on the shore."

David Ferreira, an oceanographer at the University of Reading, said the strong currents of the Indian Ocean could conceivably have pushed debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 several thousand kilometers (miles ) from the area where it was believed to have gone down.

"On its own, this piece of debris will not do much to narrow down the search area by very much," Ferreira said.

—By Sylvie Corbet


1:10 p.m.

Malaysia's prime minister says debris from an aircraft found on the French island of Reunion will be sent to France for investigation.

Prime Minister Najib Razak said on his personal blog Thursday that a Malaysian team is on its way to the southwestern French city of Toulouse.

The sea-crusted wing part that washed up on the island in the western Indian Ocean may be the first trace of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 since it vanished nearly a year and a half ago.

Najib promised to make any new information public quickly.

Air safety investigators — one of them a Boeing investigator — have identified the component found on the French island of Reunion as a "flaperon" from the trailing edge of a Boeing 777 wing, a U.S. official said.

Source: ABC News

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07-31-2015 Politics
Afghan Taliban names a new leader, but peace talks delayed

The Taliban have chosen supreme leader Mullah Omar's deputy to replace him, two militant commanders said on Thursday, as Pakistan announced that scheduled peace talks between the insurgents and the Afghan government would be postponed. Pakistan cited a statement in Kabul on Wednesday about Omar's death as the reason for the delay in negotiations, amid fears that it could trigger a potentially bloody succession battle.

Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour was appointed leader at a meeting of the Taliban's top representatives, many of whom are based in the Pakistani city of Quetta, according to the sources who were present at the shura, or gathering.

"The shura held outside Quetta unanimously elected Mullah Mansour as the new emir of the Taliban," said one commander at the Wednesday night meeting.

"The shura will release a statement shortly."

Siraj Haqqani, leader of the powerful Haqqani militant faction, will be a deputy to Mansour, both commanders added.

Mansour will be only the second leader the Taliban have had since Omar, an elusive figure rarely seen in public who founded the ultra-conservative Islamist movement in the 1990s.

The Taliban eventually conquered most of Afghanistan, imposing strict Islamic law before being driven from power in 2001 by a U.S.-led military intervention.

The Afghan government said on Wednesday that Omar died more than two years ago in the Pakistani city of Karachi.

"We are aware of the reports and trying to ascertain the details," Pakistani foreign ministry spokesman Qazi Khalilullah said.


The announcement threw into disarray a fledgling peace process fostered by neighboring Pakistan aimed at ending more than 13 years of war between the hardline Islamist Taliban and the Western-backed Afghan government in Kabul.

The two Taliban commanders did not directly confirm Mullah Omar's death, but one said: "If we are electing a new leader to head the movement, you can yourself understand what that implies".

The Taliban's official spokesman said in a statement early on Thursday that its official team of negotiators based in Doha was "not aware of this process" in Pakistan.

Later in the day, the Pakistani foreign office said a planned second round of meetings set for Friday would be delayed at the request of the Taliban leadership. The two sides held inaugural talks in Pakistan earlier this month.

"Pakistan and other friendly countries of Afghanistan hope that the Taliban leadership will stay engaged in the process of peace talks in order to promote a lasting peace in Afghanistan," the foreign ministry statement said.

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Source: Reuters

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07-31-2015 Science&Technology
8 Hidden Features in Windows 10

The Windows team went for a "familiar and fresh" look, tucking the fresh features behind the familiar ones

Microsoft’s Windows 10 tends to hide some of its coolest tricks, maybe with good reason. Who wants to reboot their computer and find their desktop radically altered? That was the dilemma Windows users faced after they upgraded to Windows 8 in 2012. Microsoft is determined to not repeat that mistake with Windows 10.

Instead, the Windows team focused on a look that was “familiar and fresh,” opting to tuck the fresh features discreetly behind the familiar ones. Here’s a roadmap to some of the hidden gems:

Adjustable Start Menu: The Start menu will default to a narrow column, but users can drag around the margins to their liking. Fans of “Live Tiles,” those icons that quick launch apps, may want a broader canvass. Detractors can winnow down the menu to Windows 7 proportions.

Spoken Reminders: Hit the mic icon in the search bar, and the digital assistant Cortana will listen for spoken commands. Cortana can then feed the relevant information directly into calendar, email, reminder and calculator apps. Try saying “Remind me to get milk tomorrow at 6 pm,” and you’ll get a sense of the possibilities.

“Hey Cortana:” Really chatty users can go into Cortana’s settings and flip on “Hey Cortana.” The digital assistant will then wake up at that very same voice command.

Notebook: Cortana follows your search and browsing habits in an attempt to decipher your personal tastes. Cut to the chase by hitting the notebook icon in Cortana’s settings and filling out your preferences directly. More privacy minded users can also cut off Cortana’s senses by hitting “Manage what Cortana knows about me in the cloud.”

Source: Time

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07-31-2015 Science&Technology
Uber denies misleading passengers with 'phantom cars' on app

Uber has denied claims its application misleads users by displaying “phantom cars” which don’t actually exist.

The claim was made by Alex Rosenblat and Luke Stark, a pair of researchers from the Data & Society thinktank. In an article for Vice’s Motherboard, Rosenblat wrote that the phantom cars are just one way that Uber’s passenger app can be “deceptive”.

Rosenblat and Stark cited driver and passenger testimonies which suggested that the app shows cars present in the passengers’ vicinity even when none are there. They also cited an Uber customer-support representative who apparently told a passenger that the app “is simply showing that there are partners on the road at the time”.

“This is not a representation of the exact numbers of drivers or their location,” the representative allegedly continued. “This is more of a visual effect, letting people know that partners are searching for fares. I know this seems a misleading to you but it is meant as more of a visual effect more than an accurate location of drivers in the area. It would be better of you to think of this as a screen saver on a computer.”

But Uber UK says that the cars are real, if occasionally lagging behind real time.

“Our goal is for the number of cars and their location to be as accurate as possible in real time,” a spokesperson told the Guardian. “Latency is one reason this is not always possible. Another reason is that the app only shows the nearest eight cars to avoid cluttering the screen. Also, to protect the safety of drivers, in some volatile situations, the app doesn’t show the specific location of individual cars until the ride is requested.”

Uber has not commented on other allegations in Rosenblat’s piece, including that claim that surge pricing – the company’s controversial practice of increasing the fare during times of high demand – is also based on illusory circumstances.

He writes: “While surge pricing is represented as a reflection of the marketplace, our research suggests that Uber’s algorithms are also predictive: they forecast supply and demand so that drivers can be pre-positioned to meet predicted demand, but they don’t always reflect an accurate picture in real time.”

As a result, drivers tell stories of being encouraged to drive to an area by surge pricing, only to find that there are no customers there.

Rosenblat and Stark’s claims are based on a forthcoming paper from Data & Society.

Source: The Guardian

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07-31-2015 Science&Technology
Volkswagen Announces Plans for Android Auto

Snips from Volkswagen’s official announcement stress that CarPlay will introduce several “driver-friendly” apps to the cars’ infotainment systems, allowing owners to get directions and notifications, listen to music, and send and receive messages via the car’s touchscreen, or by Siri.

Earlier this year, Volkswagen joined a growing number of automakers that promised to launch new vehicles with baked-in Apple CarPlay infotainment support. Yesterday, the company announced Android Auto would be making it to a few of their 2016 models, and actually a few will be available in the next few days.

The first 2016 Volkswagen models, the Golf R and the Tiguan, are already arriving in dealer showrooms as of late July, and additional models will be released with the MIB-II system and CarPlay support later in the year.

“With the new MIB II infotainment platform, Volkswagen’s next generation of Car-Net connected services brings to market one of the most comprehensive suites of connectivity features ever available in an automobile”, said Michael Horn, president and CEO, Volkswagen of America, Inc.

All this underscores how Volkswagen is stressing automotive infotainment technology, especially integration with Apple, Google, and other third-party companies.

The good news? Some of these models are less than a month away! On most models, the display utilizes a capacitive touch sensor (as in smartphone and tablet technology) enabling gesture controls like swiping and pinch-zooming rather than the resistive touchscreens that require pressure and have slightly longer response times.

The system is not all about supporting CarPlay and rival systems, but also includes added security, navigational aids, media controls and so much more, details of which can be found here.

For 2016, four head units will be available, depending on the trim level of the vehicle.

Source: Sentinel Republic

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07-31-2015 Science&Technology
Google's Project Loon to blanket Sri Lanka with internet access

Google has notched up its first national deployment of Loon, signing a deal with the Sri Lankan government to deliver internet access across the country.

Sri Lanka on Wednesday announced it intends to become the first nation in the world to offer universal internet access thanks to the deal with Google, which will see the company provide connectivity using its Loon air balloons. Loon, one of the company's loftier projects, was originally part of Google's Project X, launching as a pilot in 2013 after two years in the lab. Google is aiming to create a ring of "uninterrupted connectivity" around a certain latitude of the southern hemisphere. So far it's tested Loon in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, New Mexico, and New Zealand. Ultimately Google hopes to deliver Loon's LTE-powered access to two-thirds of the world's population through local mobile network operators.

Mangala Samaraweer, the foreign minister of Sri Lanka and its IT minister, said he was "proud to declare that we are at the cusp of a reclaiming our heritage of being connected to each other and connected to the world. In a few months we will truly be able to say: Sri Lanka. Covered."

That means at some point the island nation, which has a population of about 20 million, should have access to high-speed mobile internet. It could bring a considerable change to the nation's comms landscape, which, as AFP noted, has just 2.8 million mobile internet connections and 606,000 fixed line subscribers.

Since Google will be working with local operators, Loon-delivered access won't be free to users. However, besides patching up internet black spots in the country, the Loon rollout is expected to improve the quality of broadband services and lower their cost.

Muhunthan Canagey, a Sri Lankan tech entrepreneur and head of the local ICT agency, told AFP that Google is expected to launch the necessary Loon balloons by next March.

Canagey, who signed the deal with Michael Cassidy, a Google vice president, added that he expected the cost of connectivity to come down.

Source: ZD Net

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07-31-2015 Business
Shell to cut 6,500 jobs as cheap oil hurts profits

Royal Dutch Shell said Thursday it'll cut about 6,500 jobs and capital investment this year as it restructures and dumps some businesses to prepare for a "prolonged downturn" in oil prices.

The Netherlands-based energy company also said its second-quarter net income fell 25% to $3.99 billion. Brent crude averaged about $62 a barrel during the period, down from $110 in the second quarter of 2014, the Associated Press reported.

Operating costs will be cut by $4 billion and capital investment plans will be lowered by $7 billion this year, the company said.

"Today's oil price downturn could last for several years, and Shell's planning assumptions reflect today's market realities," Royal Dutch Shell CEO Ben van Beurde said. "The company has to be resilient in today's oil price environment, even though we see the potential for a return to a $70-$90 oil price band in the medium term."

van Beurden told Bloomberg that the job cuts were due to "a multiplicity of programs that we have going on throughout the company, focusing on bottom line improvements and...restructuring and exiting businesses." Royal Dutch Shell also agreed to sell a 33% stake in Japanese refiner Showa Shell Sekiyu KK to Idemitsu Kosan for $1.4 billion, a deal expected to be completed next year. "The strategic fit wasn’t strong enough to hold onto it," van Beurden told Bloomberg.

Production of oil and natural gas fell 11% to the equivalent of 2.73 million barrels a day during the second quarter.

In April, Royal Dutch Shell announced a plan to buy Britain's BG Group for $70 billion, a deal that will make the combined company the biggest global producer of liquefied natural gas. Shell, already a leader in liquefied natural gas for shipping and transport, estimates it will increase its overall crude oil and natural gas reserves by 25% and 20%, respectively, after integrating BG's operations.

Once the deal is completed next year, it will generate cost savings of about $2.5 billion a year by 2018, Shell said. About $30 billion of assets also will be sold between 2016 and 2018 during the integration and restructuring.

Source: USA Today

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07-30-2015 Science&Technology
Yahoo launches a monster of a messaging app

Yahoo has taken all of the viral features of the most popular messaging apps and combined it into one monster of a service called Livetext. Livetext lets users text each other while conducting a video call -- with a catch: there's no audio. The thought is that audio inhibits "in the moment" video chats, but people still want to see one another while texting. It's a risky bet and Yahoo (YHOO, Tech30) is targeting young users who may want to talk to a friend during boring dinner parties with a little more interaction than just text. Like Apple's (AAPL, Tech30) FaceTime, there's no limit to how long conversations can last. You can use the front and rear facing cameras. You currently can't add additional media files or send links. Livetext displays text messages and emojis on the video screen like Twitter's (TWTR, Tech30) Periscope, doesn't save or archive chats and media files like Snapchat, and organizes contact lists and friend requests like Snapchat too. The group of friends you've contacted most recently appear as avatars, organized like Facebook (FB, Tech30) Messenger. The app will launch Thursday for users in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and France on Android smartphones and iPhones. It's already live in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Ireland. Yahoo has lacked a powerful messaging app as it has tried to bulk up its suite of mobile services. Like most other tech companies Yahoo is looking to rely increasingly on mobile products to make money. At the end of the last quarter 20% of Yahoo's revenue came from mobile. It reported 600 million monthly active mobile users, and total sales from mobile was up 55% from last year.

Source: CNN

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07-30-2015 Environment
American Dentist Who Admitted Killing Cecil the Lion Now Hounded on Social Media

Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who acknowledged hunting and killing Cecil, a beloved lion in Zimbabwe, is now the one being hounded on the Internet by protesters flooding his social media, creating online petitions and mocking him on parody accounts.

Over 273,000 tweets contained the trending hashtag #CeciltheLion on Twitter in the past 24 hours after the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force, which is not part of the Zimbabwe government, alleged in a statement on Tuesday that Palmer paid $50,000 for the chance to kill Cecil the lion in early July. ABC News has not been able to independently confirm that figure.

Palmer responded later Tuesday, saying in a statement that he "deeply" regretted the pursuit of the early July hunt in Zimbabwe that "resulted in the taking of this lion." He added that he "had no idea" Cecil the lion was a "known, local favorite, was collared and part of a study. I hired several professional guides and they secured all proper permits. To my knowledge, everything about this trip was legal and properly handled and conducted."

But the Internet wasn't satisfied with Palmer's apology and descended upon on the Minnesota dentist on social media. Palmer's Facebook page for his dental practice, River Bluff Dental, was flooded with expletives directed towards him and death threats. The website was seemingly taken down Tuesday evening and was not up as of Wednesday morning. Palmer's Yelp page for his practice has also received an overwhelming amount of sarcastic reviews attacking him for killing Cecil. The page was still up as of Wednesday morning. "I hope your patients abandoned you and that you are never able to earn a living again so that you can no longer bankroll your lust for killing," a user by the name of Mike C. wrote on the page.

"Five Stars at being a miserable excuse of a human being," another user by the name of Thomas D. wrote. "You are not a hunter but a coward!"

A parody account mocking Palmer and his dental practice was also created on Twitter under the handle @RiverBluffDental. Additionally, online petitions to both U.S. and Zimbabwe officials have garnered thousands of supporters.

An online petition to President Obama on demanded "justice for Cecil" and for the creation of new laws protecting big game from being hunted outside of the U.S. and brought back. Over 7,200 supporters signed the petition as of Wednesday morning.

Another petition on Care2 Petitions was addressed to Zimbabwe Republic President Robert Gabriel Mugabe and also demanded "justice for Cecil" and for the country to "stop issuing hunting permits to kill endangered animals." The petition had over 350,000 signatures as of Wednesday morning.

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Source: ABC News

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07-30-2015 General
Mullah Mohammad Omar, Taliban leader, said to have died in 2013

Mullah Mohammad Omar, the obscure, one-eyed zealot who led the Taliban from its beginnings as a band of student insurrectionists through a fateful alliance with Osama bin Laden, to military defeat following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and the movement’s re-emergence as an insurgency that threatened the American occupation in Afghanistan, died more than two years ago in Pakistsan, according to Afghanistan’s intelligence agency and the office of Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani. The cause of death was unclear.

Much about the Taliban chief’s biography, including his exact date of birth, is uncertain or clouded by the mythmaking of his propagandists. Yet Omar clearly proved to be a capable and resilient enemy of the United States, one who fled advancing American troops on a motorcycle in late 2001 but survived that humiliation to revive the Taliban and elude a decade-long, CIA-led manhunt and the $10 million bounty on his head.

Omar, a member of the majority Pashtun tribe, was born into deep poverty in a village in southern Afghanistan. Various authors have placed his date of birth somewhere between the late 1950s and early 1960s. A 5,000-word Taliban biography, published earlier this year, said he was born in 1960 in the village of Chah-i-Himmat in the south of the country. His father died young, and he was forced to support his mother and family.

Despite some of the vaunted titles later bestowed on him, such as Commander of the Faithful, he had no scholarly grounding in Islam. Before his rise to national leadership, he obtained a rudimentary religious education that allowed him to serve as a village cleric. He was married with three wives and had numerous children. One son, Yacub, who is in his 20s, is favored by some Taliban to succeed his father.

Like many of his generation, Omar fought with the mujaheddin against Soviet forces, which occupied Afghanistan between 1979 and 1989, and served bravely, according to his contemporaries. The Taliban biography said his favorite weapon was the RPG-7 and that he destroyed many Soviet tanks. His right eye was surgically removed after he was struck in the face by shrapnel, although Taliban legend had him cutting it out himself with a knife. After the Soviet withdrawal in 1988, Afghanistan descended into years of civil war and lawlessness fueled by warlords, the drug trade and spiraling criminality. Omar worked in a village about 20 miles from Kandahar where he scratched out a living, in part by trading religious instruction for food.

A tall and taciturn man who spoke in whispers when he spoke at all, Omar often said he was guided by dreams, including a visitation in which Allah told him to lead his people.

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Source: Washington Post

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07-30-2015 Science&Technology
Google Translate app adds 20 more languages

Google is expanding the repertoire of its Translate app to handle more than two dozen different languages.

Designed for both iOS and Android, the Google Translate app is adding 20 new languages. You'll be able to translate to and from English with Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, Hungarian, Indonesian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian. For Hindi and Thai, you'll be able to do one-way translations from English.

Counting English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, that makes for a total of 27 languages that the app will be able to recognize.

The update is rolling out over the next few days, so you may not see it right away. But it should pop up by the end of the week.

Google also offers a translation feature via its website search results and directly through its Chrome browser. But there's clearly a need for portable, on-the-go translation.

The company faces potential competition from Skype Translator, which will be bundled with the Skype for Windows desktop app by the end of summer. The challenge for Google Translate and Skype Translator alike is to translate text on the fly and do it as quickly and accurately as possible, a la Star Trek's universal translator. Accuracy is key as using machine technology to translate certain phrases and colloquialisms is still a challenge.

The Google Translate app offers three ways to translate text. You can simply type the text you want translated. You can speak the text. Or you can point your mobile device's camera at a sign, book or other object with text on it and watch as that text is automatically translated into the language of your choice. No Internet connection is required, so you can use the visual translation offline. (Camera mode supports a total of 37 languages.)

Google is also promising smoother, more natural conversation, even on a slow mobile network.

"In many emerging markets, slow mobile networks can make it challenging to access many online tools -- so if you live in an area with unreliable mobile networks, our other update today is for you," Barak Turovsky, product lead for Google Translate, said in a blog post on Wednesday.

To help improve its app's translation skills, Google relies on the Translate Community. At this site, people can correct any translation that Google gets wrong and type in their own phrases and translations. But even with the help of the Translate Community and today's update, there's still more to be done to enhance Google Translate's skill set.

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Source: CNet

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07-23-2015 General
Man Who Landed Gyrocopter at Capitol Rejects 10 Month Deal

A man who flew a gyrocopter through some of America's most restricted airspace before landing at the U.S. Capitol has rejected a plea deal that would have required him to spend 10 months in jail.

A prosecutor and a lawyer for Douglas Hughes discussed the most recent offer Wednesday in federal court in Washington. Hughes' attorney said he believes federal guidelines would call for a sentence of zero to six months jail.

Hughes says spending significant time in jail doesn't seem just for an act of civil disobedience in which no one got hurt and no property was damaged.

Hughes says his April 15 flight in the bare-bones aircraft was intended to call attention to the influence of big money in politics. A next hearing was scheduled for Aug. 5.

Source: ABC News

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07-22-2015 Cars
Patch your Chrysler vehicle before hackers kill you

Fiat Chrysler last week quietly issued a software patch for critical security vulnerabilities related to its Uconnect vehicle-connectivity system. The vulnerablities were dramatically detailed in a Wired story that was posted Tuesday.

In the Wired piece, two "white hat" hackers remotely connected to a Jeep Cherokee as a reporter drove it down a Missouri freeway. They made the radio blast at full volume and turned on the windshield wipers, but also cut off the transmission as a truck approached and, later, disconnected the brakes, sending the Cherokee into a ditch.

Owners of 2013, 2014 and 2015 models of Chrysler vehicles can download the new software update onto a USB stick, which then can be plugged into the car. Chrysler dealers will also install the update for free. It took hackers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek nearly a year to discover and exploit the Uconnect flaw, of which they plan to provide more details at next month's Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas. The flaw let them remotely install a malicious firmware update that gave them control of the vehicle.

Perhaps even more frighteningly, the pair found that any phone on the Sprint cellular network could be used to find and track any vehicle using Uconnect, anywhere in the country. Wired reporter Andy Greenberg watched Miller track a Dodge Ram in Texas, a Jeep Cherokee in California and a Dodge Durango in Michigan.

"When I saw we could do it anywhere, over the Internet, I freaked out," Valasek told Wired. "That's a vehicle on a highway in the middle of the country. Car hacking got real, right then."

In a Tweet this morning, Miller said he and Valasek had notified Chrysler of the flaw in October.

Owners of recent-year Chrysler vehicles should go to to type in their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and see whether their vehicle needs the update. From there, the site will provide instructions on how to download and install the software patch.

Source: Fox News

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07-20-2015 Politics
UK leader signals support for airstrikes on ISIL in Syria

LONDON (AP) — Prime Minister David Cameron says Britain needs to take a greater role in destroying the Islamic State group in Syria — his most direct signal to date that he will seek to expand his country's role in supporting the United States and its allies.

In remarks made to NBC News' "Meet the Press," Cameron said Britain must do more fight the group, also known as ISIL. The remarks posted online Saturday follow a commitment to meet NATO targets on military spending and make plain that Britain now sees the Islamic State group as an explicit threat to national security.

"We know that we have to defeat ISIL, we have to destroy this caliphate, whether it is in Iraq or in Syria," he said.

The remarks come only days after Britain's Ministry of Defense acknowledged that British forces have already conducted airstrikes over Syria — albeit only when embedded with coalition forces. Britain has been carrying out surveillance and air-to-air refueling over Syria and launching attacks on neighboring Iraq, and Defense Secretary Michael Fallon has argued that the mission should be expanded to Syria.

Cameron is seeking support from the opposition Labour Party, in an effort to build a unified national position and avoid another embarrassing defeat on Syria. Labour opposed an effort to join U.S. attacks on Syria in 2013, though that vote centered on strikes to disrupt the use of chemical weapons by Bashar Assad's government.

The British leader also spoke of the need to persuade young Britons to reject Islamic extremism.

"We've got to defeat the narrative of extremism, even when it's not connected to the violence," Cameron told NBC. "Because it's the narrative that is the jumping-off point for these young people to then go and join this dreadful death cult in Iraq and Syria."

Copyright 2015 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Source: USA Today

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07-20-2015 Science&Technology
Does Pluto have a tail?

Sen—NASA’s New Horizons team revealed fresh findings about Pluto today including a close-up of a vast “cracked” and icy plain and the existence of a tail caused by the escaping atmosphere.

Opening a press conference, Jim Green, director of Planetary Science at NASA Headquarters in Washington, said: “What a historic week!” And the mission’s principal investigator Alan Stern said: We’ve just had the most fun. Pluto’s becoming a brand. It sells itself. You don’t really have to work that hard!” He added: “I’m a little biased, but I think the Solar System saved the best for last!”

First image shown was a heavily pixellated picture of one of Pluto’s tiny moons, Nix. Stern, from the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), Boulder, Colorado, said that despite the low resolution, it showed in twice as many pixels as the best Earth-based image of Puto, which was taken with the Hubble Space Telescope.

Another image showed how early measurements have revealed an excess of the gas carbon monoxide over the bright, heart-shaped region. Stern said that no other concentration of the gas anything like that had been detected elsewhere on Pluto.

The bright zone has already been informally labelled Tombaugh Regio, in honour of Clyde Tombaugh who discovered Pluto in 1930. Within it, and north of Pluto’s icy mountains, lies a vast plain, devoid of craters, and about 20km (12 miles) wide. Its irregular, polygonal pattern resembles cracks, but the team does not yet know how they formed.

Jeff Moore, leader of the New Horizons Geology, Geophysics and Imaging Team (GGI) at NASA’s Ames Research Center, California, told the briefing: The landscape is just astoundingly amazing. Some regions have no craters at all, so obviously younger. It shows that geological processes are happening up to the present time.”

He said that the “cracked” region was smooth but had irregularly-shaped segments, troughs, dark material within troughs, pitted surfaces and hills rising above the terrain. The polygons were like you might see on a boiling pot of oatmeal, or in dried mud. Another intriguing feature was a line of smudges, that might be streaks caused by prevailing winds. He said that they might point to active plumes on Pluto, though he cautioned that none had been discovered yet in the early stages of analysis.

The area has been informally dubbed Sputnik Planum, after the Russian satellite that was mankind’s first space explorer, it was announced. Another mountainous zone has been called Norgay Montes, in honour of Sherpa Tenzing Norgay who, with Edmund Hillary, became the first men to reach the summit of Mount Everest in 1952. He is the first Nepalese person to have a feature named for him anywhere in the Solar System.

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Source: The Christian Science Monitor

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07-31-2015 |


Dilma veta regra de reajuste do mínimo para aposentadorias

Segundo entidade, quem fica sentado muito tempo pode ter problemas circulatórios

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07-31-2015 |

It's Man v Machine at the checkout

Holden Astra VXR quick spin review

Queensland 'ripe' for tech boom

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07-31-2015 |

Bear shooting led to response time change

Ex-Leaf arrested for alleged food stamp fraud

A new mobile option for storage

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Top 100 World Newspapers (*)

No. Newspaper / Country No. Newspaper / Country No. Newspaper / Country No. Newspaper / Country
1 The New York Times / United States 2 The Guardian / United Kingdom 3 The Daily Mail / United Kingdom 4 The Wall Street Journal / United States
5 The Washington Post / United States 6 The People's Daily / China 7 The Daily Telegraph / United Kingdom 8 USA Today / United States
9 Los Angeles Times / United States 10 El Mundo / Spain 11 La Repubblica / Italy 12 The Times of India / India
13 Bild / Germany 14 Corriere della Sera / Italy 15 The Examiner / United States 16 The Independent / United Kingdom
17 El País / Spain 18 The Financial Times / United Kingdom 19 The Sydney Morning Herald / Australia 20 Daily News / United States
21 Chicago Tribune / United States 22 Le Monde / France 23 Marca / Spain 24 Hürriyet / Turkey
25 Die Welt / Germany 26 Asahi Shimbun / Japan 27 The Sun / United Kingdom 28 New York Post / United States
29 The Age / Australia 30 Gazeta Wyborcza / Poland 31 The Philadelphia Inquirer / United States 32 The Washington Times / United States
33 Die Zeit / Germany 34 Yomiuri Shimbun / Japan 35 The New Zealand Herald / New Zealand 36 The Onion / United States
37 Milliyet Gazetesi / Turkey 38 Il Sole 24 Ore / Italy 39 The Chicago Sun-Times / United States 40 Al-Ahram / Egypt
41 Le Figaro / France 42 Süddeutsche Zeitung / Germany 43 The Hindu / India 44 Houston Chronicle / United States
45 The Seattle Times / United States 46 Libération / France 47 The Globe and Mail / Canada 48 De Standaard / Belgium
49 The Irish Times / Ireland 50 The Toronto Star / Canada 51 Le Nouvel Observateur / France 52 Mercury News / United States
53 The Australian / Australia 54 The Denver Post / United States 55 The Christian Science Monitor / United States 56 The Dong-a Ilbo / Korea
57 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution / United States 58 Aftonbladet / Sweden 59 Kommersant / Russia 60 Bangkok Post / Thailand
61 Star Tribune / United States 62 The Hollywood Reporter / United States 63 Daily Mirror / United Kingdom 64 Dawn / Pakistan
65 El Universal / Mexico 66 The Miami Herald / United States 67 Mladá fronta Dnes / Czech Republic 68 DNA - Daily News & Analysis / India
69 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette / United States 70 Sports Nippon / Japan 71 L'Equipe / France 72 Die Presse / Austria
73 Detroit Free Press / United States 74 Neue Zürcher Zeitung / Switzerland 75 Clarín / Argentina 76 Chosun Ilbo / Japan
77 The Sacramento Bee / United States 78 China Daily / China 79 Nihon Keizai Shimbun / Japan 80 AS / Spain
81 The Baltimore Sun / United States 82 Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung / Germany 83 La Gazzetta dello Sport / Italy 84 Mainichi Shimbun / Japan
85 Boston Herald / United States 86 The Dallas Morning News / United States 87 The Times / United Kingdom 88 Newsday / United States
89 Orlando Sentinel / United States 90 St. Louis Post-Dispatch / United States 91 Taipei Times / Taiwan 92 The Hindustan Times / India
93 The Economic Times / India 94 Kompas / Indonesia 95 The Observer / United Kingdom 96 Jornal de Notícias / Portugal
97 South Florida Sun-Sentinel / United States 98 ABC / Spain 99 Le Soir / Belgium 100 The Kansas City Star / United States

(*) Selected by 4International Media & Newspapers

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