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08-16-2018 Science&Technology
Sprint and LG hope to launch the first 5G smartphone next year

Now that 5G has a complete standard for companies to use in rolling out new devices, Sprint and LG have announced their intentions to bring the "first 5G smartphone" to the US in the first half of 2019. There aren't any details on specific devices or timing, yet, but the two companies are unsurprisingly optimistic. "Sprint is moving fast on the road to 5G and we are thrilled to announce the first 5G smartphone with the innovative team at LG," said Sprint CTO Dr. John Saw in a statement. "LG has done tremendous work developing technical designs that enable us to be among the first movers in mobile 5G. Today's announcement brings us one step closer to putting a beautifully-designed advanced 5G smartphone in our customer's hands." Sprint already plans to launch a 5G network in six cities this year, with three more planned for 2019, including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix and Washington, DC. Multi-In, Multi-Out (MIMO) tech is behind the speed boost for 5G, says Sprint, giving networks up to 10 times the capacity of current LTE tech.

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08-16-2018 Politics
Christine Hallquist, a Transgender Woman, Wins Vermont Governor’s Primary

BURLINGTON, Vt. — On a cloudy afternoon this summer, Christine Hallquist, a former utility executive from Vermont, listened closely as Danica Roem, the Virginia state delegate who won national recognition when she became the first transgender person elected to her state’s Legislature, offered tips as the pair canvassed a stark residential neighborhood here. Ms. Hallquist is transgender, too, but Ms. Roem’s advice had nothing to do with gender identity. Try a light, rhythmic knock. Leave a handwritten note with campaign literature if no one is home. Try to earn every vote. “I have so much to learn,” Ms. Hallquist said, duly incorporating Ms. Roem’s lessons with each new knock. On Tuesday, those lessons paid off, and Ms. Hallquist, a Democrat, made history of her own. She became the first transgender candidate to be nominated for a governorship by a major party, beating three other candidates in Vermont’s Democratic primary, according to The Associated Press. [Read more on Tuesday’s biggest primary races | And see live election results] It is a remarkable milestone, even for an election year already dominated by an influx of women and a record number of candidates who identify as lesbian, gay, transgender or queer. “Christine’s victory is a defining moment in the movement for trans equality and is especially remarkable given how few out trans elected officials there are at any level of government,” said Annise Parker, the chief executive of the L.G.B.T.Q. Victory Fund, which trains and supports gay and transgender candidates, in a statement on Tuesday evening. “Yet Vermont voters chose Christine not because of her gender identity, but because she is an open and authentic candidate with a long history of service to the state, and who speaks to the issues most important to voters.” Ms. Hallquist was not the only transgender candidate on the ballot in the country in recent days. In Hawaii on Saturday, Kim Coco Iwamoto, a lawyer, lost her bid to be the Democrats’ nominee for lieutenant governor. And more transgender candidates will be on the ballot soon, including Alexandra Chandler, a former naval intelligence analyst who is running in Massachusetts’s Third District. Ms. Chandler is trying to differentiate herself in a crowded congressional primary in early September by emphasizing both her national security bona fides and the historic nature of her candidacy. “I’m running for Congress,” she said in a recent campaign video, “to be a voice for trans kids out there.” ...

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08-16-2018 Security

It’s been at least a month or two since the last vulnerability in Intel CPUs was released, but this time it’s serious. Foreshadow is the latest speculative execution attack that allows balaclava-wearing hackers to steal your sensitive information. You know it’s a real 0-day because it already has a domain, a logo, and this time, there’s a video explaining in simple terms anyone can understand why the sky is falling. The video uses ukuleles in the sound track, meaning it’s very well produced. The Foreshadow attack relies on Intel’s Software Guard Extension (SGX) instructions that allow user code to allocate private regions of memory. These private regions of memory, or enclaves, were designed for VMs and DRM. HOW FORESHADOW WORKS The Foreshadow attack utilizes speculative execution, a feature of modern CPUs most recently in the news thanks to the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities. The Foreshadow attack reads the contents of memory protected by SGX, allowing an attacker to copy and read back private keys and other personal information. There is a second Foreshadow attack, called Foreshadow-NG, that is capable of reading anything inside a CPU’s L1 cache (effectively anything in memory with a little bit of work), and might also be used to read information stored in other virtual machines running on a third-party cloud. In the worst case scenario, running your own code on an AWS or Azure box could expose data that isn’t yours on the same AWS or Azure box. Additionally, countermeasures to Meltdown and Spectre attacks might be insufficient to protect from Foreshadown-NG The researchers behind the Foreshadow attacks have talked with Intel, and the manufacturer has confirmed Foreshadow affects all SGX-enabled Skylake and Kaby Lake Core processors. Atom processors with SGX support remain unaffected. For the Foreshadow-NG attack, many more processors are affected, including second through eighth generation Core processors, and most Xeons. This is a significant percentage of all Intel CPUs currently deployed. Intel has released a security advisory detailing all the affected CPUs.

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08-16-2018 Science&Technology
Android P Reportedly Disables Fast Charging In Older Pixel XL Phones: Report

Google recently rolled out the latest version of Android, called Android 9 Pie, to all Pixel owners, but it appears the update may have done more harm than good. According to reports, updating to Android Pie somehow disables the fast charging capabilities of the original Pixel XL. Android Pie Disables Fast Charging Function On Google Pixel XL As Android Police reports, the issue was discovered weeks ago by users testing the Android P developer beta. It wasn't seen as a major concern at the time, with most of the testers thinking the issue would simply be resolved once the final, stable version of the operating system is released. However, when Android Pie was released last week, the issue was still not addressed. Original Pixel XL owners started getting frustrated with the odd retrograde. The problem seems to stem from the software itself. No matter what chargers users plugged in, including the one that came with the device, the phone still wouldn't charge at fast-charging speeds. Some users on Reddit tried a number of third-party chargers, to no avail. They also tried restarting the device, factory resetting it, and trying all sorts of stuff just to see if fast-charging would come back. It didn't. Apparently, even booting the Pixel XL into Safe Mode didn't do the trick. Google Apparently Won't Fix The Issue Worse, the original bug report submitted to Google's Issue Tracker was recently closed, tagged with "Status: Won't Fix (Infeasible)." That means Google simply won't fix the issue at any point moving forward, since, as Gizmodo notes, whatever is causing the problem simply can't be addressed with a simple patch to Android. As of writing, Android Police says the vast majority of complaints are coming from Pixel XL users, but there have been reported cases of Pixel phones from 2016 exhibiting the issue as well. At the moment, there's no telling exactly what the root cause is. Perhaps Google changed the internal logic for detecting what registers as "fast charging," or it put increased safety measures to ward off fake third-party fast chargers in the market. Whatever it is, Google Pixel owners aren't happy that a software update disables an incredibly crucial feature.

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08-16-2018 Cars
Ford Ranger Medium Pickup Pricing Means Arrival Drawing Near -- And It Can't Come Too Soon

Ford Motor Co. took a pass on bringing out a midsize Ranger pickup after discontinuing the model in the U.S. in 2011. General Motors spotted the opportunity and rushed into the space with its Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon midsize pickup models – to great sales success. Chalk up a win for GM, which now bills itself as the “biggest” maker of pickup trucks in the world, a parry to Ford’s boast of being the producer of the No.1 pickup model in the world, its F Series full-size pickup. Ford said on Tuesday that its least expensive Ranger, set to go into production late this year in Wayne, Michigan and to arrive at Ford dealers early next year, will cost $24,300. The rear-wheel-drive, four-passenger SuperCab will have a six-foot bed and a second row of seats. The most expensive Ranger, the 4X4 Lariat SuperCab will start at $38,385. Destination charge for the vehicles will be $1,095. For Ford, the arrival of Ranger can’t come quickly enough. With just the Colorado, GM has notched nearly 330,000 sales since bringing out the model four years ago. The average transaction price is about $31,500, translating to more than $10 billion of business for GM and its dealers from the Colorado alone. Ford did develop a Ranger midsize pickup to be sold globally outside the U.S., but for a variety of reasons, including the lack of an engine that could meet U.S. regulatory specifications, Ranger disappeared from Ford’s lineup. To make matters worse, Ford’s U.S. product lineup was too heavy with sedans like Focus and Fusion, slow sellers that now are in the process of being replaced with crossovers. In any event, Ford was tied up and heavily invested in creating an all-new aluminum version of its full-size F Series pickup. The move to aluminum required a bigger-than-usual investment in tooling because many of the basic processes differ from those used on conventional steel-bodied pickups. The No. 2 U.S. automaker is doing everything it can – and as quickly as possible – to quench skepticism about its future following the abrupt ouster of Mark Fields as chief executive in May of last year and his replacement with Jim Hackett, a former furniture industry chief executive who had served on Ford’s board of directors. ...

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08-16-2018 Science&Technology
Samsung Still Wants To Create The World’s First Foldable Smartphone

Samsung has reconfirmed that it wants to be the first manufacturer to launch a foldable smartphone and added that it would not be the Galaxy 10. while speaking to the press on the sidelines of a Galaxy Note 9 event, Koh Dong-jin, president of the South Korean company, said the firm is focusing on developing innovations that will be accepted and loved by its consumers. "We focus on innovations that consumers really like and accept rather than being the first in the world, but we do not want to lose the first [position] in foldable phones," Koh said. First Foldable Smartphone In The Market In 2016, the CEO and president of Samsung already alluded the idea to release a foldable smartphone. It was said that the model has been in its development stage with a commercial launch in mind for the future. In January this year, the company had stated that it was planning to launch the product in 2018 but will release it commercially when it is ready. It has been postponed again to 2019. "I would like to hear that Samsung Electronics built it properly when it puts a foldable phone on the market," Koh added. Meanwhile, Samsung's biggest competitors such as LG, Apple, and Huawei have all reported that they are preparing to introduce a foldable smartphone as well. As a matter of fact, Huawei is racing with Samsung in creating the world's first foldable smartphone. Samsung's Future Plans Furthermore, Koh stated that the launch of the foldable phone is not far away and the company has passed many challenges in its durability and quality. "We wouldn't have started [the project] if it was a going to be a one-time thing," he added. This makes people believe that the foldable device will be the first of a series of smartphones. Additionally, the company's president has also denied rumors that Samsung is currently combining the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series. Next year, mobile carriers will be releasing the 5G smartphone. Although it is yet unclear whether it will be the first-ever foldable smartphone, Koh confirmed that its first 5G phone will not be the Galaxy S10, adding that it is going to be a separate model. Apart from the first 5G phone, the company is preparing for other devices to offer to its consumers. Samsung is an all-around electronics company that manufactures multiple devices and the company intends to use this edge to set them apart from their competitors.

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08-16-2018 Religion
Catholic Church covered up child abuse by 300 US priests: report

More than 1,000 children - and possibly many more - were molested by hundreds of Roman Catholic priests in six dioceses in the US state of Pennsylvania, while senior church officials took steps to cover it up, according to a landmark grand jury report released on Tuesday. The grand jury said it believes the real number of abused children might be in the thousands since some records were lost and victims were afraid to come forward. The report said more than 300 clergy committed the abuse over a period decades, beginning in the mid-1950s. Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said the two-year probe found a systematic cover-up by senior church officials in Pennsylvania and at the Vatican. "The cover-up was sophisticated. And all the while, shockingly, church leadership kept records of the abuse and the cover-up. These documents, from the dioceses' own 'Secret Archives,' formed the backbone of this investigation," he said at a news conference in the city of Harrisburg. The report faulted Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the former longtime bishop of Pittsburgh who now leads the Washington archdiocese, for what it said was his part in the concealment of clergy sexual abuse. Wuerl, one of the highest-profile cardinals in the United States, released a statement Tuesday that said he had "acted with diligence, with concern for the victims and to prevent future acts of abuse". The grand jury scrutinised abuse allegations in dioceses that minister to more than half the state's 3.2 million Catholics. Its report echoed the findings of many earlier church investigations around the country in its description of widespread sexual abuse by clergy and church officials' concealment of it. 'Shocking' Al Jazeera's Kristen Saloomey, reporting from Harrisburg, said the allegations made in the report were "really shocking". Most of the abuse survivors were boys, but girls were abused too, the report said. The abuse ranged from groping and masturbation to anal, oral and vaginal rape. "Church officials routinely and purposefully described the abuse as horseplay and wrestling ... It was none of those things. It was child sexual abuse, including rape," Shapiro said. He also said that one priest had molested five sisters in one family. The diocese settled with the family after requiring a confidentiality agreement, according to Shapiro. ...

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08-16-2018 Science&Technology
Scientists Create New Pill That Prevents You From Gaining Weight

Scientists may have just discovered the miracle pill to quash all miracle pills — one that could allow a person to eat whatever they want but never gain weight in the process. Scientists from Yale University have found a way to reshape the portals in the gut that process fat absorption into the body, flattening them and restricting the ability of fat particles to pass through. The researchers identified two genes in the gut cells, which, when removed, result in these cells being closed instead of staying in an open, button shape. They fed mice who were missing these genes a high-fat diet over a period of eight weeks and they didn't gain weight, while two normal mice with the genes became obese. A Drug That Prevents Weight Gain The study, published in the Science journal, involved giving mice a certain drug to block the production of a protein called vascular endothelial growth factor A, or VEFG-A, which is responsible for stimulating production of blood vessels. Blocking it prevents the fat from reaching small lymphatic vessels, the place where fat is transferred to the gut via pores, as Wired explains. "Instead of being taken up into tissues, much of the fat is excreted in the faeces, and mice do not gain much weight on a high fat diet," said Anne Eichmann, co-author of the study. The study provides startling implications for the way people might consume food, and more importantly, how they'll approach weight gain in the future. "Although the authors don't state this, the implication is that if this did work in humans then you take a pill just before a meal and it closes the gut to lipid uptake," according to Leeds University professor Alan Mackie, though he was not involved in the study. Drugs like the aforementioned VEFG-A are already being used to treat patients with glaucoma, and is being tested for other conditions as well, said Eichmann. What's more, low levels of VEGF have been associated in the past with weight loss among breast cancer patients, explained Mackie. "Based on our results, we believe that such drugs should be tested for effects on lipid absorption and weight loss and may be useful for treatment of obesity," according to Feng Zhang, lead author of the study. Potential Disadvantages Of Anti-Fat Absorption Pills It's too early to get excited, though. Shutting down fat absorption pathways could have unintended consequences that might be dangerous to humans. For instance, it could impair uptake of essential nutrients in fat packages or have adverse effects by compromising fluid drainage and immune cell trafficking, said University of California professor Donald McDonald. Even still, the study opens up a new avenue of research about regulation of body weight and will likely coax researchers toward a new and enlightened direction about how best to deal with obesity.

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08-15-2018 Science&Technology
Apple pulls iOS 12 beta 7 after less than 24 hrs

Apple has pulled the latest beta of its iOS platform software after less than 24 hours in the wild, and without explanation. This year’s release, iOS 12, is intended to be a performance update with Apple stating that it sought to improve performance on older, lower RAM devices like the iPhone 6. The platform release is available for iPhones and iPads going back to 2013: the iPhone 5S and the original iPad Air. And so far, it had been running comparatively smoothly. However shortly after Beta 7 was made available for an OTA download, developers and testers started reporting cripplingly long application startup times, an issue that some reported went away after a period. Apple also removed Group FaceTime (supporting up to 32 concurrent users) from Beta 7 - explaining via the Release Notes that it will “ship in a future software update this fall”. A public release of the annual platform update usually follows days after a hardware launch which takes place in mid to late September. Once open only to paying developers, Apple has opened the beta programme to tyre-kickers, something Google has opted to copy. The full firmware file (.IPSW) is still online, but the release is no longer being pushed to developers.

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08-15-2018 Business
Starbucks debuts its first plant-based protein coffee

Starbucks is getting into the plant-based protein game for the first time. The chain is introducing Protein Blended Cold Brew in almond and cacao flavors, available now through fall, while supplies last. The nondairy 16-ounce drinks are made from pea and brown-rice protein. "Plant-based beverages, plant-based proteins are a choice that many consumers are gravitating toward," CEO Kevin Johnson told an annual institutional-investor gathering in June, highlighting health and wellness as a strategic priority for Starbucks. The new almond drink is made with almond milk, almond butter and 12 grams of plant-based protein and contains 270 calories, 12 grams of fat and 22 grams of sugar, according to Starbucks. The sweetness comes from what the Seattle-based chain calls the Banana Date Fruit Blend as well as coconut sugar; there's no refined sugar. The cacao version comes with coconut milk, cacao powder and 10 grams of plant-based protein. It has 250 calories, 9 grams of fat and 26 grams of sugar. The $5.95 drinks are an extension of the chain’s 3-year-old Cold Brew line. They're available at participating stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. Starbucks customers can also request a shot of plant-based protein be added to a different drink, the company said. From faux-beef burgers to infused energy bars, plant-based proteins are a growing trend in the U.S. – and not just among people who eschew eating animal proteins, such as beef, poultry and pork. Three out of five Americans say they want more protein in their diets, according to research firm NPD Group. Fourteen percent of U.S. consumers, or more than 43 million people, regularly use plant-based products, and 86 percent of them aren't vegans or vegetarian. KFC started testing plant-based chicken in the United Kingdom and Ireland in June, while two months earlier, White Castle introduced its Impossible Slider, a version of its iconic slider made with a plant-based meat equivalent. And Dunkin' Donuts began serving almond milk in September 2014. Starbucks stock closed at $51.81, up 30 cents or 0.58%, on Monday.

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08-15-2018 Politics
Trump calls Omarosa a 'dog' in latest attack on ex-aide

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump on Tuesday referred to former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman, the only African-American to have served in a senior role in the White House, as a "dog." "When you give a crazed, crying lowlife a break, and give her a job at the White House, I guess it just didn't work out. Good work by General Kelly for quickly firing that dog!" Trump tweeted Tuesday. Referring to an African-American woman as an animal is at best a sharp departure from the language typically employed by Presidents and at worst a reference that traffics in sexual and racial imagery. Trump has long denied being racist and has dismissed a claim made by Manigault Newman that he used a racial slur on the set of "The Apprentice." He's also invoked "dog" to insult non-African-Americans -- including Mitt Romney and former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. As President, however, Trump has stoked racial tensions in the US, blaming "both sides" after violence sparked last year by a neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. He also also privately referred some African nations as "s***hole countries" and lambasted the protests led overwhelmingly by black NFL players. In a separate tweet Tuesday morning, Trump referred to a crash outside the UK's Houses of Parliament as a "terrorist attack" committed by "animals," though the incident was still being investigated and the identity of the driver had not been publicly released. ...

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08-15-2018 Entertainment
To fend off Netflix, movie theaters try 3-screen immersion

LONDON (AP) -- Sit at the back of the movie theater, and it's possible to see the appeal of ScreenX, the latest attempt to drag film lovers off the sofa and away from Netflix. Instead of one screen, there are three - one at the front, and two on the sides - to add to the immersive experience you can't get from the home TV. First adopted in South Korea in 2012, the system is being launched in the U.K. and theater chain Cineworld plans to add over 100 new screens to the worldwide count of 151. The technology is the latest attempt by cinema operators to attract film viewers amid the growing popularity of online subscription services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. They've ranged from 3D screens launched almost a decade ago to ultra-high resolution IMAX projectors and 4DX - which features moving chairs and real-life special effects like snow falling on the audience. The focus on innovation has helped in the past. Since 3D was popularized at big cinema theaters in 2009 with the release of films like James Cameron's "Avatar," revenue has grown. Global box office revenue has increased by $14.4 billion in the past decade to $40.6 billion, according Motion Picture Association of America. But that growth seems to be fading and movie theaters are being overtaken by internet video. Revenue from internet video like Netflix is forecast to be the fastest growing part of the entertainment and media industry through 2021, according to consultancy PwC. Its estimated annual growth of 6 percent compares with a projected annual drop in cinema of 1.2 percent. It's unclear whether this latest innovation will help or stand out. Cineworld says the idea is "it makes you feel like you're sitting in the action." Robert Mitchell, a film journalist for Variety magazine, notes that was the point of 3D in the first place. "In 2009, when films like 'Ice Age' and 'Avatar' were coming out, it was the great new thing," he says. "That lasted for a couple of years until people started to realize that some films were being made that didn't really use the enhancements well. And it started to put people off going." Love it or hate it, the number of cinemas that offer these new types of experiences grows globally every year. "We're really confident that by offering customers as much choice as possible that it's going to bring people into the cinemas," says Kelly Drew, an operations director at Cineworld.

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08-09-2018 Science&Technology
Google preps Classroom, Drive updates, more VR, & ARCore on Chromebook tablets for new school year

With the new school year almost underway, Google is launching a number of education features across its products. Many were announced earlier this year and are coming out of beta, including a big revamp to Google Classroom, formating updates for Google Docs, and a suite of new AR/VR features. Google Classroom At the ISTE education conference in June, Google announced a big update for its Classroom management tool that allows teachers to assign homework, while students can communicate and submit assignments via an online portal. Assignments can now be organized by modules and units through the new Classwork page as the existing chronological “Stream” is re-focussing as a place for class-wide discussions and questions. Also launching is a new grading tool to provide faster feedback via a collection of frequently used comments and quicker access to student submissions without having to open each file individually. A new People page makes it easier to view and manage co-teachers, students, and parents. We’ve introduced a Settings page for all class settings, so teachers have one convenient location to update class descriptions, display or reset class codes, manage and control how students post on the Stream, and more. Future updates for Classroom include the ability to lock a Chromebook’s screen when a quiz is in progress to prevent students from switching to other apps or tabs. This fall, quizzes can also be created right from Classroom instead of Google Forms. ...

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08-08-2018 Science&Technology
Modern Dad on Android 9.0 Pie, Pixels and more!

here's something about using a Google Pixel phone that almost feels lazy at this point. Is it the sexiest piece of hardware you can buy? Nope. But it's predictable. It's dependable. It's the kind of phone you want if you don't want to worry as much about your phone. And that's where I'm at these days. I want a phone that works, and I want a phone that works well. The Pixel 2 XL still very much fits that bill. And with Android 9.0 Pie it's been that much better. It's as fast now (faster, probably) than when it was released almost a year ago. Its camera is still easily among the top you can buy. And the marriage between OS and apps remains better than any other. That's not to say I don't want to see improvement in the Pixel 3 -- as far as hardware goes, it's tough to beat ... that other phone. But in the end, the software experience is more important. And that always brings me back to Android.

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08-07-2018 Science&Technology
Oldest-ever igneous meteorite contains clues to planet building blocks

Scientists believe the solar system was formed some 4.6 billion years ago when a cloud of gas and dust collapsed under gravity possibly triggered by cataclysmic explosion from a nearby massive star or supernova. As this cloud collapsed, it formed a spinning disk with the sun in the center. Since then scientists have been able to establish the formation of the solar system piece by piece. Now, new research has enabled scientists from The University of New Mexico, Arizona State University and NASA's Johnson Space Center to add another piece to that puzzle with the discovery of the oldest-ever dated igneous meteorite. The research titled, Silica-rich volcanism in the Early Solar System Dated at 4.565 Ga, was published today in Nature Communications. This research provides direct evidence that chemically evolved silica-rich crustal rocks were forming on planetsimals within the first 10 million years prior to the assembly of the terrestrial planets and helps scientists further understand the complexities of planet formation. "The age of this meteorite is the oldest, igneous meteorite ever recorded," said Professor and Director of the Institute of Meteoritics Carl Agee. "Not only is this just an extremely unusual rock type, it's telling us that not all asteroids look the same. Some of them look almost like the crust of the Earth because they're so light colored and full of SiO2. These not only exist, but it occurred during one of the very first volcanic events to take place in the solar system." The research started to unfold at UNM when graduate student and lead author Poorna Srinivasan, asked Agee for ideas on her Ph.D. thesis. Agee had a yet-to-be studied crustal rock that was found in a sand dune in Mauritania by a nomad that he received from a meteorite dealer. The rock was lighter in color than most meteorites and was laced with green crystals, cavities and surrounded by quench melt. He gave the sample to Srinivasan who began to study the mineralogy of the rock, Northwest Africa (NWA) 11119. Using an electron microprobe and a CT (computed tomography) scan at UNM and Johnson Space Center facilities, Srinivasan started to examine the composition and mineralogy of the rock. Srinivasan started to note the intricacies of NWA 11119 and noted the unusual light-green fusion crust, silica mineral-rich achondrite meteorite containing information substantially widening scientific knowledge involving the range of volcanic rock compositions within the first 3.5 million years of solar system creation....

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08-06-2018 Science&Technology
Facebook plots rollout of ‘Dating’ feature to its main app, but it plans to be cautious

Earlier this year at its F8 conference, Facebook showed off its new ‘Dating’ service that it will use to compete with Tinder and Match. Now, TechCrunch is offering up some more details on the service, which will actually be baked into the main Facebook app rather than a standalone app… TechCrunch explains that once you opt-in to Facebook Dating, the only people who will be able to see your profile are those who have also enabled the feature. You’ll also be able to access exclusive Groups and Events if you opt-in to Facebook Dating: You can choose if friends of friends can see you or not, and Dating profiles allow non-binary and transgender and orientation options. You’ll unlock Groups or Events you’re a part of for Dating, and you’ll be able to browse potential matches based on the plethora of info Facebook knows about you. If two people express interest in each other (no swiping), they can text each other over Messenger or WhatsApp. Furthermore, the report explains that Facebook is planning to limit how many people you can express interest in on the platform. This would ideally help reduce spam-like behavior where people express interest in everyone they come across. While some services offer additional “matches/swipes,” Facebook currently has no plans to do so, the company told TechCrunch. The service will be open to users who are 18 years or older, and will “abide by local laws on who is considered an adult.” Perhaps most notably, Facebook does not plan for Dating to be a standalone app – at least yet. While Facebook has not been shy about breaking popular features out of its main app into their own apps, Dating will begin within the primary Facebook app itself. At this point, there’s no planned release for Dating, but Facebook is currently testing it internally. For now Facebook is taking careful steps toward Dating. It’s not blitzing into the market with a big flashy app. Instead it’s hoping the feature could create the meaningful relationships that make people appreciate Facebook and stick with it over the years. That’s more important than ever with all its recent troubles. What do you think of Facebook’s plan to add its Dating service to the main Facebook app? Let us know down in the comments!

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08-16-2018 |

Tesla Is in Damage Control Mode After Elon Musk’s Tweets

$100 Million Was Once Big Money for a Start-Up. Now, It’s Common.

How a Fake Group on Facebook Created Real Protests

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Australian immigration Senator condemned for 'final solution' speech

Ironing-free future? Scientists cotton on to benefits of man-made fibres

What would a heat-proof city look like?

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El Prado, a 15 cuadros por hora

Las violaciones de curas en Pensilvania: 1.356 páginas de espanto

La Supercopa de Europa, un título para una nueva era

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Tiempo de cambio: la pausa de Messi acelera el recambio generacional de la selección nacional

Lombardi defendió los despidos en Télam

Los mapuches luchan por tener los títulos de propiedad comunitarios

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Women poised to make political history, and other takeaways from Tuesday primaries

Vermont Democrats nominate the first transgender candidate for governor

Trump, Omarosa feud deepens racial divisions ahead of midterms

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Governo mantém correção de gastos em educação pela inflação

Câmara do Rio aprova cinco projetos de Marielle Franco

José 'Pepe' Mujica renuncia ao cargo de senador

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08-16-2018 |

BUSHFIRE 'I haven't seen anything like this': Residents told it's too late to leave as fire presses

The woman who is using Trump's tactics against him

ANALYSIS TESLA Elon Musk's oil conspiracy against Tesla ends with Saudi billions

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08-16-2018 |

Bill to slash the size of Toronto city council passes

Sidewalk Labs unveils plans for timber towers, raincoats for buildings in Quayside, but Torontonians must wait for data details Richard Griffin: Pillar, Jansen homer in Blue Jays’ comeback win over Ro

‘Product of her roots’: Afro-Chinese artist detangles identity through hair

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Top 150 World Newspapers (*)

No. Newspaper / Country No. Newspaper / Country No. Newspaper / Country No. Newspaper / Country
1 The New York Times / United States 2 The Guardian / United Kingdom 3 The Daily Mail / United Kingdom 4 China Daily / China
5 The Washington Post / United States 6 The Telegraph / United Kingdom 7 The Wall Street Journal / United States 8 USA Today / United States
9 The Times of India / India 10 The Independent / United Kingdom 11 Los Angeles Times / United States 12 El País / Spain
13 Financial Times / United Kingdom 14 The People's Daily / China 15 United Daily News / China 16 The Economic Daily / China
17 Le Monde / France 18 Daily Mirror / United Kingdom 19 El Mundo / Spain 20 Daily News / United States
21 La Repubblica / Italy 22 Bild / Germany 23 Le Figaro / France 24 The Sydney Morning Herald / Australia
25 Houston Chronicle / United States 26 Hürriyet / Turkey 27 Chicago Tribune / United States 28 The Examiner / United States
29 New York Post / United States 30 Asahi Shimbun / Japan 31 Corriere della Sera / Italy 32 The Economic Times / India
33 Milliyet Gazetesi / Turkey 34 Marca / Spain 35 Liberty Times / Taiwan 36 Die Welt / Germany
37 The Globe and Mail / Canada 38 Nihon Keizai Shimbun / Japan 39 The Hollywood Reporter / United States 40 Sabah / Turkey
41 The Christian Science Monitor / United States 42 Daily Express / United Kingdom 43 Kompas / Indonesia 44 The Indian Express / India
45 Yomiuri Shimbun / Japan 46 Gazeta Wyborcza / Poland 47 The Hindu / India 48 The Toronto Star / Canada
49 The Sun / United Kingdom 50 The Age / Australia 51 The Boston Globe / United States 52 Philippine Daily Inquirer / Philippines
53 Süddeutsche Zeitung / Germany 54 The Washington Times / United States 55 Clarín / Argentina 56 Chosun Ilbo / Japan
57 Die Zeit / Germany 58 The Onion / United States 59 Metro / United Kingdom 60 ABC / Spain
61 The Seattle Times / United States 62 The Times / United Kingdom 63 La Gazzetta dello Sport / Italy 64 Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung / Germany
65 The Hill / United States 66 Dainik Bhaskar / India 67 The Philadelphia Inquirer / United States 68 The Oregonian / United States
69 The Dong-a Ilbo / Korea 70 La Nación / Argentina 71 The Hindustan Times / India 72 San Jose Mercury News / United States
73 The Dallas Morning News / United States 74 AS / Spain 75 The Australian / Australia 76 Star Tribune / United States
77 Qingdao News / China 78 The Jerusalem Post / Israel 79 The Plain Dealer / United States 80 L'Equipe / France
81 Komsomolskaya Pravda / Russia 82 The Denver Post / United States 83 Mladá fronta Dnes / Czech Republic 84 Libération / France
85 O Globo / Brazil 86 Aftonbladet / Sweden 87 The Japan Times / Japan 88 Business Standard / India
89 Le Nouvel Observateur / France 90 Kommersant / Russia 91 Le Parisien / France 92 The New Zealand Herald / New Zealand
93 Detroit Free Press / United States 94 Newsday / United States 95 The Baltimore Sun / United States 96 National Post / Canada
97 Il Sole 24 Ore / Italy 98 The Miami Herald / United States 99 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution / United States 100 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette / United States
101 The Irish Independent / Ireland 102 South China Morning Post / Hong Kong SAR 103 The Irish Times / Ireland 104 The Star Online / Malaysia
105 De Telegraaf / Netherlands 106 Dawn / Pakistan 107 Der Standaard / Austria 108 The Sacramento Bee / United States
109 20 Minutos / Spain 110 Mainichi Shimbun / Japan 111 Rossiyskaya Gazeta / Russia 112 Apple Daily / Taiwan
113 DNA - Daily News & Analysis / India 114 La Stampa / Italy 115 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / United States 116 20 Minutes / France
117 La Vanguardia / Spain 118 Evening Standard / United Kingdom 119 China Times / Taiwan 120 The Straits Times / Singapore
121 Orlando Sentinel / United States 122 Der Tagesspiegel / Germany 123 South Florida Sun-Sentinel / United States 124 Verdens Gang / Norway
125 Argumenti i Fakti / Russia 126 Boston Herald / United States 127 Infobae / Argentina 128 Dagbladet / Norway
129 Independent Online / South Africa 130 The New York Observer / United States 131 Yeni Safak / Turkey 132 Seattle Post-Intelligencer / United States
133 The Kansas City Star / United States 134 Al-Ahram / Egypt 135 The Scotsman / United Kingdom 136 Nikkan Sports / Japan
137 Deseret News / United States 138 Herald Sun / Australia 139 The Vancouver Sun / Canada 140 Yang Cheng Wan Bao / China
141 Les Échos / France 142 Gulf News / United Arab Emirates 143 Yedioth Aharonot / Israel 144 Sports Nippon / Japan
145 The Orange County Register / United States 146 Expressen / Sweden 147 St. Louis Post-Dispatch / United States 148 / Russia
149 Handelsblatt / Germany 150 The Daily Telegraph / Australia

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