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04-18-2015 Society
Boston Bombing Trial: Martin Richard's Parents Urge Against Death Penalty

The parents of Martin Richard — the 8-year-old boy killed in the Boston Marathon bombing — are urging prosecutors to end their quest to have convicted attacker Dzhokhar Tsarnaev executed, saying that the potentially drawn-out process could prolong the anguish for victims and their families.

"We are in favor of and would support the Department of Justice in taking the death penalty off the table in exchange for the defendant spending the rest of his life in prison without any possibility of release and waiving all of his rights to appeal," Bill and Denise Richard wrote in an essay published Friday in the Boston Globe.

Bill Richard testified for the prosecution against Tsarnaev, who was convicted last week on 30 criminal counts for the bombings, which killed three people and injured 260, as well as the killing of an MIT police officer and a shootout with cops. Seventeen of the 30 counts carry the possibility of execution. The father testified that he saw his little boy mortally wounded, his body blown apart. He recalled the shrapnel that damaged his wife's vision and maimed his daughter, Jane, who is now 9. The Richards' other son, 13-year-old Henry, was not seriously injured.

The penalty phase of the Tsarnaev trial will begin next week. Prosecutors will ask the jury to sentence him to death, while defense lawyers are expected to fight for his life, arguing that he was manipulated by his older brother, Tamerlan. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed in a shootout with police.

If Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is sentenced to death, the execution will undoubtedly be delayed by an extensive appeals process that typically lasts years.

"We know that the government has its reasons for seeking the death penalty, but the continued pursuit of that punishment could bring years of appeals and prolong reliving the most painful day of our lives," the parents wrote. "We hope our two remaining children do not have to grow up with the lingering, painful reminder of what the defendant took from them, which years of appeals would undoubtedly bring." Carmen Ortiz, the United States attorney for Massachusetts, responded to the essay Friday with a statement in which she said she was aware of how the Richards felt.

The family's opinion was among many that she took under consideration, Ortiz said. "I care deeply about their views and the views of the other victims and survivors," she said. "As the case moves forward we will continue to do all we can to protect and vindicate those injured and those who have passed away."

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Source: NBC News

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04-18-2015 Entertainment
'Star Wars: Battlefront' unleashed at fan convention

ANAHEIM, CALIF. The Force isn't merely awakening on the big screen. It's also returning to the video game realm.

"Star Wars: Battlefront" publisher Electronic Arts and Swedish developer DICE showcased their next-generation rendition of the "Star Wars" multiplayer shooter Friday at Star Wars Celebration, the annual fan extravaganza celebrating the sci-fi franchise.

The new iteration of "Battlefront" takes place amid the conflicts of the original film trilogy and is scheduled for release Nov. 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

"Battlefront" will focus on frenzied shoot-outs between up to 40 players portraying Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire forces. In a demonstration of the game's multiplayer mode, a team of jetpack-equipped rebels were shown carving their way through the woodsy Endor while Stormtroopers charged at them on foot, on speeders and within walkers, including a hulking AT-AT war machine.

Other locales teased in game footage included the snowy Hoth, sandy Tatooine and gooey Sullust, a lava-spewing planet referenced in 1983's "Return of the Jedi," as well as many "Star Wars" games and novels, but rarely ever seen. "Battlefront" won't solely be centered on expendable ground troops. The game will reward sharpshooters with the ability to embody such iconic characters as bounty hunter Boba Fett and Sith baddie Darth Vader on the battlefield.

"You can storm in as the Dark Lord himself," said "Battlefront" design director Niklas Fegraeus. "You can wield a lightsaber. You can Force choke the rebel scum, which is fun. Basically, you are the boss of the battle. This means that you, as Vader, can lead your team to victory — if you play well."

The action will also take to the skies with players engaging in dogfights with TIE Fighters, X-wings and the Millennium Falcon, though the developers were coy about how battles would alternate between ground and air combat.

"We wanted it to feel authentic to this universe," said "Battlefront" executive producer Patrick Bach. "You can get into these vehicles, from speeder bikes to X-wings, TIE fighters, AT-STs, AT-ATs. There's a wide range of vehicles that we wanted to realize. The difficulty with a game is that they need to be balanced with the troops on the ground."

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Source: The Kansas City Star

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04-18-2015 Health
'Exhausted' Liberia struggles with long Ebola 'to do' list

OXFORD, England (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Treating trauma and the mental health issues of Ebola survivors is one of the many challenges facing "exhausted" Liberia, a senior health ministry official said.

Liberia has weathered the worst ever outbreak of Ebola, which has killed more than 10,600 people and infected 25,791, more successfully than its neighbors Sierra Leone and Guinea.

Liberia's last known victim of Ebola died on March 27 and the West African country is conducting a 42-day countdown to be officially declared free of the disease.

"Our country is exhausted. We still have huge needs," said Miatta Gbanya, deputy incident manager of Ebola response at the Liberian healthy ministry.

"The mental health of survivors, of health care workers need addressing. That's just one thing - there is still a lot to be done," she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

The links between Ebola and mental health disorders is little understood, despite reported complaints from some survivors of nightmares and flashbacks.

The Liberian government has been analyzing its response to the Ebola epidemic and ways it could prevent similar outbreaks in the future, including investing some of the aid it has received into the healthcare system, Gbanya said.

"We criticized ourselves as a government - could we have invested in public health institutes or physical infrastructure?", Gbanya said on Thursday during a debate on the Ebola response at the Skoll World Forum for Social Entrepreneurship.

"Among those who died, there were doctors, nurses, mental health clinicians, and professors at our nursing school," Gbanya told the audience. "That's a big loss. We didn't have the right isolation facilities in place."

In its latest weekly report on Wednesday, the World Health Organization said a total of 37 confirmed cases had been reported in week to April 12, up from 30 the previous week.

Of those, 28 were recorded in Guinea, nine in Sierra Leone and none in Liberia.

Raj Panjabi, chief executive of Last Mile Health charity, said globally 1 billion people did not have access to healthcare because they live in remote areas - like the two-year-old boy in Guinea identified as the source of the latest Ebola outbreak.

"It's not rocket science, (we need) a community health worker for every village. We need to change our bias against remote areas of this planet. That's what really bit us," said Panjabi, speaking from the audience.

He said in some of the Liberian districts his group was working in, the government had been spending just 76 U.S. cents per person per year on healthcare.

Source: Reuters

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04-18-2015 Religion
How the Vatican and Cuba Came Together

John Paul II visited the island in 1998

The Vatican’s statement on Friday that Pope Francis is “considering” a visit to Cuba when he is in North America in the fall has brought new attention to the special relationship between the island nation and the Catholic leader. The Pope has been credited with encouraging the recent signs of rapprochement between the United States and Cuba, something his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, also spoke in favor of during a 2012 trip to Cuba.

Though Cuba has historic ties to the Catholic religion, that special relationship is really only two decades old: It was around 1995 that Fidel Castro began working on what ended up being Pope John Paul II’s 1998 visit to Cuba.

The anti-religion stance of strict Marxism had kept Cubans away from religion for decades and the crumbling of the Soviet Union only led Cuba to dig in, with hopes of proving the ideology’s endurance. At the same time, however, that period of enforcement was one of economic hardship, perhaps contributing to a rise in interest in both spiritual help and religious charity. “In 1991 Castro rescinded the ban against Christians’ joining the Communist Party,” writer Johanna McGeary explained, “and in 1992 he declared Cuba a secular, not an atheist, state.”

That change had been a long time coming:

"The idea of a papal visit has actually intrigued Cuba’s leader for nearly two decades. It is not so strange as it might seem: from the very start of his revolution, Castro has sought political pilgrimages from the influential and famous as a sign of international approbation. And Castro has never feared talking to his adversaries. Although he barred Christians from the Communist Party, nationalized Catholic schools, expelled foreign priests and nuns, he never shut down the churches or prohibited religious worship or broke relations with the Vatican.

In 1979 Castro met some liberation-theology priests in Nicaragua and, says Wayne Smith, former chief of the U.S. Interests Section in Havana, “decided that social justice, greater equality and caring for the poor were not very different goals from those of the Cuban revolution.” So he invited the Pontiff to stop by during a Mexican tour that year, but the “technical layover” Castro offered held no appeal to John Paul II.

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Source: Time

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04-18-2015 Education
Colorado teacher shares heartbreaking notes third graders wrote for #IWishMyTeacherKnew campaign

A Colorado elementary school teacher's simple lesson to get to know her third graders has turned into a social media campaign after she learned most of her students lead heartbreaking lives.

Kyle Schwartz, a new teacher at Doull Elementary in Denver, was touched by the painful secrets her students revealed after she asked them to write down something they would like her to know about them.

"I wish my teacher knew I don't have (pencils) at home to do my homework," one youngster wrote.

"I wish my teacher knew I don't have friend to (play) with me," another shared.

"I wish my teacher knew how much I miss my dad because he got deported to Mexico when I was 3 years old and I haven't seen him in 6 years," read another.

Most of her class comes from underprivileged homes, Schwartz told ABC News.

"Ninety-two percent of our students qualify for free and reduced lunch," she said. "As a new teacher, I struggled to understand the reality of my students' lives and how to best support them.

“I just felt like there was something I didn't know about my students."

Schwartz, who has been teaching for three years, is now encouraging other instructors to reach out to their students through an #IWishMyTeacherKnew social media campaign.

Source: Daily News

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04-18-2015 Business
Facebook’s Struggling In India

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is working hard to make its initiative, under which it provides free access to the selected websites in developing nations, a success. However, in India, the efforts by the social networker may not get the desired results owing to the ongoing backlash over internet freedom.

Big names opting out

India has recently been taken with a wave of discussions over the net neutrality. Owing to the seriousness of the issue, several big companies have chosen to limit their involvement in the initiative, says a report from Quartz. One such big name is the media giant Times group.

Accusations are being made against the so-called zero-rating deals including It is being claimed that such deals are biased towards certain online traffic by offering them special treatment, and hence violate the principles of net neutrality.

Following the debate and over the internet freedom in the region, several websites chose to opt out of the initiative. The Times Group has already warned that it will withdraw completely, and has already been pulled out two of its popular apps namely TimesJobs and Maharashtra Times. The project may see few more exits such as the travel portal and TV channel New Delhi Television Limited (NSE:NDTV) (BOM:532529), says the report.

In a statement, Times group said, “As for the Times of India itself, the group commits to withdraw from if its direct competitors—India Today, NDTV, IBNLive, NewsHunt, and BBC —also pull out.”

Facebook CEO determined to solve the issue On April 15, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg tried to resolve the issue by defining a common platform allowing both net neutrality and zero-rate deals, says the report.

It all started last month, when India’s telecom regulator, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), came up with a consultancy paper that discusses whether or not the over-the-top services offered through the internet by telecom operators and internet service providers—should be licensed or regulated

It is ironic that even in the 21st century; internet access is not available to a major part of the population. Facebook took up a noble cause of connecting the world with the internet, but it is facing resistance. In India, Facebook partnered with Reliance Communications to offer free access to 37 websites or apps.

Source: Value Walk

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04-18-2015 Science&Technology
SpaceX Shipment Arrives at International Space Station

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — The SpaceX supply ship arrived at the International Space Station on Friday, delivering the world's first espresso machine designed exclusively for astronauts.

Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti captured the Dragon capsule, which arrived three days after its Florida launch, with the help of a giant robot arm. The cargo carrier holds more than 4,000 pounds of much-needed groceries, experiments and equipment.

Italy provided the espresso maker for Capt. Cristoforetti, who's been stuck with instant coffee since her mission began in November.

"It's been just amazing," Capt. Cristoforetti said after snaring the Dragon over the Pacific. "Lots of science and even coffee's in there, so that's pretty exciting."

Within two and a half hours of its capture, the Dragon was bolted securely to the space station. The espresso machine is three months late because of the backlog created by last year's loss of a supply ship in a launch explosion. Much later and the espresso machine would have missed Capt. Cristoforetti, who returns home next month. She says she can't wait to try some space espresso.

The Dragon will remain at the orbiting lab until around May 21, when it will be released full of experiments and discarded equipment for return to Earth. It's the only supply ship capable of bringing items back.

Among the newly arrived research are experiments for American astronaut Scott Kelly, who is just a few weeks into a one-year mission, which will be a record for NASA.

SpaceX, meanwhile, released a video showing its first-stage booster landing on an ocean platform shortly after Tuesday's liftoff, then tipping over in flames. It was the California company's third attempt to fly a booster rocket to the platform stationed off Florida's northeastern coast.

SpaceX chief Elon Musk said the platform — dubbed "Just Read the Instructions" — endured just minor damage.

The next try will be in June on the next SpaceX supply run for NASA.

Mr. Musk, a billionaire entrepreneur who also runs the Tesla electric car maker, wants to reuse his rockets to bring down the cost of spaceflight.

Source: New York Times

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04-18-2015 Politics
Jeb Bush: Wouldn't have changed anything in Schiavo case Read more:

Bush, gearing up for his presidential campaign, has faced renewed scrutiny over his role in the prolonged controversy from 2003 to 2005, during which a brain-dead woman from the Tampa Bay area became the subject of a contentious legal fight between her parents and her husband over whether to keep her on life support. Bush sided with the parents, who wanted to maintain a feeding tube. Ultimately the husband – who remains deeply resentful of Bush – prevailed at the Supreme Court.

“I stayed within the Constitutional responsibilities or authority that I had,” Bush told the crowd of local business leaders. “We changed the law first, and a year later it was ruled unconstitutional. Then basically we didn’t have the ability to do anything. The federal government tried to intervene, and that was also ruled unconstitutional.”

“So she starved to death,” he went on, turning somber.

Bush offered support for a federal mandate of end-of-life directives. “In hindsight, the one thing that I would have loved to have seen is an advance directive,” he said. Not that he had control over it, but he said it would have been better if the family had sorted the tough questions out ahead of time, “rather than hearsay being the driver of this.”

“If we’re going to mandate anything from government, it might be that if you’re going to take Medicare that you also sign up for an advance directive,” he said, “where you talk about this before you’re so disabled that then there aren’t fights within the family.” Bush said he “knew for a fact” that Schiavo’s parents “were more than happy to take over the care of this child.”

“I supported that,” he said. “I think life is precious. It’s the definition of what kind of society we have. From the beginning to the end, there should be some respect.” “I feel sad,” he finished. “It was one of the most difficult things I had to go through. It broke my heart that we weren’t successful at sustaining this person’s life, so she could be loved by her mom and dad. But the courts decided otherwise, and I was respectful of that.”

Source: Politico

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04-17-2015 General
'Gyrocopter' likely too small to be detected by radar

The Florida man who flew his "gyrocopter" through restricted airspace to land on the Capitol grounds Wednesday likely was flying too low in an aircraft that was too small to be detected by radar and would only have been noticed when someone visually spotted the plane, aviation and security experts say.

Doug Hughes, 61, of Ruskin, Fla., flew past the Washington Monument, up the National Mall and landed on the West Lawn of the Capitol in an act of civil disobedience that he says was meant to call attention to the need for campaign finance reform, but ended up exposing gaps in security around the nation's most iconic structures.

He has his first court appearance today at 1:30 to face charges of violating D.C. airspace.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told the Associated Press Thursday that the gyrocopter "apparently literally flew in under the radar."

Johnson said it's too soon to say whether Wednesday's incident should prompt changes in security procedures. "I want to know all the facts before I reach an assessment of what can and should be done about gyrocopters in the future," he said.

But he defended existing protocols for dealing with the restricted airspace over Washington, D.C., federal buildings and monuments.

"We've got a well-coordinated federal response to dealing with issues of those who penetrate the restricted airspace without permission," he said.

Johnson confirmed that Hughes, a postal worker and married father of four, was interviewed by the Secret Service almost two years ago about his plans to fly his gyrocopter to D.C. He said the Secret Service passed along the information from that interview to "all of the appropriate law enforcement agencies."

The Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement that it is investigating how Hughes breached the no-fly perimeter. The statement said Hughes was not in contact with air traffic controllers and he was not authorized to enter the restricted airspace.

"Airspace security rules that cover the Capitol and the District of Columbia prohibit private aircraft flights without prior coordination and permission," the statement said.

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Source: Usa Today

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04-17-2015 Science&Technology
Google 'find my phone' to locate your missing Android device

Google has introduced a new feature that allows Android users to simply type 'find my phone' into a Google search box to find their lost or missing smartphone. As long as they are logged in with the same Google account that is registered on their smartphone, they will be presented with a map revealing the device's current location. If the device is nearby, they can also ask it to ring.

In the case that it has been stolen, for example, the Find My Phone feature does not allow users to lock or wipe their device remotely. However, they can do this through the existing Android Device Manager.

"We’ve all been there – you’ve searched under your car seat, tossed around the sofa cushions and you still can’t find your phone," said Google in a Google+ post. "If you know where your computer is, you can now ask Google to find your Android phone from your desktop. If the pesky phone is hiding nearby, Google can ring it for you – or you can see it on the map if you, say, forgot it at the bar."

Android Device Manager, introduced in 2013, allows users to locate, lock and delete data from their Android devices over the web. Apple offers an equivalent service called Find My iPhone.

Last month, Google began rolling out an update to Android Device Manager that helps users find their lost smartphone via an Android Wear device.

Issuing the command, "Ok Google. Start. Find my phone" will prompt the phone to start ringing at full volume until the Android Wear device is within Bluetooth range.

Source: The Telegraph

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04-17-2015 Culture
Scientists discover oldest tool

The world's oldest tools - made by ancestors of modern humans around 3.3 million years ago - have been found in Kenya.

Stones had been deliberately "knapped" or flaked to make a sharp cutting edge, researchers said, according to Science magazine.

They are about 700,000 years older than the previous record holder and are likely to have been made by Australopithecus, an ape-like ancestor of Homo sapiens, or another species, Kenyanthropus.

Archaeologist Sonia Harmand, of New York's Stony Brook University, told the annual meeting of the United States Paleoanthropology Society: "The artefacts were clearly knapped and not the result of accidental fracture of rocks." About 150 flakes, the stones they were taken from and anvils on which the stones were placed while they were struck were found near Lake Turkana in Kenya.

In 2010, researchers in Dikika in Ethiopia said they had found cut marks on animal bones that were 3.4 million years old, but their claim that this showed the use of tools was disputed.

The Homo genus is thought to have begun about 2.5 million years ago. Homo sapiens are thought to have evolved about 200,000 years ago.

Alison Brooks, an anthropologist at George Washington University in Washington state, said the discovery of the tools was "very exciting".

Paleoanthropologist Zeresenay Alemseged of the California Academy of Sciences, one of the team who found bones at Dikika, said: "With the cut marks from Dikika we had the victim ... Harmand's discovery gives us the smoking gun." - Independent

Source: The New Zeland Herald

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04-17-2015 Science&Technology
Verizon adds college sports to mobile video service

Verizon Communications Inc will offer college sports programing in its upcoming online video service targeted at families and younger viewers who increasingly watch content on mobile devices, the company said on Thursday.

Verizon is expected to release its video service this summer and content from CBS Sports, ESPN, ACC Digital Network, Campus Insiders, and 120 Sports will be available later this year, the company said.

In March, Verizon announced a deal to add original online programing to its service from DreamWorks Animation and its AwesomenessTV unit that is known for creating popular content aimed at teens and younger adults known as millennials on Google Inc's YouTube.

Verizon executives have said the company's "mobile-first" service will offer 20 to 30 channels and that they also see a market for streaming original content.

More content deals are in the works and Verizon may rely largely on advertising for revenue from its upcoming online video service, company executives have said.

Source: Reuters

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04-09-2015 Science&Technology
Intel RealSense 3D depth camera fitted into smartphone

Intel has revealed a version of its 3D depth camera that is small and thin enough to be fitted into a 6in (15.2cm) smartphone.

The RealSense sensor can be used to recognise hand and head movements and makes it possible to change the focus of photos after they have been taken. The prototype was unveiled by the company chief executive Brian Krzanich at an event in Shenzhen, China.

One expert noted that questions remained about its power demands. Although Mr Krzanich showed off an example of a RealSense-enabled phone, he did not demonstrate it working, which may indicate it is still at an early stage of development. "The device which was shown on stage at the Intel Developer Forum was a prototype that was created in collaboration with a Chinese firm, whom we are not naming," said a spokeswoman for the company.

"The device is meant to show the different types of apps, usage models and form factors that RealSense tech can be integrated into and to encourage innovation." The technology is similar to that found in Microsoft's Kinect motion-and-image sensor, but in a much smaller package.

While the Kinect has fallen out of favour with many Xbox gamers, one industry watcher thought the technology would prove popular in handsets. "We've got to the stage where putting ever higher-resolution cameras in phones is no longer as much of a selling point as it used to be," said Chris Green, of the Davies Murphy Group consultancy.

"So manufacturers need additional features to draw on. Depth perception and light-field technology will interest people and potentially let the next generation of smartphones differentiate themselves from what is already on the market.

"Intel has obviously achieved half of the challenge involved - the miniaturisation - but what is still unclear is whether it has got the power side of things licked. It's one thing putting this into a laptop where you have a large battery and access to a mains power source, it's another to put it into a phone that has to last throughout the day."

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Source: BBC

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04-08-2015 Science&Technology
The mobile battery that charges in a minute

Everyone has experienced the frustration of their phone battery dying and the several hours wait to get back to full charge. This could now be a thing of the past after scientists unveiled a battery that can be charged in one minute.

An aluminum battery developed by Stanford University researchers is an alternative to the current lithium-ion batteries used in smartphones and researchers claim it won't damage the environment or be combustible.

"We have developed a rechargeable aluminum battery that may replace existing storage devices, such as alkaline batteries, which are bad for the environment, and lithium-ion batteries, which occasionally burst into flames," said Hongjie Dai, a professor of chemistry at Stanford in a statement.

"Our new battery won't catch fire, even if you drill through it." Two key characteristics of the battery is that it is bendable, allowing it to be used in potentially flexible devices, and costs very little to produce.

The researchers said a viable aluminum battery has been the subject of years of research but a key challenge has been finding materials capable of producing sufficient voltage after repeated cycles of charging and discharging. Stanford scientists' battery can withstand more than 7,500 charging cycles without any loss of capacity, in comparison to previous attempts at the aluminum battery which died after just 100 charge-discharge cycles.

A typical lithium-ion battery lasts about 1,000 cycles.

Dai also said the aluminum batteries could be used to store renewable energy on the electrical grid given the durability of the device.

"The grid needs a battery with a long cycle life that can rapidly store and release energy," he explained. "Our latest unpublished data suggest that an aluminum battery can be recharged tens of thousands of times. It's hard to imagine building a huge lithium-ion battery for grid storage."

But the researchers admitted that more work needs to be done until the battery will become a viable consumer product. Dai said the aluminum prototype can generate about two volts of electricity, more than the 1.5-volt AA and AAA batteries consumers currently use, but about half the voltage of a typical lithium-ion battery.

"I see this as a new battery in its early days. It's quite exciting," Dai said.

Source: CNBC

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04-08-2015 Politics
Why Rand Paul Probably Can't Win Republican Nomination

In a political world where candidates nearly always follow the party line on every issue, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has broken the mold.

He has spent the last two years courting black voters in part by urging the restoration of voting rights for convicted felons, who are disproportionately African-American. As leaders in both political parties take hawkish stances on national security, Paul, often with few allies, has warned against broad surveillance of American phone records and the expanded use of drones.

But Paul's unorthodox and at times courageous approach has done little to help his presidential prospects. The Kentucky senator faces very long odds of becoming the GOP presidential nominee, mainly because he has taken foreign policy stances opposed by many powerful figures in the Republican Party.

Making sure the United States projects military strength has long been one of the core ideas of the GOP. But national security and foreign policy receded slightly in importance in conservative politics during President Barack Obama's first term, with Republicans reeling from the failures of George W. Bush's war in Iraq and both parties fixated on the recovery of the American economy after the 2008 meltdown.

Paul was elected to the Senate in 2010 as part of a class of Republicans who had campaigned on reducing the national debt, cutting federal spending and repealing programs like the Affordable Care Act. With conservative voters not as fixated on national security, Paul overcame strong opposition from some Republicans who disliked his suggestions that the U.S. was too involved in conflicts overseas.

Now, the first-term senator enters a presidential campaign amid the rise of ISIS, growing tensions between the U.S. and Israel and a resurgent Russia. Republicans believe that Obama's foreign policy record is full of failures and that he is weakening American influence abroad. But Paul has broken with GOP orthodoxy on a number of national security policies: supporting Obama's decision to normalize relations with Cuba; pledging to end the NSA program by which the U.S. government has collected the phone data of millions of Americans; suggesting the U.S. should engage in direct talks with Iran about its nuclear program; and saying he would oppose U.S. airstrikes in Iraq to fight ISIS, a position he has since reversed.

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Source: NBC News

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04-08-2015 Entertainment
First look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Shailene Woodley filming Oliver Stone's Snowden

On Monday, Open Road Films shared the first image of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Shailene Woodley filming Snowden beside D.C.'s Washington Monument.

The 34-year-old Emmy winner plays NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden, while the 23-year-old ingénue wore long locks to play his girlfriend Lindsey Mills. Three-time Oscar winner Oliver Stone is helming the biopic - hitting US/UK theaters December 25 - alongside Melissa Leo, Zachary Quinto, Tom Wilkinson, and Timothy Olyphant.

The Sin City hunk has already shot a US Army Reserve segment involving Snowden's brief basic training at Fort Benning in 2004. 'He broke both of his legs and received an administrative discharge,' Joseph wrote on Facebook.

'I'm just honored and excited to be doing a soldier sequence with Oliver. I keep saying to myself: "F***, this guy directed Platoon!"...I feel so sincerely privileged that he asked me to play this part.'

In 2013, the 31-year-old fugitive famously leaked thousands of classified documents detailing the government's surveillance programmes.

After the US Department of Justice charged Snowden with two counts of violating the Espionage Act and theft of government property, his passport was revoked. Before fleeing to Hong Kong, Edward and his ladylove Lindsay lived together in Hawaii where she danced with the Waikiki Acrobatic Troupe.

Mills - who attended the University of Maryland - used to share pole-dancing videos and blog about her 'mystery man.'

On February 22, Lindsay joined director Laura Poitras onstage the Academy Awards after her Snowden film Citizenfour won for best documentary feature.

The happy couple have shared an apartment together in Moscow since July, when President Putin granted Edward temporary political asylum through 2017. Golden Globe nominee Shailene can currently be seen as Tris in the dismally-reviewed IMAX 3D sequel, Insurgent.

Gordon-Levitt will next play another ambitious man - high-wire artist Philippe Petit - in Robert Zemeckis' The Walk, which hits UK/US theaters October 2.

Source: Daily Mail

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04-18-2015 |

Vaticano confirma viagem de Papa Francisco a Cuba

Estação Espacial acha 'matéria obscura' misteriosa em módulo

Petrobras divulgará balanços auditados já na próxima quarta

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04-18-2015 |

Aussie pirates cut cost of Netflix

Uber angry: customers stranded

Royal baby: Kate Middleton to receive loyalty discount for second birth

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04-18-2015 |

Movies that make us fear technology

Parents of Boston bomb victim oppose death penalt

Leafs have long rebuild ahead

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Top 100 World Newspapers (*)

No. Newspaper / Country No. Newspaper / Country No. Newspaper / Country No. Newspaper / Country
1 The New York Times / United States 2 The Guardian / United Kingdom 3 The Daily Mail / United Kingdom 4 The Wall Street Journal / United States
5 The Washington Post / United States 6 The People's Daily / China 7 The Daily Telegraph / United Kingdom 8 USA Today / United States
9 Los Angeles Times / United States 10 El Mundo / Spain 11 La Repubblica / Italy 12 The Times of India / India
13 Bild / Germany 14 Corriere della Sera / Italy 15 The Examiner / United States 16 The Independent / United Kingdom
17 El País / Spain 18 The Financial Times / United Kingdom 19 The Sydney Morning Herald / Australia 20 Daily News / United States
21 Chicago Tribune / United States 22 Le Monde / France 23 Marca / Spain 24 Hürriyet / Turkey
25 Die Welt / Germany 26 Asahi Shimbun / Japan 27 The Sun / United Kingdom 28 New York Post / United States
29 The Age / Australia 30 Gazeta Wyborcza / Poland 31 The Philadelphia Inquirer / United States 32 The Washington Times / United States
33 Die Zeit / Germany 34 Yomiuri Shimbun / Japan 35 The New Zealand Herald / New Zealand 36 The Onion / United States
37 Milliyet Gazetesi / Turkey 38 Il Sole 24 Ore / Italy 39 The Chicago Sun-Times / United States 40 Al-Ahram / Egypt
41 Le Figaro / France 42 Süddeutsche Zeitung / Germany 43 The Hindu / India 44 Houston Chronicle / United States
45 The Seattle Times / United States 46 Libération / France 47 The Globe and Mail / Canada 48 De Standaard / Belgium
49 The Irish Times / Ireland 50 The Toronto Star / Canada 51 Le Nouvel Observateur / France 52 Mercury News / United States
53 The Australian / Australia 54 The Denver Post / United States 55 The Christian Science Monitor / United States 56 The Dong-a Ilbo / Korea
57 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution / United States 58 Aftonbladet / Sweden 59 Kommersant / Russia 60 Bangkok Post / Thailand
61 Star Tribune / United States 62 The Hollywood Reporter / United States 63 Daily Mirror / United Kingdom 64 Dawn / Pakistan
65 El Universal / Mexico 66 The Miami Herald / United States 67 Mladá fronta Dnes / Czech Republic 68 DNA - Daily News & Analysis / India
69 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette / United States 70 Sports Nippon / Japan 71 L'Equipe / France 72 Die Presse / Austria
73 Detroit Free Press / United States 74 Neue Zürcher Zeitung / Switzerland 75 Clarín / Argentina 76 Chosun Ilbo / Japan
77 The Sacramento Bee / United States 78 China Daily / China 79 Nihon Keizai Shimbun / Japan 80 AS / Spain
81 The Baltimore Sun / United States 82 Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung / Germany 83 La Gazzetta dello Sport / Italy 84 Mainichi Shimbun / Japan
85 Boston Herald / United States 86 The Dallas Morning News / United States 87 The Times / United Kingdom 88 Newsday / United States
89 Orlando Sentinel / United States 90 St. Louis Post-Dispatch / United States 91 Taipei Times / Taiwan 92 The Hindustan Times / India
93 The Economic Times / India 94 Kompas / Indonesia 95 The Observer / United Kingdom 96 Jornal de Notícias / Portugal
97 South Florida Sun-Sentinel / United States 98 ABC / Spain 99 Le Soir / Belgium 100 The Kansas City Star / United States

(*) Selected by 4International Media & Newspapers

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